Four ways brands use Twitter

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1. FOUR WAYS BRANDS USE TWITTER NMA Live 09 - London @KerryatDellCommunications, Dell Inc. Dell 2. WHAT IS THE OPPORTUNITY?Sources:Hubspot Jan09 / Hitwise June09 Dell 3. WHAT TYPE OF MEDIA IS SHARED?UK Source: Robin GoadHitwise June09 Twitter has become a key source of traffic to other websites. During May 2009 Twitter was the 30th biggest source of traffic, accounting for 1 in every 350 visits. Dell 4. WHAT IS TWITTER? Dell 5. TWITTER PAGE ELEMENTS DELL CONFIDENTIAL Icon/Image Background Account Name / Handle Bio Last post (update or response) Other Twitter accounts this person is following 6. A FEW BASICS DELL CONFIDENTIAL Mentions: URL shortening: Trending: Re-tweeting - RT: Reply / Direct Messages D: 7. TWITTER ETIQUETTE Be a person (of course) Have fun, be engaging, share, collaborate Take the time to complete your profile Remember that you represent your company Be customer focused Avoid bad language or phrases that may be offensive in another's eyes Follow those who follow you Dell 8. ESSENTIAL TOOLS Dell 9. Who are you trying to network/converse with and why?Listen to your target audience. What would add value? You may have multiple objectives, but there should be one primary objective.CONSIDERATIONS BEFORE YOU START DELL CONFIDENTIAL 10. SOME TWITTER OBJECTIVES Dell 11. BUSINESS DISCOUNTS @DellOutlet is in the top 100 Twitter accounts (over one million followers, increasing ~6K per day) Sold more than $3M in merchandise since 2007 Expanded into other businesses and counties OBJECTIVES: Share Exclusive Offers Customer acquisition RESULTS: DellOutletUK Dell 12. NETWORKING / PERSONAL BRAND OBJECTIVES: Raise visibility, share points of view, drive viewers to works RESULTS: Many leaders and big thinkers are using twitter to advance their personal brand Dell 13. CUSTOMER SUPPORTOBJECTIVES: - E ngage customers- I mprove customer relations RESULTS: Regarded widely as asuccessful customer service channel. - Handles a small proportion of companies support requests Frank Eliason and team listen to customers, and meets them where they already areOver 21,000 followers Twitter address: @ComcastCares Dell 14. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP / NEWS FEED OBJECTIVES: - Share realtime news and views RESULTS: Media uses twitter as a source of news in real time Consumers and companies are sharing news Dell 15. FURTHER READING? Dell 16. HAPPY TWEETING! @KerryatDell