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PowerPoint PresentationARoyal LondonTop Provider:Life and Insurance Groups Field Based BDMs Top ProvidersRoyal LondonPrudential AVIVA 1AEGONStandard Life2382321181141132345T: 0113 274 3000 W: the points were allocated in the following manner: surveyed Advisors gave 5-1 points to each Provider according to their own perception of them, 5 being the best, and 1 the worst.1APrudentialTop Provider:Life and Insurance Groups Tele Based BDMs Top ProvidersPrudentialRoyal LondonAVIVA1L&GStandard Life2792221871481012345T: 0113 274 3000 W: Provider:Investment Providers Field Based BDMs Top Providers10789695139383175Note the patterns of preference for BDMs in this category are very different from the Life Group Category. Firstly the number of weighted mentions is significantly less for all providers, and secondly there is a very long tail (47 investment providers achieved a 1st Place mention by advisers. The market, it seems, for investment providers is much more fragmented.)OctopusINVESCO PerpetualOld Mutual1M&GPremier AM107896951392345T: 0113 274 3000 W: Providers Tele Based BDMs Top Providers41402423222075Again, advisers showed a wide diversity of preference with 38 providers scoring at least one 1st place and very few providers showing consistently across a reasonable number of advisers resulting in relatively low scores even for the top providers on this measure. However it has to be noted that Octopus scored double top with this first place ranking for Tele BDMs.Wed also note that for this category there were few mentions in the 4th and 5th place rankings it seems that for Tele BDMs advisers are only able to recall a smaller number of preferences.55OctopusM&GOld Mutual1FidelityINVESCO Perpetual55414024232345OctopusTop Provider:T: 0113 274 3000 W: Providers Field Based BDMs Top Providers113The total universe of Platform providers is of course more limited so absolute number of rankings are reasonably high. Old Mutual win convincingly for both Field and Tele based BDMs. Old MutualTop Provider:Old MutualTransactAXA Elevate1Standard LifeNovia989487582345149T: 0113 274 3000 W: Providers Tele Based BDMs Top Providers113Old MutualTop Provider:Old MutualAvivaAXA Elevate1Co FundsFidelity806553482345130T: 0113 274 3000 W: CheviotTop Provider:DFM Providers Field Based BDMs - Top ProvidersQuilter CheviotBrewin DolphinBrooks Macdonald1RathbonesInvestec1061025646402345T: 0113 274 3000 W: CheviotTop Provider:DFM Providers Tele Based BDMs - Top ProvidersQuilters repeat their top of the table performance here but it should be noted that Rathbones scored more 1st place rankings only to be beaten into 2nd place. Overall the number of scores here are low indicating that advisers experience of DFM BDMs is relatively focused on those they deal with which will naturally tend to be a low number and that where they do have dealings with a BDM it is more likely to be face to face. For this category there were almost no rankings offered beyond second place.Quilter CheviotRathbonesBrewin Dolphin1Tilney34322423234T: 0113 274 3000 W:


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