Monochrome Awards 2017~Winners Of International Black & White Photography Contest

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1. Monochrome Photographer of the Year 2017 Bailey by Ian Pettigrew (Canada) Grand Prize 2. Monochrome Awards Grand Prix 2017 3. 2nd Place Winner: Cate by Sheryn Ellis (Australia) 4. 3rd Place Winner: Between Shadow & Light by Roza Sampolinska (United States) 5. HONORABLE MENTION: Sandra Ventura 6. 1st Place Winner - Photojournalism Photographer of the Year 2017 Under the rainstorm - Rohingya's exodus by Erberto Zani (Switzerland) 7. 2nd Place Winner:(untitled) by Erberto Zani (Switzerland) 8. 3rd Place Winner:(untitled) by victor raison (Colombia) 9. 1st Place Winner - Abstract Photographer of the Year 2017 Inner Light by Marina Yushina (Russian Federation) 10. 2nd Place Winner:DNA by ahmed thabet (Egypt) 11. 3rd Place Winner:Cars by Adolfo Enrquez Calo (Spain) 12. 1st Place Winner - Conceptual Photographer of the Year 2017 White Veils by Farzad Ariannejad (Iran, Islamic Republic Of) 13. 2nd Place Winner:Lost by Radin Badrnia (Iran, Islamic Republic Of) 14. 3rd Place Winner:Love is Blind by Sharon Covert (United States) 15. 1st Place Winner - Nude Photographer of the Year 2017 Marisa and fishes by Christian Vizl 16. 2nd Place Winner:Marta by Bartek NinoVeron (Poland) 17. 3rd Place Winner:(untitled) by Pawe Brzeziski (Poland) 18. 1st Place Winner - Fashion / Beauty Photographer of the Year 2017 Wavy by Michal Baran (Ireland) 19. 2nd Place Winner: waterfall by Ian Pettigrew (Canada) 20. 3rd Place Winner:Dignitate by Caspar Arnhold (Germany) 21. HONORABLE MENTION:(untitled) Vassilis Pitoulis 22. 1st Place Winner - Architecture Photographer of the Year 2017 Lost America by Patricia Dinu (Italy) 23. 2nd Place Winner:Dharavi, Mumbai, India by Torsten Andreas Hoffmann (Germany) 24. 3rd Place Winner:Nigh And The City by Virgilijus Usinavicius (Lithuania) 25. 1st Place Winner - Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2017 ghosts of by Frank Machalowski (Germany) 26. 2nd Place Winner:"The wild Bunch" by Alex Timmermans (Netherlands) 27. 3rd Place Winner:The last breath of the Summer... by Paulina Duczman (United Kingdom) 28. 1st Place Winner - Photomanipulation Photographer of the Year 2017 Yes! I am a long way from home by Milad Safabakhsh (Iran, Islamic Republic Of) 29. 2nd Place Winner:Strange burlesque with feather by Tatsiana Tsyhanova (Belarus) 30. 3rd Place Winner:St. Patrick's Cathedal by Mary Anne Chilton (United States) 31. 1st Place Winner - Landscapes Photographer of the Year 2017 Origin by samuel FERON (France) 32. 2nd Place Winner:Trail to Gold by Kerry Koepping (United States) 33. 3rd Place Winner:Silver Summit by Cory Ingram (United States) 34. 1st Place Winner - Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 The Sect by Pedro Jarque (Peru) 35. 2nd Place Winner:Curious cheetah cub by Eric Isselee (Belgium) 36. 3rd Place Winner:The Raceby Thomas Vijayan 37. 1st Place Winner - Nature Photographer of the Year 2017 Tornado of fear by Francisco Negroni (Chile) 38. 2nd Place Winner:The Great Eclipse by oleg zinkovetsky (United States) 39. 3rd Place Winner:Grove of Trees by Olivier Robert (France) 40. 1st Place Winner - People Photographer of the Year 2017 MEA SEARIM - THE STREETS by ofir barak (Israel) 41. 2nd Place Winner: Fishmarket Africa by Kars Tuinder (Netherlands) 42. 3rd Place Winner: Animato by Marc Kruger (Belgium) 43. END16-ENERO-2018


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