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How JoynIn helps local business bring in groups of customers and converts them to long term valuable customers.


  • 1. Attract Groups ofCustomers Build Loyalty Empower Your Staff

2. What is Joynin?JoynIn is a social marketing platformthat helps local businesses bring innew customers now and covert them toloyal customers tomorrow.We provide web andmobile platforms thatare easy for you andyour staff to use. 3. A JoynIn StoryMike likes to go out Group offer, points anda new connection He goes out to eat, forMikes group redeems drinks and to party. an offer & earn pointsfor future rewards. He believes that every experience is better They also connect with with awesome server.He organizes outingsReal reasons to come backwith friends Mike has 1,000s of After just one visit: FB friends. Mikes group has earned points that incentivize them to come back & unlock rewards. He now can get The business has earn social buzz through Mikes rewarded for goingFB network. out with them and The business/ server has a new group of gain status.valuable customers to market to. 4. What Were Not All of these platforms add value. However, we are not them We do not take a We are a business We do not requirepercentage of theplatform first. any installation orsale or require youequipment discount your We enabling you toproducts.harness both We are a social customers andtool that helps you We focus on loyaltyemployees social attract morenot a one time surge.networks. customers. 5. What We Do ForYour BusinessIncrease your bottom-line! Turn your staff into a Salesand Marketing team! Use your staffs socialBring in business duringnetworks to win customers.slow times! Empower your staff to build Schedule offers to bebusiness and provideredeemed only when youexcellent service.want. Create customer loyalty! Customers gain points forthe value they continually Bring in groups of customers!bring to your business. Reward customers for the businessthey bring you! Directly communicate withcustomers and personalize Customers naturally share their their experience.drop-ins with 1,000s on Facebook. 6. What Businesses Are Saying The restaurant will now be ofaccess to more of the marketand able to garner more business, and more importantlyrepeat-business.I know many other businesses in- Tyler Higgins, GM Fog City Diner our industry will use JoynIn notonly to increase business, but to increase business retention- Trevor Hewitt. Owner & Operator ofApartment 24, Slide, Ruby Skye The value comes from the direct interactions business employees have with customers. This concept is the future. - Jacob Jaber, President Philz Coffee 7. How it WorksCreate Offers and Attract Groups 1. Create an offer like: $1beers for 2 people. 2. Set the amount of guestsrequired to unlock theoffer and the number ofpeople that can redeemthe offer. 3. Assign the offer to yourbest employees for themto get the word out! 4. Post the offer forcustomers to see. 5. Watch new business walkthrough your door! 8. How it WorksReward Your Most Valuable Customers 1. Create a reward that you would only give to your most valuable customers like a Free Entre2. Set the amount of points required to unlock the reward.3. Add your reward.4. Watch customers come in more frequently and invite more friends in order to unlock your special rewards! 9. How it WorksCustomers Drop-in in Groups1. Customers can organize outings with friends.2. Depending on the number of people they bring in, specific offers will become available for them to unlock.3. For showing up and bringing in friends, they will earn points to unlock future rewards! 10. How it Works Convert Loyal Customers 1. Customers that followyour employees andfavorite your spot willend up in your customer list. 2. These are the customersthat love your business,earn points and give yourepeat business. 3. You will have theopportunity to sendpersonalized offers andinvites to these loyalcustomers and groups. (comingsoon) 11. Want to JoynIn? Sign up now for a FREE 60 day trial. Email our team at to get started!