Monochrome Awards 2017~(Amateur) Winners Of International Black & White Photography Contest

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1. 1st Place Winner - Conceptual Discovery of the Year 2017 : La Mancha 2017 by Mariano Belmar (Spain) 2. (Amateur) Monochrome Awards Grand Prix 2017 3. 2nd Place:"I Want To Feed You With Myself" by Angelika Ejtel (United States) 4. 3rd Place:The city by Antonio Coelho (Portugal) 5. 1st Place Winner - Abstract Discovery of the Year 2017 Ripples by Mihai Florea (Australia) 6. 3rd Place:Merging Memoriesby Patrick Ems (Switzerland) 7. 2nd Place :Cascade by Eduardo Fujii (United States) 8. 1st Place Winner - Fashion / Beauty Discovery of the Year 2017 Marjolein by Hugo Deneweth (Belgium) Marjolein by Hugo Deneweth (Belgium) 9. 2nd Place:Time Frame by Marcin Kwiecie (Poland) 10. 3rd Place:Kristina by Kasparas Rimselis (Lithuania) 11. 1st Place Winner - People Discovery of the Year 2017 Albino by Mikhail Shestakov (Russian Federation) 12. 2nd Place: solitude by HYUNWOO KIM (Korea, Republic of) 13. 3rd Place:The pride of a people by Carmelo Stagnetta (Italy) 14. 1st Place Winner - Fine Art Discovery of the Year 2017 Wake (Richard Serra) by Nathan Wirth (United States) 15. 2nd Place:YOUNG GIRL IN A COVERED-SNOW FIELD (RAWDON) by Gilles Tarabiscuit (Canada) 16. 3rd Place:I Must Go In, The Fog Is Rising by Roberto De Mitri (Italy) 17. 1st Place Winner - Landscapes Discovery of the Year 2017 Lake Hintersee TreeIsland Study II by Marcel Zizkat (Germany) 18. 2nd Place: Dancing Auroras by Isabelle Bacher (Austria) 19. 3rd Place: Cloud Maker by Marco Maljaars (Netherlands) 20. 1st Place Winner - Wildlife Discovery of the Year 2017 :Friction by Olli Immonen (Finland) 21. 2nd Place: Lions in the rain by Hymakar Valluri (India) 22. 3rd Place:Raindance by Sabine Peters (Germany) 23. 1st Place Winner - Nature Discovery of the Year 2017 Light from Heaven by Gunarto Gunawan (Indonesia) 24. 2nd Place: Frozen Day by Romain Tornay (Switzerland 25. 3rd Place: Longevity by Pierre Pellegrini (Switzerland) 26. 1st Place Winner - Photojournalism Discovery of the Year 2017 Burned by Vincenzo Lupo (Italy) 27. 2nd Place:Student Protesters March by Argus Paul Estabrook (Korea, Republic of) 28. 3rd Place:Scarification by Jan Grodza (Czech Republic) 29. 1st Place Winner - Architecture Discovery of the Year 2017 Hong Kong old buildingsby Ho Yuen Lai (Hong Kong) 30. 2nd Place:Monoliths: Part IX by Anna Laudan (Germany) 31. 3rd Place:Giudecca by Giulio Zanni (Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of) 32. 1st Place Winner - Portrait Discovery of the Year 2017 Black Portrait by Habib Alzadjali (Oman) 33. 2nd Place:Agnieszka Mac Uchman (Poland) 34. 3rd Place:Roksana by Mateusz Stefanowski (Poland) 35. 1st Place Winner - Nude Discovery of the Year 2017 Earth by Iwona Aleksandrowicz (Poland) 36. 2nd Place:Looking through the window by Judith Geiser-Egli (Switzerland) 37. 3rd Place:Ballerina II by Axel Brand (Germany) 38. 1st Place Winner - Photomanipulation Discovery of the Year 2017:Central Lake by Max Poussier 39. 2nd Place:Cigarette factory Yenidze by Holger Goehler (Germany) 40. 3rd Place:urban melancholy 1 by Alexander Schnberg (Germany) 41. END18-ENERO-2018 Sound:LeAnn Rimes - Written In The Stars (Duet With Elton John)


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