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  • 1. INTERVIEW Tano Santos, director of the abertis-FEDEA chair P. 20 Eutelsat is driving 3D technology P. 14 First half results for the abertis group P. 76AUGUST 2010 Nº02 - SECOND PERIODThe debate oninfrastructure financingand management
  • 2. EDITORIAL Looking to the future In recent weeks I have been given the When talking about cycles in the econ- opportunity to play a part in the omy we refer to the expansive phase and theWE ARE graduation ceremonies of both graduates recessive phase. These are the two poles ofOPERATING WITHIN and masters at two business schools. I was one and the same reality. It is in the moment asked to put together, in the form of a mas- of crisis when, without losing sight of theA FRAMEWORK IN ter class, some reflections taken from my market and of the opportunities that are alsoWHICH WE MUST years of experience as an executive in differ- still arising, we must perform the exercise ofALL –COMPANIES ent companies, and especially in abertis.The looking within and seeking to continuouslyAND MEMBERS OF connecting thread running through these improve the efficiency of our processes, whileSOCIETY– ACCEPT was the argument that it is we ourselves adjusting –as society as a whole does– theA PATTERN OF –each one of us– who is playing the game, costs and resources with which we are work- and that a significant part of the responsibil- ing and while also aiming to generate theCONSUMPTION AND ity for everything that happens to us –is our maximum possible return, so that all thoseINVESTMENT THAT own. That, in the end, in the various areas of who have, or are considering, an interest inIS MORE RATIONAL, our lives –both professional and personal– we us –the shareholders, the managers, the ana-MORE SELECTIVE are, to a great extent, the results of our own lysts, the authorities, the communicationAND, PERHAPS, actions and beliefs. media (to summarise the society in whichMORE AUSTERE This is as true for people as it is for we work)– may find in abertis a solid, prof- projects. In this respect, as I explained to them, itable and attractive reference point. learning is the key. Learning defines an atti- If we have learned something from this tude that is both essential and dynamic. A crisis, it is that the winning models are those habit and a character. An ability to question that choose realism, toughness and selectiv- ourselves and, in some way, to continuously ity when making decisions.We are operating recreate and re-cast ourselves. It defines a within a framework in which we must all willingness to test what we have produced, –companies and members of society– accept within the context of a crisis scenario. A will- a consumption and investment model that ingness to do and re-do. is more rational, more selective and, perhaps, And also to look back without nostalgia, more austere. It is, however, a model with a to analyse and interpret the circumstances better future and a stronger foundation. which surround us, and to be aware, as we We must not renounce progress. Quite move forward, that the objective is not a the contrary, the crisis should be a stimulus specific goal or a definite end point, but rather for the processes of innovation and efficiency that the right direction can also be found in in the use of available resources. Perhaps nowSALVADOR the path itself. To this awareness we add we will grow more selectively and more slowly;ALEMANY knowledge, experience and, very importantly, but, we must not forget, we will be doing thisPRESIDENT OF ABERTIS our companions on the same journey, with in a world in which more markets, with new whom we build a project or projects. It is a consumers and new opportunities are con- question, therefore, not of re-creating our- tinually opening up. Innovation and globalisa- selves in the when we (the “remember when”), tion –along the lines which Professor Mauro but rather the we will (the “we will continue Guillén indicated in the interview he gave to doing”, we will continue constructing, we will our magazine– are the keys to future growth. continue to discover). “We are moving towards a polycentric and The creative destruction of the Austrian multi-polar world and we must look beyond sociologist and economist Schumpeter has the Europe-US-Japan axes.Two thirds of world- always been an inspiring concept for econo- wide economic growth will be in Asia and Latin mists and also for many politicians and busi- America,” explains Professor Guillén. nessmen.These are processes which societies This is the new paradigm in which we and organisations experience.These processes are operating as a society and an economy, periodically regenerate them and give them and in which abertis will have to consolidate a new impetus. its own space. AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 3
