5 Reasons Why Social Recruiting is Good for Marketing

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This guide will help you get started recruiting your biggest fans. Learn how to: Cultivate a Talent Community for Share Your Brand Message Use Employee Referrals to Generate New Leads Target the Right People with Facebook Ads Turn HRs Candidates Into Marketings Fans


  • 1. Guide 5 REASONS WHY SOCIAL RECRUITING IS GOOD FOR MARKETING Let HR install an app that allows candidates to apply directly from your Facebook page in 1-click. Draw your active and passive candidates to your page with targeted Facebook ads. There is a high value attached to recruiting your potential candidates to become not only employees, but also your Facebook fans. The better the quality of fans that visit and interact with your page, the more likely others who are researching your company or product will do the same. This can make your Facebook page even more powerful than your email list when it comes to broadcasting a message to your truest fans. You can find your truest fans by asking those who want to or would consider working for you to take ownership of the brand message by applying for jobs through your page and hitting like. These are the community of users that are more likely to spend time with and invest energy in your company, and they are also the people most likely to spend money with and invest energy in recommending and taking ownership of your company, product/service, or brand! Your HR department has a talent community that comprises the group of people who love your brand so much they want to work for you; why not take advantage of those candidates and their networks to build your brand? GET STARTED RECRUITING YOUR BIGGEST FANS Cultivate a talent community for your employees and future candidates to engage with, discuss, and share your brand message. Leverage your employees networks to multiply brand traffic with automated referrals.
  • 2. About Work4 Labs Work4 Labs develops the #1 Facebook Recruiting Solution, which enables tens of thousands of companies including VMware, Gap, and LOreal to hire qualified candidates across industries, geographies, and pay-grades. Our award-winning products help recruiters easily launch branded corporate career sites on Facebook and mobile devices, and drive traffic, job applications, and employee referrals from the networks 1 billion users. Work4 Labs was founded in 2010, and is headquartered in San Francisco with an additional office in Paris. Learn more at www.work4labs.com. facebook.com/work4labs company/work4-labs @work4labs Leverage HR Updates for Engagement Engagement on Facebook can be a full time job for your team. Status updates, photos, videos, and community management all require time, effort, and good content. Job openings provide you with a steady stream of attractive content, and its easy to automate posts to your wall. Turn Job Ads into Likes Allowing your brand to dip its toes in the talent pool will continuously attract people to your page. Job ads will spread your branded message to your targeted demographic, and job postings will provide both active and passive candidates a reason to join your community and to keep coming back for more. Turn Candidates into Customers If someone is a good fit for your open jobs, then theyre a good fit to become a fan. Enable job matching and automate job sharing so that your recruiters, employees, friends, and fans can share open job listings with other potential candidates in their networks. Those who like your company culture may end up engaging with your Facebook page even if they dont end up working for you. Build Brand Awareness & Brand Advocacy Why not turn your candidates into your best customers? 79% of people are more likely to purchase from your company once they become your fans, and 74% of your fans are likely to refer your product or service to their friends.1 (And people are four times as likely to buy when they receive a referral from a friend!2 ) Save Money by Sharing Resources By pooling your resources, not only will both the marketing and HR teams save money, but you will free up resources for other campaigns. Both teams will also benefit from engaging with fans at once in a single location instead of allotting time, manpower, and money to run two separate relationship-building programs. 1. http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/30239/71-More-Likely-to-Purchase-Based-on-Social-Media-Referrals-Infographic.aspx 2. http://www.edisonresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Slide047.png 5 REASONS WHY MARKETING NEEDS TO POST JOBS ON THE CORPORATE FACEBOOK PAGE