How to Keep Fit During the Holidays

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<ul><li><p>How to Keep Fit During the Holidays </p><p>Each year, the holiday season brings cross-country travel and gift-buying marathons that can cut </p><p>into our usual workout routines. Add in decadent holiday dishes and rich traditional desserts, and </p><p>its no wonder why so many people see their waistlines growing in the New Year. This winter, </p><p>avoid unnecessary holiday weight gain by making time to give your body the exercise and </p><p>nutrition it needs. </p><p>Avoid Overeating during the Holidays </p><p>On holidays like Thanksgiving, many of us make the mistake of fasting all day long in order to </p><p>try as many festive dishes as possible. This tactic works against us: Its a form of short-term </p><p>starvation that leads to overindulging. </p><p>Plan for a day of heavy eating by starting with a proper breakfast. Later, in the hours before a </p><p>large holiday meal, snack on fresh fruits and vegetables or healthy energy bars so youre less </p><p>likely to overdo it at the dinner table. Make sure to stay hydrated, too. Feeling thirsty can trick us </p><p>into thinking were hungry, which may lead to filling up on extra servings. </p><p>Maintain Regular Exercise </p><p>Dont let the frantic pace of the holiday season excuse missed sessions at the gym. Part of </p><p>staying fit through the winter months is maintaining your regular workout plan. Try these tips to </p><p>get your blood pumping, even when there are a dozen items on your to-do list: </p><p> Hit the a.m. Gym Cycle: Getting to the gym bright and early not only means free rein </p><p>with the elliptical machines, it also clears the rest of your day to focus on other items; </p><p>from last-minute gift shopping to holiday food preparation. </p><p> Create a Rewards System: When youre busy, it can be difficult to work up the </p><p>motivation needed for the gym. Try devising a system to earn rewards when you follow </p><p>through on regular exercise. For example, awarding a point for each set of reps completed </p><p>at the gym, or number of laps around the track. After reaching a certain number of points, </p><p>compensate yourself for a job well done by purchasing a new piece of workout </p><p>equipment or filling your plate with an extra slice of pumpkin pie. </p><p> Work Out on the Go: Worried about holiday travel cutting into your exercise routine? </p><p>Try non-conventional means of staying active, like booking hotels with workout rooms, </p><p>helping relatives clean the house before the annual Christmas party, or playing catch with </p><p>cousins during family functions. You can also park as far from the mall entrance as </p><p>possible during shopping trips, or skip the elevator in the parking garage in favor of the </p><p>stairs. Remember that any activity is better than no activity. </p><p>Get the Whole Family Involved </p><p></p></li><li><p>The family that works out together, stays together! Motivate others to remain active by </p><p>suggesting a post-meal walk around the neighborhood, or encouraging relatives to join running </p><p>or walking events in your area. </p><p>At the beginning of each New Year, gyms across the country see an uptick in memberships as a </p><p>result of waistlines widening from rich holiday foods and seasonal stress. Avoid winter weight </p><p>gain by remembering to make time for your health and wellbeing. </p></li></ul>