Internet forums and social media marketing

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1.Internet Forums and Social Media Marketing2. Modern Social Media3. Social Media Channels for 4. Internet Forums as a Social Media Marketing Tool5. Definition: Internet ForumsGlossary: ForumAlso known as a message board or a news group, a technique for multiple Web visitors to ask questions and share opinions on a particular subject.Typically broad subjects are broken up into smaller conversations, known as threads, for each specificquestion or comment.Moran, Mike. Do it Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules. 2008. Print.6. From consumers perspectives To discuss and generate new ideas on specific topics and to provide feedbackalong with integration of images, video and audio filesTo see if companies are making efforts to respond tocomments and engaging them7. From companies perspectives A market research tool to gain new perspectives ona brand or issue and to identify consumersperceptions of a product or serviceTo develop strategies for handling consumer concerns andillustrate companys commitment to online stakeholdersby being open to receiving feedback8. The Upside Down Internet Marketing Funnel Internet Forums9. Forums vs. Modern Social Media10. SummaryStrengths and weaknesses in all social media platformsInternet forums are not an old marketing toolInternet forums are a potential tool for effective marketing to reach and gather information from targeted audiences11. THANK YOU!