Clean Language For Agile Practitioners

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JUDY REES 2017Clean LanguageFor Agile PractitionersRESULTS "A huge part of our job is about communication, collaboration and creating trust and safety. However what I typically see is huge amounts of expectation, assumption and judgment. Clean Language takes that away and replaces it with curiosity. That's when change can finally happen." Irene Kuhn, Agile Coach, Germany JUDY REES 2017BOOSTING TEAMS Fast-track learning for Agile practitioners Some coaching and facilitation experience is needed Suitable for Agile coaches, scrum masters, product owners etc Supplements existing skills, tools and ceremonies Learners can share with teams immediately for maximum benefit JUDY REES 2017LEARNING Harvest knowledge with greater clarity, depth and context Uncover information, ideas and needs people dont realise that they have Improve your listening, focus and presence so that people feel more understood by you Develop stronger relationships, including across traditionally-challenging boundaries Grow more effective feedback habits to make learning and development inevitable Concentrate attention on what really matters, making communication more efficient JUDY REES 2017ENGAGING PEOPLE People arent brains in jars! Effective thinking and communication involves the head, heart and gut Our process is designed to get participants fully engaged from the start We ensure everyone knows whats in it for them to contribute, and plays an active part in co-creating results The planned programme is designed to flex in response to the needs of the group JUDY REES 2017THE METAPHOR EFFECT Our underpinning framework, Clean Language, uses metaphor the atom of thought to spark powerful conversations A deceptively simple ice-breaker provides the raw material for profound exploration of team dynamics and for context-specific communication skills development We ask: When you are working at your best, you are like what? Participants discover their similarities and differences, and find ways to support each others unique working styles JUDY REES 2017TYPICAL PROCESS Six 90-minute weekly video sessions Three to 12 people per group Everyone needs their own device with a webcam and headset, plus a quiet place to call from Working online helps distributed teams to master online communication Time between sessions helps to embed learning in practical reality Also available as a two-day in-person workshop for up to 20 participants JUDY REES 2017SIX 90-MINUTE SESSIONS1. Sparking curiosity: Working at your best2. Hidden depths: beyond the hall of mirrors3. Feedback without fireworks4. Contempt, conflict and connection5. Ideas and innovation in meetings6. Clean keys to inevitable learning JUDY REES 201790-MINUTE SESSION DETAILS1. Sparking curiosity: Working at your best Discovering new aspects of your colleagues style through metaphor2. Hidden depths: beyond the hall of mirrors How to direct attention to respectfully and safely find out whats really going on, by using effective listening and precision questions3. Feedback without fireworks Learn and practice a process which makes giving and receiving feedback truly non-violent, so that everyone gets it JUDY REES 201790-MINUTE SESSION DETAILS4. Contempt, conflict and connection Understand the root causes of misunderstandings, mistakes and disputes, so that new ways forward can be found. Safely enable greater transparency within the team5. Ideas and innovation in meetings Discover the shape of your most successful creative, collaborative meetings, and learn how best to generate that (online or in-person)6. Clean keys to inevitable learning Incorporating Clean communication principles into the teams everyday work JUDY REES 2017RESULTS JUDY REES 2017BACKGROUND READING Your Clean Language Questions Answered by Judy Rees Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds by Wendy Sullivan and Judy Rees From Contempt To Curiosity by Caitlin Walker JUDY REES 2017TAKE ACTION To book an exploratory call, contact Judy Rees +447979 495509 JUDY REES 2017