Affiliate Marketing for Mobile Apps

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Are you looking for new ways to promote your app outside of social and app store optimization? Read how you can get partners and publishers to sell your app for you. What's best is that you only have to pay when you earn revenue. Learn how to set up an affiliate program for your mobile app!


<ul><li> 1. Affiliate Marketingfor Apps </li> <li> 2. David </li> <li> 3. #Door64Mobile@davidvmc </li> <li> 4. What is AffiliateMarketing? </li> <li> 5. Merchants payPublishers forreferringCustomers </li> <li> 6. Types of MerchantsEcommerceSubscriptionsEmail List BuildersBusiness to BusinessApp Developers </li> <li> 7. Types of PublishersWebmastersEmail BroadcastersArbitragersPartnersBloggersApp Developers </li> <li> 8. An Affiliate Platformis software used totrack &amp; rewardreferrals </li> <li> 9. Affiliate Program PlatformsHome GrownServer SoftwareSoftware-as-a-ServiceAffiliate Networks </li> <li> 10. Home GrownServer SoftwareSoftware-as-a-ServiceAffiliate NetworksOS NetworkMobile Affiliate Platforms </li> <li> 11. Limited control andvisibility on where andhow your ads appear1. Blind affiliate networks </li> <li> 12. Limited control andvisibility, but on betterproperties2. Premium blind networks </li> <li> 13. No control over affiliate approvalsNo special commissionsNo action commissionsExposed to all apps, music, etc.3. iTunes / App </li> <li> 14. 4044. Google Play </li> <li> 15. Things arepretty badfor appdevelopers </li> <li> 16. Whats the mainproblem with thesesolutions? </li> <li> 17. You cant start arelationship with youraffiliates </li> <li> 18. Relationships are the keyto affiliate marketing </li> <li> 19. Enter The 2013Revolutionin App Affiliate Marketing </li> <li> 20. Integrated app analyticsand affiliate platform </li> <li> 21. The backstory </li> <li> 22. Two main functionsTrack ActionsShow Attribution </li> <li> 23. App AnalyticsOrganic installsTrack unlimited eventsDetermine LTV &amp; ARPU </li> <li> 24. Rich MetricsOpensClosesUpdatesPurchasesPage ViewsIn-app events </li> <li> 25. The REAL power ofanalytics is attribution </li> <li> 26. Attribution is knowing whatdrives revenueSources of TrafficCampaignsIndividual AdsSpecific Tweets / FB PostsAffiliates &amp; CustomersAnything that can contain a link </li> <li> 27. What is this wizardry?1. Customer clicks a special link2. Unique device ID in link ordevice fingerprint3. Customer installs app4. HasOffers SDK in your apppasses data back to thetracking servers </li> <li> 28. The cool new thing you can dowith your fancy attributiontracking </li> <li> 29. WebmastersEmail BroadcastersArbitragersPartnersBloggersApp DevelopersPay these guys </li> <li> 30. InstallsList SubscriptionsReferralsIn-App PurchasesAd ViewsAd TapsRecurring RevenueFor referring customers who do this stuff </li> <li> 31. Using these tools </li> <li> 32. Oh yeah, Flurry </li> <li> 33. They also track attribution! </li> <li> 34. </li> <li> 35. Use the Flurry API to writetransactions into many otheraffiliate platforms </li> <li> 36. Youre responsible for your ownintegration </li> <li> 37. Youll be one of the first </li> <li> 38. For good and bad </li> <li> 39. App analytics lets you seewhat is happening in your app </li> <li> 40. Attribution allows you to seewho drives customers, eventsand revenue </li> <li> 41. Affiliate Marketing isrewarding partners for drivingthat revenue </li> <li> 42. David </li> <li> 43. David </li> </ul>