How To Get Google Page Rank For Your Website?

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How To Get Page Rank ForYour Website?Do you have a website?Then it is necessary for you know about Google PageRank (Google PR)Google Page Rank is very essential for a website as ithelps in determining the importance and relevanceof pages in website and improving the search engineranking.Before knowing the ways to get Google PageRank(PR), it is important to know what it exactlymeans?Google Page Rank:-A link analysis algorithm used by the Americanmultinational technology company Google todetermine a score for the relevancy and importanceof pages by evaluating the quantity and qualitylinking to the webpage. Google Page Rank givesevery website a score/measure between 0 to 10 onan exponential scale. The ranking is mainly based onthe quality back links that are generated for awebsite.According to some experts, Google page rank isbased on the content richness, page authority,keyword density, back links, exit links(Links thatpeople click to leave your site), traffic and searchdemand. This ranking is much needed for a businesswebsite to get noticed by search engine and rankwell in the search results which in turn will bring inmore visitors. While creating a website the mainthings need to be considered are relevant links &pages, user friendly structure and quality content.Formula:-PageRank for a given site = page rank of inboundlinks/ number of links on that pageThe performance of your website is predicted by theGoogle page rank.Methods to get Google Page Rank:-* The first and primary thing for getting Google pagerank is to create high-quality and relevant content.This has the power to draw more visitors to yourwebsite. Updating the contents regularly will enableyou to maintain the ranking. Make sure that thecontent your create matches website keywords anddescription so that it will satisfy the visitors searchquery.* Website has to be made both user and searchengine friendly. Optimize your website pagesaccording to the search keywords with the properSearch Engine Optimization (SEO). Dont dump yourwebsite SEO with more keywords. Make descriptionof the website pages more accurate and appropriateas this is very important for search engines to crawland this will be displayed when users searches.Create more back links for your website bysubmitting various web directories and referencesites( online high PR press release, article, blog sitesetc..,)* To make it easier for the Google bot engine to findand determine the importance of contents and linksof your website, create and submit your sitemap.* In order to increase website traffic, you cantranslate your website into foreign languages.* Create and provide a Rich Site Summary (RSS) feedthis too will help you in driving more traffic.* Get linking of other high-quality and high pageranking websites to your website for improving thepage rank.* When a website requests you to add their link inyour website then check it properly before doing so.* Promote your website in various social medianetworks with appropriate and relevant content andlinks.* Include your website URL in all the ways that youcommunicate about your website to others.These are some of the ways to get page ranking foryour website from Google. Hope you haveunderstood about the importance of Google pagerank and ways to get the same. Once you get it, youhave to maintain it properly otherwise you will loseit.