How To Start An Online Business And Fire Your Boss

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1. How To Start An Online Business And Fire Your Boss If you've ever wondered how to start an online business - your search has come to an end... Because in this blog post I'm going to show you exactly what you need in order to start making money online... So you can fire your boss, live your life on your terms, and give your family the life they deserve. By the end of this post you're going to know exactly what you need and... WHY you need it. That being said, here are the 5 things you need to start an online business and fire your boss: 1. Products If you want to make money, you obviously need to have something you can give in return for the money, don't you? More importantly, you need something people will willingly give you their money for. What you need are products that are of the highest quality and products that are in demand. In other words, people have to want what you have. It means that you've got to have something that solves people's problems so that when they see the right message, they buy. 2. 2. Blog Your blog is your home on the internet. Sure, you can try to build a business purely off of Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, but here's the problem - you don't own these platforms. At any time they could change their Terms & Conditions and shut down your account. But you do own a blog - and if you've chosen the right platform for your blog - you can do virtually anything you want on it. Again, you could have a free blog, but you don't own it. The second you start promoting something the people on top don't like, they can kick you out and you can't do anything about it. Personally I'm using a blogging platform that allows me to post anything I want and 95% of the setup was already done for me. Click here to check it out ;-) 3. Capture Pages If you want to build an online business, you've got to build a list. Not a list of your friends and family :-). A list of people who are interested in what you have. You can build that list through blogging or paid strategies, but whatever strategy you use, you've got to have capture pages to capture those emails. 4. Autoresponder Once the capture page captures the email, what's next? Next that email is stored in your autoresponder, which allows you to do some pretty cool stuff. The reason it's called an autoresponder is because it automatically sends out emails for you. 3. Let's say you write a 10-day email sequence, one email per day. Every time somebody joins your list, those emails will be sent to them, on the day & at the time specified, without you doing anything. There's a lot of great autoresponders on the market. Personally I use GetResponse, that's why I recommend it. 5. Sales Letters / Videos Wouldn't it be awesome if we could wave a product in front of somebody's eyes and have them just pull out their credit card and buy on the spot? You bet, but unfortunately it isn't that simple. You need a compelling sales presentation that will help the right person make the decision to buy your product. Your product might be awesome, but if the sales presentation sucks, you ain't gonna sell too much of it :-( 6. Follow Up Emails Not everybody who opts-in to your list and sees your presentation will buy on the spot. Some people will require multiple exposures before they make the decision to buy. That's why you need follow up emails, sent by our autoresponder, to refer your prospects back to the presentation. Now that you've gone through this entire list, I bet it seems like much, doesn't it? Well, let me ask you a question... 4. Why did you want to learn how to start an online business in the first place? Because you wanted to make money, right? You didn't want to learn how to create products, set up blogs, build capture pages, make sales videos, or write emails, right? You wanted to make money, right? What if I could show you how to start an online business where the products are already made... ...the blog is set up for you... ...the capture pages are done for you... ...the sales videos are done for you... ...the emails are sent for you.... While you can get to the stuff that actually makes you money, which is getting people through your blog to the capture pages and sales videos - while earning badass commissions? Sounds better, doesn't it? After all, you said it yourself that you didn't want to learn all that complicated stuff - you just wanted to make money, didn't you? Well, this is how you do it. Click here to get started. - ukasz okie