10 steps of home decorations

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<ul><li><p> Ten Steps of Home Decorations </p><p>Decoration of a new home or refurbishing an existing one is an art and not a </p><p>science. We linked decoration to art as it is perceived differently by different </p><p>people, unlike science which is understood commonly by everyone. The concept of </p><p>Decoration is also similar to a canvas where ideas flow knowing no boundaries and </p><p>where imagination and personal feelings find a platform to be appreciated by all. </p><p>Decoration as per ones taste and style may be a gateway to find tranquility and </p><p>relaxation, which are required to keep away the stress associated with our daily </p><p>lives. As erratic and stressful times make it increasingly difficult to find tranquility </p><p>and relaxation in our lives, through new ideas or creativity we have to find the way </p><p>to get relaxation in our lives. Below, we enlist 10 ways or methods that we think </p><p>would be useful to understand more about decoration and its possible application </p><p>to homes and offices. </p><p>1. Selecting the right combination of wall colors: - One thing that one </p><p>cannot avoid noticing in a home is the walls and its colors. Close your eyes </p><p>and gather your thoughts to imagine what could be the best combination of </p><p>wall colors that suits your personality and style. Few of the most common </p><p>color combinations that can be considered while painting the room are: </p><p>Cream-brown, green-white and blue-cream. </p><p>2. Natural and Light fabrics:- Most of the natural fabrics are derived from </p><p>natural fibers of animal coast. Leather is the most common natural fabric </p><p>with an interesting natural texture. .. Cotton is another natural fabric that is </p><p>considered as a symbol of comfort that can also be used to make a lot of </p><p>luxuries items. </p></li><li><p>3. Well Designed Furniture: - Furniture is conceivably the most important </p><p>aspect of decoration, mainly because of its usability quotient. We suggest </p><p>choosing furniture that is simple and bodes well with the overall decoration </p><p>theme.. Basic material used in the furniture should be high in quality and </p><p>made of natural materials as these bring a sense of warmth and relaxation. </p><p>Apart from the conventional designs, there are many unconventional style of </p><p>furniture available in the market. </p><p>4. Categories:- Categorization is the best form that can make things look </p><p>organized, such as organizing books in shelf with accurate size order and </p><p>keeping in mind of the color aspect. If there are some similar color patterns </p><p>that are present on the cover of the books then it needs to be placed together, </p><p>this increases the show and looks better. Similarly, if you are trying to hang </p><p>up paintings then the colors used in the paintings should match with the wall </p><p>color, paintings size should be selected as per the rooms size. </p><p>5. Organize things with good arrangements:- As per the above discussion, a </p><p>simple decoration can look amazing if the articles within the decoration </p><p>theme are organized., The strategy behind Organizing is Comfort-ability. </p><p>If we have organized things after making categories than it is very easy to </p><p>find them, like if we have to find a book than we can go to the book shell </p><p>than search out the name of the book and can pick that out. </p><p>6. Hang out the Designer Lights:- For a fully calming and comforting space, </p><p>we suggest to replace harsh and blazing lights with calming, nature-inspired </p><p>or candle lights. The most important step is to place different sources of light </p><p>which will allow you to control the intensity and the areas to be lighted. As a </p><p>precautionary measure, we should avoid projecting a strong direct light from </p><p>the ceiling. Other possibilities could be mixing to a floor lamp, a lamp set </p></li><li><p>and an indirect light together to make the decoration theme look more </p><p>glamorous and appealing. </p><p>7. Green garden: Have a lawn at the rooftop and water it properly and </p><p>regularly to keep the room cool. We suggest to have few green plants in the </p><p>room which will surely have psychological positive impact on the human </p><p>mind and soul. </p><p>8. . Hang up some Paintings:- As per the latest trend in decoration, paintings </p><p>are precious articles and should be made a part of the overall decoration </p><p>theme. With the mass adoption of online shopping, people now have new </p><p>exciting options by which they can buy paintings online. Again, selection of </p><p>the paintings should match the style and personality of its home owners. </p><p>9. Wallpapers: First decide on how you want the wall to look like, whether </p><p>paint it or paste wallpaper. There are various types of wallpapers available in </p><p>the market which can complete the overall the style statement of the room. </p><p>Choose soothing colours while selecting the wall colour or the wallpaper. </p><p>We suggest you to buy painting or wall murals for the wall even with the </p><p>wall paper on it. Again, colours in the painting should complement the </p><p>overall home decor scheme. </p><p>10. Arrange some good Design Curtains:- We believe curtains complete the </p><p>decoration of the home. A bit of embroidery work or an artwork on the </p><p>curtains give that extra vibe in decoration. Always choose soft and natural </p><p>colors for the Curtain. </p><p>http://www.artsnyou.com/http://www.artsnyou.com/http://www.artsnyou.com/</p></li></ul>