3 inexpensive ideas to make your network more secure

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3 Inexpensive ideas to make your network more secureEpisode 9IT Services61%of targeted attacks by hackers each year involve small to medium-sized businesses.40%of small and medium-sized businesses that manage their own security will have their networks accessed by a hacker.50%of them wont even know they were attacked.The Many Types of Security ThreatsAntivirus, malware scanners, threat detection there is no one solution to all these threats: Malware Spyware Adware Phishing Data Theft Ransonware Viruses Password Hacking Vulnerability Scanners Packet Sniffers Over 500,000 businesses* have been hit by ransomware Once hit, the only way to get rid of it is to pay the ransom Criminals are constantly developing new techniques to attack businesses*BBCCryptoWall + RansomwareThe Growing Enemy of Businesses Two Pieces of Equal ImportanceViruses, malware and ransomware are only one piece of the risk to your business!Losing your data can be just as harmful! 3 out of 4 companies had disaster recovery failures, resulting in: Loss of mission critical applications Loss of critical files Expected days of datacenter downtime 60% of companies didnt have a full scale data recovery plan. 40% of companies said their data recovery solution didnt work. 60% of companies that lose data will shut down within 6 months.Sources: Disaster Preparedness Council, FEMAData Loss Statistics Fires Floods Earthquakes Hurricanes Tornadoes Data Corruption Hardware / System Malfunction Software Corruption Human Error Brownouts Theft Ransomware MalwareTypes of Data Loss ThreatsA few good ideas to strengthen security1. Strong Passwords how to create an easy to remember strong password Password phrase Eat chocolate and ice cream 1 time a day! Ecaic1tad! Slightly different passwords for each login Facebook = Ecaic1tad!FB Corp network = CEcaic1tad!2. Enforce strong passwords on the network Reset every 90 days Cant be the same as the previous 3 passwords Most business networks have this ability w/o any additional technologyA few good ideas to strengthen security3. Local user / Local Admin Daily use account - does not have permission to install software on the local machine Local Admin user - has permission to install software on the local machineDont assume others know what to do Top 5 reasons for employee underperformance: 50% of the time its that they dont know what to do. (include link to show) Train your team to think before they link or click. Awareness is a strong defense against social engineering and phishing.http://www.slideshare.net/JasonClause/5-root-causes-of-employee-underperformance-60352117Businesses should have a plan that addresses these solutions. Plan should include: End User Support Messaging Protection Endpoint Security Patching Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM)Business plans must also address risk of data loss!A comprehensive plan includes: Vulnerability Scanning Website Security Backup and Recovery Mobile Devices and BYOD Compliance ManagementWant to go deeper? 4 Keys to Protecting Your Business Down the free eBook at www.jasonclause.com/security Reach out to me on LinkedIn or email me at jason@jasonclause.comhttp://www.jasonclause.com/securityhttp://www.jasonclause.com/security