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BRAND TURNKEY SOLUTION- Graphics Design Solution- 3d Design Layout Solution- Exhibition Turnkey Solution- Portable Display Solution- Portable Exhibition Kit Solution- Activation Kit Solution- Branding Display SolutionBRAND ACTIVATION SALES ACTIVATIONPROMOTION SOCIETY ACTIVATIONA UNIQUE SOLUTION IS ALL YOU NEEDINTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION MARKETINGPOINT OF PURCHASEPOINT OF SALESBRAND COLLATERAL DESIGNBRANDINGPORTABLE DISPLAYSPORTABLE EXHIBITION KITTejaswi Group of +91-98337 47887 | Thank You for Reaching to us We Welcome you to be a one of our satisfied Stakeholders. We will make your journey with us smooth & We are sure you will be delighted by the Overall Experience. Process is an integral part for any Solution & We work as your Partner to meet your Objective. We try to keep our Process simpler , However as our Stakeholder, You will play an integral role to aid us deliver to your need.We will allocate you a representative that will aid you in your journey A Client Servicing Rep or we better call them as Partner Delight Rep. Our Partner Delight Rep will guide You throughout Your Journey and In the Process create a Comfort Zone to deliver +91-98337 47887 | We Perform Better, When You Make Us Your Partners & Not +91-98337 47887 | We are a Complete Customized Brand Solution Vertical Company, Offering Solutions that will not only Save Your Time, But will also Develop what You need. Whether You are a Start Up or a Corporate, We are a Single Source Contact for your complete Brand Offerings. BrandingDesign3D DesignExhibitionPoint of PurchasePoint of SalesFloor Standing UnitMall Kiosks Portable Exhibition KitPortable DisplaysShop in ShopIn Store BrandingBrand is What We MakeBrand Activation KitBrand - brand/noun: brand; plural noun: brandsa type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular +91-98337 47887 | Digital Lead GenerationWe are offering a Solution, that will be an Effective Medium for any kind of Your Objective. Whether it is Brand Solution or Design or POS or POP or Brand Activation or Marketing or Exhibitions or Displays, We have Perfect Solution, that will aid your Brand to take a step ahead.BRAND COLLATERAL DESIGN GRAPHIC DESIGNLOGO DESIGN BROCHURE DESIGN LEAFLET DESIGN POSTER DESIGNARTWORK DESIGN 3D DESIGN LAYOUT BRANDSOLUTIONS EXHIBITION FLOOR PLAN DESIGN 3DEXHIBITION STAND DESIGN 3D INTERIOR DESIGNPAVILLION DESIGN LAYOUT 3D KIOSK DESIGNLAYOUT EXHIBITION STAND CONSTRUCTIONEXHIBITION STAND FABRICATION EXHIBITION STANDDESIGN EXHIBITION BOOTH DECORATION EXHIBITION STALL SETUPEXHIBITION CONTRACTOR EXHIBITION INTERIOR DESIGNEXPO DISPLAY DESIGN EXHIBIT DESIGN INTERNATIONALEXHIBITION SOLUTION RETAIL KIOSK DESIGN SHOP INSHOP KIOSK DESIGN ACTIVATION KIOSK DESIGN MALL KIOSKDESIGN POINT OF PURCHASE POINT OF SALEFLOOR STANDING UNITS PRODUCT DISPLAY COUNTERDISPLAY DISPLAY DESIGN COUNTER TOP DISPLAYPORTABLE EXHIBITION KIT PORTABLE BACKDROPPORTABLE BANNER STAND BRAND ACTIVATION KIT PORTABLECATALOGUE STAND PORTABLE DISPLAY PORTABLE COUNTERSALES ACTIVATION +91-98337 47887 | Solution - /slu()n/noun: solution; plural noun: solutionsa means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.We offer Exclusive Retainership Solutions to our Stake Holders, as to be able to support in all their ventures in Designing, Exhibitions, Portable Exhibition Kits, Brand Activation Kit, Online Solutions etc. Our Unique Retainership Solution not only support our Stakeholders in all their requirement effectively, but also aid them by offering Specialized One Source Contact for their activities worldwide. Whether where you need our Support Globally, We are there to aid you in all your Ventures. +91-98337 47887 | Time Based Retainership - Multi Year, Annual, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly Contracts- Saving on Multi Project Cost - Single Point of Contact- Global Turnkey Solution- Relax, While We take care of it all- Save Time, Efforts & CostWhy Retainership ? +91-98337 47887 | Case Study:An XYZ Company has requirement to design various Collaterals for their New Brand. They need Logos, Brochures, Websites, Online SEO, Marketing Collateral and so on in their Annual Campaigns. Plus they are participating in 9 Expos Annually at multiple Global Location and they need Branding Solution for their Offices and Show Room that are Portable Reusable Structures as to switch to other locations. Solution:We Offered them Retainership Package for different set of requirement on Annual Contract.