Marketing Automation Success Planning Template

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Sold on marketing automation, but having trouble getting the C-suite on board? Sometimes all you need is a well-planned strategy and this presentation template can help you show upper management that you've thought ahead. Check out our blog post to download the editable template:


  • 1. MARKETING AUTOMATIONPLAN FOR SUCCESSA Customizable Planning Template for SMB Marketers

2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Ownership & Goals Objectives Changes in Strategy Quarterly Campaign Plan Plan for Implementation Marketing Automation Stats Case Study Excerpts 3. STRATEGY PLANNING 4. OWNERSHIP & GOALSMarketing automation point person: Who in your company will head up this initiative?Users: Who will have a seat in your platform?Current pain points: Ex: Low lead quality; small ratio of leads passed to sales become closeddeals.Long-term goals:Short-term goals:KPIs to measure: Ex: MQLs 5. OBJECTIVES PLANNINGGoals, campaigns, and channels to start with:GOALS CAMPAIGNS CHANNELSEx: Increase # of marketing-qualifiedleads by 20% in Q4Ex: Run lead nurturingcampaigns targeted towardprospects who have beeninactive less than 6 monthsEx: EmailGoal 2 Campaign 2 Channel 2Goal 3 Campaign 3 Channel 3Goal 4 Campaign 4 Channel 4Goal 5 Campaign 5 Channel 5 6. CHANGES IN STRATEGYMarketing automation can streamline marketing initiatives by making currentstrategies more efficient and effective.OLD STRATEGY NEW STRATEGYEx: Monthly email blast to cold leads Ex: Targeted nurturing tracks to educate non-sales-ready leads to a sales-ready stateStrategy 2 Strategy 2Strategy 3 Strategy 3Strategy 4 Strategy 4Strategy 5 Strategy 5 7. PLAN FOR EXECUTION 8. IMPLEMENTATION PLANImplementation contact:Kickoff date:Goal for completion:Complete by: __________ Complete by: __________ Complete by: __________Complete by: __________ Complete by: __________ Complete by: __________ 9. QUARTERLY CAMPAIGN PLANJANUARY FEBRUARYMARCHOverarchingCampaignOverarchingCampaignEvent1Event2Event3Event4NurturingCampaignsSocialMediaContentEffortsPaidAdver