3 Ways to Get Your Data Into Shape

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3ways to get your data into shape&why healthy data is important The implementation of a data quality initiative can lead to 40%of all company data is found to be inaccurate 66%of organizations believe theyre negatively affected by bad data+15-20% revenue+20-40% sales-10-20% corp. budget-40% operating costsi#1 go in for a check up Before beginning a rigorous data work out routine, assess your current database for gaps.D duplicate recordsd incomplete recordssigns your data is out of shapeD records stored in many placesD high email bounce ratesd low reponse rates#2 Make a planEstablish in house processes to input data accurately and update data frequently.of data errors could be avoided at input 2-8%Train team members on the importance of accurate data entry Integrate data validation services into online forms and vet all information against 3rd party databasesUse data append programs to fill in information gaps to provide a 360 consumer view of B2B data 70%of B2C data 25% is obsolete in 1 year Once added, data must be checked frequently for decay from changing addresses, names, phone numbers, and more. If you neglect your data, your overallmarketing quality will be affected.You have to keep at itDaaSandIf you own a small business with a manageable database, getting your data into shape wont be a problem. But if you have thousands of records and multiple silos- youll need reinforcements.data-as-a-serviceDaaS companies locate and integrate unique and hard to find data elements to deliver a steady stream of in-market prospects- leading to higher quality lead generation and increased ROI. Data quality and business intelligence are critical for success in todays economy.Companies that use best practices in data quality or invest in Data-as-a-Service solutions are able to harness high quality data and target multi-channel consumers. To learn more about how to boost your revenue with better data quality visit us at www.datamentors.com. SOURCEShttp://halobi.com/2015/02/infographic-data-quality-in-bi-the-costs-and-benefits/http://biznology.com/2015/02/b2b-data-decay-list-rental-buyer-beware/eed reinforcements.#3 hire a trainer