Organizing for Marketing Automation Success

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Organizing for Marketing Automation SuccessJoe Gelata

Organizing for MA Success by Joe Gelata1

IntroductionJoe GelataMarketing & Sales Operations at CoreworxSales, Field Marketing, OperationsFocused on revenueB2B SoftwareEloqua 10

INTRODUCTIONJoe GelataMarketing & Sales Operations Manager at CoreworxYoung B2B software companySells Project Information & Field Cost Control softwareTarget customer is large capital projects, $300mil to $40 bn (e.g. design and construction of oil rigs and power plants)Background: Sales, Field Marketing, Marketing Operations, Sales OperationsAlways focused on revenueExperience mainly in B2B software - both large enterprise and startupE10 user since first betaUsed E9 for several years prior2

AgendaWhy Marketing Automation FailsOrganizing for SuccessImplementation TipsOrganizational ModelsQuestionsContact Info

AGENDAReasons why MA fails to reach its goalsHow to organize for successGeneral tips to ensure MA successOrganizational Models to ensure successQuestionsContact Info3

Why Marketing Automation Fails

Why does MA fail?4

Why Marketing Automation FailsOnly of Marketing Automation implementations hit their goal

Quick Stat - Only of MA implementations hit their goal(Adam Needles, VP Demand Gen at Left Brain Marketing, dollar question: Why?5

Why Marketing Automation FailsFailure to SupportLack of executive buy-inWeak Marketing/Sales alignment

FAILURE TO SUPPORTLack of executive buy-inImplementation and maintenance become low prioritySystem issues are not addressed and snowballLeads to many of the other problems Ill listLack of Marketing/Sales alignmentHave different goalsSpeak different languageSlows progress due to poor communication and politics6

Why Marketing Automation FailsFailure to Plan & FocusPoorly defined business processLack of goalsBoiling the ocean

FAILURE TO PLAN & FOCUS Lack of ProcessMore than 40% of respondents to a study stated lack of process was preventing them from getting the value from their automation solutionsFrost & Sullivan and Bulldog Solutions - Cant automate what you dont haveLack of goalsImplement MA because its trendy but dont know what to do with itNo direction as to what needs to be automatedTrying to boil the ocean especially with EloquaResult of not having goalsTrying to do everything at once and finishing nothinge.g. CRM integration, lead nurturing, lead scoring, automating events, etc7

Why Marketing Automation FailsFailure to Allocate Resources ProperlyLack of skills and resourcesTimeframe is not realisticResources are pulled

FAILURE TO ALLOCATE RESOURCES PROPERLYLack of skills and resourcesDont have skill set or knowledge required to build MADont have enough people to build and support MALack of realistic timeframeBuild is rushedResults in sloppy or incomplete systemPulling ResourcesUsually go to campaign management instead of MA buildShort term is sacrificed for long termMost common reason for failure Ive seenResult: system not built optimally and requires too much support to maintain8

Why Marketing Automation FailsOther IssuesPoor Content StrategyDirty Data

OTHERPoor Content StrategyContent is the fuel of marketing automationWithout it you have nothing to attract prospectsAgain, nothing to automateDirty DataSegmentation becomes difficultProspect facing elements are sloppy (e.g. email personalization, email signatures)Result: benefits of MA cant be realized9

Organizing for Successs

Organizing for Success how to fix the problems10

Implementation TipsGain Executive SupportIn it for the right reasonsUnderstand inputs and outputsSales AlignmentShow benefit to SalesBe honest about requirementsShow Sales what it isRevenue Office model

TIPS: SUPPORT ISSUESExecutive buy inMake sure youre in it for the right reasonsMake sure executives understand inputs and outputsRESULT: Increase support>M&S AlignmentFrame MA outputs as benefit to SalesBe honest about requirementsShow them what it does and how it works be open and honestRevenue office organizagtional model (coming up)RESULT: Ensures support and alignment11

Implementation TipsPlan & FocusDocument business processesSet goalsDevelop Roadmap

TIPS: PLAN & FOCUS ISSUESDocument business processes know what to automateAs much detail as possibleHave all stakeholders approveRESULT: Guides how system should be builtSet goalsWhat do you want to achieve with MAE.g. Automate existing processes, give Sales better view of DBL, increase email effectivnessRESULT: Track success and keeps you moving in right directionDevelop RoadmapGive priority to each feature you needAllows everyone to understand whats coming and whyRESULT: Helps focus on whats important, not whats coolRESULT: Guides you to success in an organized and efficient mannerUse Agile Marketing model to build system12

Implementation Tips

TIPS: The best MA planning doc ever made!See The Eloqua Success Plan in Topliners for a great example of roadmap13

Implementation TipsAllocate ResourcesHire experienced MA users or external agencyBalance schedule and resourcesDedicated owner

TIPS: RESOURCES ISSUESHire experienced MA users or MA partnerPartners do heavy lifting faster than youPartner extremely helpful for 1 time projects (e.g. CRM integration)Balance schedule and resourcesDont set schedules you cant achieveBe honest youre only lying to yourselfUnder-promise, over-deliverHave dedicated MA ownerDont pull owner onto campaignsKeeps focus on finishing system and achieving efficienciesMarketing Operations Centre of Excellence building 1st class Marketing Ops groupRESULT: Ensures proper completion on time with no surprises14

Implementation TipsOther TipsDont forget about contentHave data cleansing strategyDont launch before its doneGet trained

TIPS: OTHER TIPSContent is fuelMake sure you have enoughMA is not a substituteCleanse data before implementation and have strategy to keep it cleanE.g. contact washing machine, value standardization, how to interface with CRM adminDont launch before its doneTechnical issues snowballResources are tied up fixing and not buildingKeep up on training know whats possibleEloqua University PowerHoursCustomer Central ArticlesToplinersLinkedInRESULT: Ensures MA can do whats it designed to15

Organizational ModelsRevenue OfficeReports to CROMarketing & Sales Operations combinedEnsures consistent process flowFocused on revenueRemoves Marketing/Sales Alignment issues

ORGANIZATIONAL MODELRevenue OfficeMarketing & Sales report to CRO (Chief Revenue Officer)Marketing & Sales Operations combinedEnsures consistent process flow right through to deal close ops and executionAlways focused on revenueRemoves Marketing/Sales Alignment issues16

Organizational ModelsStandard ModelChief Marketing OfficerProduct MarketingField MarketingMarket DevelopmentSalesMarketing OperationsV.P. SalesSales Operations

Standard Marketing & Sales model17

Organizational ModelsRevenue OfficeChief Revenue OfficerProduct MarketingField MarketingMarket DevelopmentSalesRevenue OperationsProduct Management

Revenue Office model18



Contact InfoJoe GelataEmail: joe@revenue-engineer.comTwitter: @RevenueEngineerBlog:

CONTACT INFOJoe GelataEmail: joe@revenue-engineer.comTwitter: @RevenueEngineerBlog: www.revenue-engineer.com20