Editing images part 2

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<p>Progress of Editing ImagesDiana Daniela Simon</p> <p>WHY?I have decided to edit another two images as I was not fully satisfied with my previous products. Although my audience liked the products I have decided to give it another shot. After editing another 2 images I will be showing the previous 2 successful images as well as these recent images. </p> <p>Images that I will be editing </p> <p>Image 1 Image 2 </p> <p>IMAGE 1</p> <p>Stage 6Stage 5Stage 4Stage 3 Stage 1 </p> <p>Stage 2</p> <p>VSFINALFor this image I created two finals one with scratches and one without as I couldn't make my mind up. </p> <p>IMAGE 2 Stage 6Stage 5Stage 4Stage 3 Stage 1 Stage 2</p> <p>FINAL</p>