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1. tiadwgmgaiRe . 2. @Bubblew p-ASul>J: .EOA5i$. A|D . Q 3small Bubble Medium Bubble Large Bubble M18" Tall 5116" Toll 1I2" TallB Sealed Air 3. I _ /71.... ..~.1 fe. . :s. Ig: :; r_g_I_; r,; fL: S ( no ",7: an R 42s0m- I i True Bubble Wrap Brand made by Sealed Air Corp. 4. This is the packaging industry's highest quality bubble packing material.No cheap imitations! 5. W L- , .s E: , = ~;: .te Tfigilm:3 % T T TLFTS nu-r Q O"&@w{ H i All rolls are 12" wide perforated every 12" for easy tear off 6. zzrackasinsVt;.COII1 Provides supreme protection with the air staying inside the bubbles longer than other brands. 7. :: PadcagngQ . COl'II PackagingSupp| ies. com strives to be the one- stop source for all your packaging supply needs and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.If you have a question,comment or problem,please contact us.We are happy to help you in any way we can.1-800-536-3668