  • 3. 14 Nº02 SUMMARY 51 72 26 20 INFRASTRUCTURES Experts analyse the role infrastructures play in the current economic situation 12 30 41 Parking in Pisa 58 REPORT TRAVEL NEWS 56 saba Italia opens in the city centre saba, in Palma 59 link abertis is published by Abertis Infraestructuras, SA Av. del Parc Logístic, 12-20. link abertis APIE Jamaica Third lane 41 Its first car park in Investor’s link 08040 Barcelona. Tel.: 93 230 50 00. Fax: 93 230 50 02. abertis is taking part in A fascinating country, acesa finishes work on the EDITED AND PRODUCED BY: abertis Studies the APIE (Spanish Financial full of contrasts AP-7 toll road between the Balearic capital and Communication Corporate Direction. EDITORIAL BOARD: Salvador Alemany, 34 Journalists Association) Maçanet and Fornells Cercle d’Economia 60 Francisco José Aljaro, Toni Brunet, 06 72 conference in Santander Paso del Estrecho 44 26th Conference of the Joan A. Margenat, Josep M. Vila, Francisco Reynés, Joan Rafel and Sergi Loughney. Cercle involving politicians, 14 CORPORATE IMAGE AND PRODUCTION: BUSINESS abertis autopistas Erik Ribé and Bernat Ruiz. participates in a safety economists and leading SHAREHOLDERS CONTENT COORDINATOR: OPINION Summer school scheme for the tenth business people General Meeting 2010 Alícia Cobeña. Chris Nash WRITTEN BY: Elena Barrera, Sergio Castilla, REPORT The future of infrastructures, Financing transport year running ‘You’ve got The group’s investors Marc Gómez, Leticia Gonzálvez, abertis telecom a debate hosted by one life left’ 62 Esther Mir and Bernat Ruiz. infrastructures Fewer accidents 45 approved the annual CONTRIBUTORS: Christine Allard, Pilar Barbero, Life in 3D: inside and Menéndez Pelayo University The abertis foundation Carolina Bergantiños, Bob Bullock, Julio Cerezo, accounts and management 08 The accidents along 36 Joan Fontanals, Marta Giner, Sagrario Huelin, Anna outside the home backs a campaign for the AP-7 has decreased London Luton 50 reports for the 2009 Morera, Astrid Noury, Vanessa O’Connor, Enric 18 Pérez, Mercedes Pérez-Cruz, Roser Prenafeta, Astrid over the last two years EL AL begins a regular responsible driving financial year Recoque, Marc Ribó, Albert Rossell, Beatriz Sanz, 74 abertis, abertis autopistas, abertis telecom, BUSINESS REPORT Boeing 777-200 service Road Safety Law 64 Widening scheme abertis logística, abertis airports, Appointments REPORT sanef SIL 2010 51 Green light for a document abertis foundation, acesa, aucat, aulesa, for the AP-6 46 aumar, avasa, iberpistas, castellana and saba. Francisco Reynés, DTT Electronic toll collection, abertis, at the international emphasising education in INFORMATIVE FORUMS Segovian toll road improve PRODUCED BY: Ediciones Reunidas, SA (Grupo Zeta). newly appointed CEO A successful conclusion to moving forward logistics exhibition the sanctions imposed transport in the area PRÓXIMO programme Revistas Corporativas Barcelona. of the abertis group 40 the analogue switch-off Logistic parks 54 Antarctic 66 Zaragoza, Valencia and Palma Consell de Cent, 425. 08009 Barcelona. Improvements Tel.: 93 227 94 16. 10 26 along the C-32 48 Microma and Lince Envíos Conference on the effects de Mallorca, meeting points Manager: Òscar Voltas. Editorial coordinator: Nuria González. Chief writers: Toni Sarrià and 76 BRANDING The new section Palafolls- open operations at of Antarctic tourism, hosted Olga Tarín. Lay-out: Cristina Vilaplana. Edited by: Ares Rubio. Tordera comes into service the abertis logisticspark by the abertis foundation INTERVIEW TEAM linking Legal deposit: B-16432-2010. 68 abertis shareholder care line: Mauro Guillén abertis Chile The new abertis group Simulation 49 coslada RESULTS 902 30 10 15. “Businesses need Conclusion after a year in-house magazine is aucat carries out an Jordi Díez 56 First half results 2010 abertis accepts no responsibility to continue pursuing of adapting to the published in 6 languages accident simulation Interview with the new BRIEF Analysis of the for the opinion of its contributors in the articles published, nor does external growth” group’s strategy and in 13 countries exercise in the C-32 tunnels managing director of saba abertis news in brief group’s assets it necessarily identify with their opinion.4 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 5
