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  1. 1. Growth Hacking: A Product Perspective
  2. 2. A little about me LIFE: 33 years young 1 wife 1 small daughter Official Star Wars Model Builder Past Skater STARTUPS: 6 founded 2 failed 1 acquired 1 still rocking 1 fundraising 10 programs mentor 4 advisor 1000+Pitches
  3. 3. What Ive Learned Story telling is best (not necessarily why you think) Lowest common denominator People expect to be somewhat entertained
  4. 4. This is a discussion Ask Ask Ask
  5. 5. Most startups find themselves facing the Same Duh phase
  6. 6. They build a product no one ends up using
  7. 7. TechCrunch! Launch! Something happens
  8. 8. Several K users (but most of them use once or twice)
  9. 9. Nothing like this:
  10. 10. Youre in the ok, now what? (Duh) Phase, my friend Lean iterations Novelty wares off Ok, Now what? TechCrunch Awesomeness Crash & Burn Ripple effect Oh HELL yeah!
  11. 11. It goes back to the early beginning of your startup. and again, we must ask ourselves what's wrong?!? What's thee problem?
  12. 12. Enter, Growth Hacking
  13. 13. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz WTF is it anyways??
  14. 14. Growth Hacking is using a set of methods, practices and some data science to deal with user growth What is our hook moment? How do I reduce churn? If Growth=more users and Hacking=loosely means new and clever ways to do something then:
  15. 15. Viral growth A/B testing SEO Product Email marketing Onboarding UX Behavioral economicsPR Analytics
  16. 16. Most companies measure and track 3 things TrafficTraffic Users Users Revenue Revenue
  17. 17. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 People come in ? People pay
  18. 18. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Get traffic ? Step 4 Step 5 Get users ? Profit
  19. 19. Those metrics are were enough The magic is in between the steps
  20. 20. The key is to fully map your user lifecycle of your product Funneling!
  22. 22. PR A/B testing SEO Partnerships Email Events Blogs Analytics Viral ACQUISITION = getting people to come to your site ACQUISITION
  23. 23. PR A/B testing SEO Partnerships Email Events Blogs Analytics Viral ACTIVATION = getting people to sign up. Anything for a repeat visit ACQUISITION ACTIVATION
  24. 24. PR A/B testing SEO Partnerships Email Events Blogs Analytics Viral RETENTION = getting users to become active ACQUISITION ACTIVATION RETENTION
  25. 25. PR A/B testing SEO Partnerships Email Events Blogs Analytics Viral REVENUE = monetizing active users ACQUISITION ACTIVATION RETENTION REVENUE
  26. 26. PR A/B testing SEO Partnerships Email Events Blogs Analytics Viral ACQUISITION REFERRAL =getting active users to get their friends sign up ACTIVATION RETENTION REVENUE REFERRAL
  27. 27. Each step of the framework is assigned a user state
  28. 28. Growth Hacking is figuring out how to change or progress user state (in the funnel) Creates account Visits again later ???
  29. 29. 1800 Activation Retention Revenues 10% 30% 20% Acquisition 180 54 10.4 Conversions. Measure them in each step
  30. 30. MIXpanelMIXpanel KISSmetricsKISSmetrics
  31. 31. Dave McClures conversion metrics and values
  32. 32. 1800 Activation Retention Revenues 1% 18% 0% Acquisition 18 3 0 When you start, your numbers are going to be shitty Focus here
  33. 33. Dont focus on acquisition if your activation rate is 1%
  34. 34. AQCUISTIONAQCUISTION: get trended on Product Hunt. Use your network
  35. 35. ACTIVATIONACTIVATION: employs a virtual assistance to help you set up. And are funny.
  36. 36. REFERALREFERAL: FB, Twitter, Li, etc. Are naturally an easy way to refer more friends / followers
  37. 37. REFERALREFERAL: Quora forces you to sign up before you can read answers (and share)
  38. 38. REFERALREFERAL: Incentivized! Dropbox, AppSumo and LivingSocial know very well how good incentives works
  39. 39. RETENTIONRETENTION: Path has your friends do it for you
  40. 40. RETENTIONRETENTION: Eventbrite sends you email if youve been inactive for some time
  41. 41. ACTIVATIONACTIVATION: Dropbox send an email when a user signed-up but hasnt installed the software
  42. 42. Now back to ProductNow back to Product
  44. 44. Thanks for sticking outThanks for sticking out
  45. 45. Thanks for sticking out J Thanks for sticking out J


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