- Design Solution For the set of collaterals Bifurcated for a Year Considering total Set of 75 Collaterals.- Website & Online SEO Solution for their Brand Considering Designing of Website, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Campaigns etc with Strategy to Increase Awareness and Lead Generation for the Brand.- Exhibition Participation for Global Expos, We offered them Turnkey Proposals for all their Participation Worldwide Including Exhibition Stand Design, Construction, Expo Collateral Design, Invite Design & Mailer, Expo Specific Collaterals and Give away to Pull Target Audience- an Overall Solution to support in the Expos.- Display and Portable Solution for their Offices and Showrooms including Branding requirement to maintain the Brand Image, Plus Special Customized Portable Kit Designed that were part of all their Coordinates and Brand Activation Activities.Result:The Result at the end of the Year Were Outstanding, Not Only the Brand had Awareness in the Market, The Lead Generation of the Offerings also developed to Greater Extent. Plus the Expo Participation was a Success with all the Planning and Execution taken by our Team. Display and Branding Solution offered them great results by maintaining Brand Image throughout . Normal Scenerio: 14+22+8=34With RetainershipSolution :14+22+8=24Process - /slu()n/noun: process; plural noun: processesa series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular Outcome.We Deliver as per Timeline and We expect You to provide the required inputs on time to Deliver better.We need to Understand Your need, So If you can jot down Your Objective Briefly, We will be able to Guide You Better.1Every Offerings are Unique and Lot are Customized to your needs. We can aid you choose a better Solution, considering your Objective and need.32ObjectiveOfferingTimelineSelection of Offering based on Choice from Catalogue or Customized requirement based on Brief.Order & Commercials AcceptanceApproval of various integrities for Project Execution between Partner Delight Rep and Partner.Solution Delivered as per AgreementProcess is How We Achieve +91-98337 47887 | Designed to Lasting ImpressionWe Offer Exclusive Design Solutions, that Support and Emphasize Your Brand in all the Ventures. We are the Brand Design Specialist, Offering Out of the Box Concepts and Artworks to Support vast array of Industries. Logo Design Brand Design Collateral Design Brochure Design Leaflet Design News Letter Design - Poster Design BRAND COLLATERAL DESIGN LogoDesign Leaflet Design ExhibitionPavilion Design News Letter DesignGRAPHIC DESIGN Exhibition Booth Design CorporateBranding Invite Design Press Ads MarketingCollateral Design BROCHURE DESIGN LEAFLET DESIGNPOSTER DESIGN ARTWORK DESIGN 3D DESIGNLAYOUT BRAND SOLUTIONS PosterDesign Web Banner Design Website DesignAdvertisement Design Flyer Design HoardingsDesign Brand Communication DesignBook Cover Design Stationary Design BannerDesign EXHIBITION FLOOR PLAN DESIGN PresentationDesign Campaign Collateral Design 3DEXHIBITION STAND DESIGN 3DINTERIOR DESIGN PAVILLION DESIGN LAYOUT 3DKIOSK DESIGN +91-98337 47887 | Design dzn/noun: design; plural noun: designsa plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is +91-98337 47887 | 3D Design That Stands Out, Whether for Exhibitions, Kiosks, Interiors, Retails or Offices, Showrooms. We are the Leader in the Market offering the Exclusivity and Optimization for +91-98337 47887 | We Help You Visualize +91-98337 47887 | MOST RECOMMENDEDTIMEFRAME DRIVENCOMMUNICATIONFASTEST TURNAROUND TIMEAWARD +91-98337 47887 | Exhibition - ksb()n/noun: exhibition; plural noun: exhibitionsa public display of works of art or items of interest, held