Mission - Vision - Core Values

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  • Mission, Vision and Values

    Sensei Ndlovu- MBA Director: Kaizen Academy



  • Mission Statement

    Mission statement should describe purpose or reason for existing

    What is our purpose

    Why do we exist? What do we do

    Questions to ask:

    What does our organization intend to accomplish?Why do we work here?

    Why is it special to work here?

    What would happen if we were not here?

  • Casting our Vision

    A Vision Statement should define desired future state and provide direction for where

    we are going as an organization?

    Questions to Ask:

    What will your company look like 36 years

    from now?

    What does success look like?

    What mountain are we climbing and why?

  • Our Values

    Values statement clarifies what your company stands for, believes in and the behaviors we

    expect to see as a result?

    Questions to Ask:

    What are the key non-negotiables that arecritical to the success of your company?

    What are the guiding principles that are core

    to how we operate at your company?

    What behaviors do we expect to see?


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