10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Content Marketing

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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach YouJune, 2016http://www.camasmedia.com/By Camas Media1CREATING CONTENT THAT WORKS Studying competitors content can help gain insight into the trending topics It can help realize if there is a gap in your content and what steps you should take to fill that upVisit their social media page for content ideasNote the ones garnering maximum engagement12Observe how the competitors handle and engage on their social media pagesQuick response to customer queries is the best etiquette, but many companies tend to oversee that aspect Surveying the competitions response time to customers questions/conversations can prove to be a great insight on how to manage your own customer issuesBETTER SOCIAL MEDIA SKILLS23CREATE A CONTENT CALENDAR3Key to a successful content marketing is consistency and presencePlan & schedule your content and updates for a higher recall valueContent calendar can help plan in advance and manage your content publication Regular updates are important to be fresh in the public memory4DEVELOP A PERSONALITY4Content marketing is all about connecting with the audience on a personal level Without a personality of their own, brands cannot be expected to engage the readers on an emotional level Audience expects to connect, chat and express with a real person and not a robotInjecting a bit of personality into the writings will keep the conversation alive with the readerAdding emotions will keep the brand miles ahead of the competition churning out mechanical content5CURATE CONTENT578% of marketers are using their resource for compiling and annotating links for content curation according to Curata Content curation involves sifting through a specific themed content available online and compiling them into one interesting postThe best curated content has the potential to go viral and can help achieve a thought leader status for the brandIt adds extra value to for the audience and customers which is crucial towards building a loyal customer base. 6BE VISUAL6Content marketers should think of content beyond words Top brands like Red Bull, Coke, Lego etc., have engaged in visual content marketing with phenomenal successVisual content like images, videos, infographics, animations help up the brand quotient It is more likely to generate higher engagement than plain textVisuals also help the content become more memorable, shareable and emotionally engaging 7QUALITY OVER QUANTITY7Lack lustre content will be ignored by search engines over high quality, engaging content Observe the content quality of the competitors and make yours better than themContent should be well researched and insightfulIt will have a better chance of finding a larger audience who will willingly broadcast it further8REFURBISH YOUR CONTENT8Consider repurposing some high engaging content into different formats for better visibility Dip into the competitors blogs whenever short on ideas Pick up the relevant topics and give them your own quirky twist Use the content to branch off into another direction that provides value and enhances the presentation9REFER TO CASE STUDIES9Case studies can add huge value to content marketing It can boost lead generation by raising awareness of the brands best works Potential customers would want to know what to expect before they decide to join By providing concrete examples, you definitely will have a better chance at winning them over10GROW YOUR NETWORK10A loyal, engaged customer base is crucial for a successful content marketing campaignBuilding a community through social media and giving out loyalty incentives can give a much needed boost. Loyal customers can prove to be great brand advocates and act as influencersPeople prefer personal recommendation when it comes to purchase decisionsThese brand advocates are going to be of supreme importance when it comes to making a decision for conversion11In one sentenceCamas Media is an onlineperception managementcompany that createscontent drivendigital experiencesfor anew type of consumer. To know more about us connect with us on Camas WebsiteFacebookTwitterLinkedIn12