in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair.Global Exhibition Turnkey SolutionExhibition StandA structure used at an exhibition for showing pictures and examples of a company's products, and where sales people can talk to customers about their productsAESTHETICEXCLUSIVECREATIVEOUT OF +91-98337 47887 | We Make a DifferenceWe Understand You Better, Thats Why We are there Where You need +91-98337 47887 | Exhibition Stand Turnkey SolutionComplete Solution for Exhibition from Initial Planning, 3d Designing, Exhibition Marketing Collateral Designing, Invite Designing, Online Promotions, Stand Construction at Site including all the Furniture, Equipment etc for Successful Exhibition Participation.Trust is What We +91-98337 47887 | BRAND DESIGN SOLUTIONSKiosk +91-98337 47887 | Kiosk - kisk/noun: kiosk; plural noun: kiosks;a small open-fronted hut or cubicle from which newspapers, refreshments, tickets, etc. are sold productsFLOOR STANDING UNITPOINT OF PURCHASEPOINT OF SALESINSTORE BRANDINGSHOP IN SHOPSHOWROOM DISPLAY OFFICE DISPLAYExclusive Display Solutions INSTORE +91-98337 47887 | Display dsple/noun: display; plural noun: Displays;a collection of objects or pictures arranged for people to look at, or a performance or show for people to watchIf You are Participating in Global or Domestic Exhibitions, This is One Kit You need for all Your Expos..Ask for Portable Exhibition Kit Solution for more details. However Be Specific on the Exhibition Stall Size to help you get what you need.MORE +91-98337 47887 | Portable Display Solutions are Turnkey Solution for Display of Banners, Posters, Catalogues, Backdrops, Counters etc in Portable Structures. These are effective Solutions for Exhibitions, Events, Promotions, Brand Activations, Marketing Activities, Office Branding, Show room Branding, Product Specification etc for Perfect Brand Visualization at global level. Ask for Our Portable Display Solution for Further DetailsMORE SOLUTIONSPORTABLE BACKDROPBANNER STANDCATALOGUE STANDPORTABLE COUNTERPOSTER +91-98337 47887 | Brand Activation Solutions are Perfect Solution to Optimized Brand Visualization in the Market. Being Portable Units, they offer extreme flexibility for easy Usage in Multiple activities.Ask for Our Brand Activation Solution Catalogue for Further DetailsMORE +91-98337 47887 | Modular Solution are various Display Section with Product Display and Branding options and much more. These Modular Solutions comes in Modular Section that do require some tools for attachments. Ask for Our Modular Solution Catalogue for Further DetailsMORE +91-98337 47887 | We are Technology Driven Any Brand is Incomplete without Digital Solutions that enable various Companies to showcase in a highly defined manner. We have been in Digital Media Industry for a while, considering only specialized requirements from our Stake Holders. Digital media has been a living proof of our existence and you will find us on top in the market.Check our Presence online and You will really See our Strength.Digital Lead GenerationOnline Marketing Website Design WebmasterGoogle Social Media MarketingPPC Campaigns On Page OptimizationBing Off Page Optimization Keyword ResearchSearch Engine Optimization SearchEngine Marketing Social Media Optimization DigitalCampaigns Link Building Organic SEOGoogle SERP adwords analyticsCMS keyword density Meta Tags PageRank Blog Website Traffic RankingDigital Campaign Backlinkadwords Off Page Optimization OrganicOnline Optimization KeywordResearch Campaigns Online +91-98337 47887 | Digital MarketingDigital marketing is a broad term that refers to various and different promotional techniques deployed to reach customers via digital technologiesGrowing Client Base +91-98337 47887 | Recognition of +91-98337 47887 | Check Out the Video Link of Portable Backdrop SetupPORTABLE BACKDROP SOLUTIONL Portable Backdrop +91-97698 25585 | Award Winning Expo Stand Setup Exhibition Turnkey Stand SetupPortable Exhibition Kit Setup UNIQUE SOLUTION IS ALL THAT WE OFFERwww.tejaswi.bizConsult Us: +91-9833747887 | +91-97698 25585 Email: Tejaswi Group of +91-98337 47887 |