Get to know the backup camera in your new Toyota!

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  1. 1. Get tech savvy in a new Orlando Toyota with an integrated backup camera. If youre not sure what a rearview camera is, they are cameras positioned to point at the surrounding area behind your vehicle and then displayed in real time inside your vehicle. This feature is designed to make backing up easier and safer! Were so excited about having this technology in our new Orlando Toyota cars, and we want you to know all about them! Using a car backup camera is easy! The best part about technology in new Orlando Toyota cars is that its incredibly user-friendly. Using the backup camera in an Orlando Toyota, all you have to do is: Put the car in reverse! By shifting your Orlando Toyota into reverse, the rearview camera activates and the display on your touchscreen switches from audio controls to the cameras view. Youll be able to see what is behind your vehicle as well as available guidelines displayed on the screen. Use the guidelines! Available for most integrated backup cameras are guidelines or a projected path that allows you to gauge how close or far away you are from another vehicle, person or object. The lines make it easier for tasks like backing into a parking spot! Dont rely solely on this technology. The car backup camera is designed to assist while backing up, but you should also use your rearview and side view mirrors as well as glance at your surroundings yourself. Only when youve determined its safe to reverse, should you begin backing up. Orlando Toyota cars are safe! Did you know that 25 percent of vehicular accidents are blamed on poor backing habits? Drivers have admitted that they do not always exercise enough caution and may even be negligent when backing up because they are not traveling far or fast. With this mind set, collisions are more likely to happen. Unfortunately, children are often hit by cars backing up because drivers cannot see them. This is why rearview cameras are such a great innovation.
  2. 2. In fact, they are improving safety vastly. Lawmakers have taken notice and will soon be making it a requirement for backup cameras to be standard in every car. Toyota has already begun this venture and has this technology in most of our vehicles- even in some of the base models! Not only does this technology make for safer streets, but it also makes for an easier driving experience. Just think of all those daily challenges you face when having to reverse in your vehicle. It can all be easier with eyes on the back of your car. A backup camera can make a lot of things easier, like: Getting out of parking spots Pulling out of driveways Backing into a parking spot Hooking up a trailer to a tow hitch Parallel parking Get a safer and more enjoyable ride with a high tech new Toyota in Orlando! Test drive one and experience it for yourself at 3575 Vineland Rd., just off of I-4 near the Millenia Mall!