Black History Month Presentation

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1. Black History MonthPresentation[Your Name][Your Teachers Name][Your School][Your Grade] 2. [Type your favorite quotation from at least one person that you think has changed history and that you will be talking about in this presentation.] 3. IntroductionState the significance of Black History MonthTell what Black History Month means to you 4. OverviewGive a brief overview of what youll cover in your presentation 5. HistoryMake a timeline of the important historical events 6. Interesting FactsList some interesting facts about Black History Month 7. Black History LeadersChoose one to three leaders in this area and discuss their lives and accomplishments 8. Provide examples of art and literature, law, or other social achievementsthat are significant to Black History MonthArts and Literature 9. How We CelebrateList some ways we celebrate Black History Month around the nation 10. ConclusionProvide a brief summary of your presentation 11. Questions & AnswersInvite questions from the audience 12. ResourcesList the resources you used for your research