  • 4. OPINION Financing BY CHRIS transport NASH Professor of Transport Economics infrastructures at the University of Leeds and member The European Commission, many years ago, expressed its of the European concern at the decreasing percentage of GDP being allocated Commission’s for investment in transport infrastructures within the EU High Level Group on Transport Infrastructure The Commission identified a series will vary, depending on the nature of the Charging. of priority projects which it consid- vehicle, particularly its gross weight, axle load Previously ered important for ensuring an adequate and suspension system. Only a pricing system professor of network, with special emphasis on interna- which imposes a per kilometre tax in accord- Transport Economics tional traffic. However, apart from those ance with the characteristics of the vehicle at the University countries that satisfy the requisites neces- will reflect these costs adequately. In addition, of Southampton sary to receive support from the Cohesion these costs tend to be greater where the and senior lecturer Fund, the amount of European financing vehicle travels on poor quality roads with less in Rail Transport available to develop these products has been substantial road surfaces, therefore, a toll at the University tiny, and the majority of the financing has system only applied to toll roads offers the of Leeds. come from member states. Consequently, wrong type of incentive regarding the choice Author of, among many of these projects have suffered delays. of road. other works, the Given the number of Member States with In the case of cars, the basic element of Generalisation governments applying major public spend- external cost is congestion, and this is much of Research on ing cuts, there is a significant likelihood that higher in urban areas at peak times, as well Accounts and Cost an increasing number of these government as on specific sections of link roads at specific Estimation project spending cuts will be applied to transport times of day. Pricing congestion costs requires for the European Commission. infrastructures. an additional charging system where and schemes, they can be used to finance the more for their goods to cross congested Therefore, a review of transport infra- when roads have traffic jams. private sector and to develop projects that AN URGENT REVIEW countries, and in turn generate lower incomes structure financing sources is urgently needed, In the case of rail, sea and airport sys- otherwise would have to wait until public from foreign vehicles, thus creating an imbal- BOTH OF FINANCING Link as a way of ensuring that the financing avail- tems, the marginal cost of using the existing financing was available. ance. This would indicate that some type of able is used as efficiently as possible. infrastructure is low, and congestion is If tariffs based on marginal social costs SOURCES. AND THE WAY redistribution of revenue is required, although Institute for Transport largely internalised since use of these sys- do not produce sufficient revenue to finance TO ENSURE THE MOST the research carried out (TIPMAC project) Studies - University The marginal social cost tems is scheduled. What is relevant here is all the desired projects, it is worth increasing EFFECTIVE POSSIBLE USE suggest that, if the income is used efficiently, of Leeds Since the Green Paper Towards fair and effi- the scarcity cost: when a user is allocated a the tariff margins to raise additional income. all the countries in the EU would benefit, OF THIS INCOME, IS cient pricing in transport, was made public in specific space, then it is no longer available The principles for deciding on the aforemen- although to different degrees. 1995, the Commission has set out the case for someone else. The surcharge value for tioned margins having been established, URGENTLY REQUIRED for marginal social cost pricing for transport the use of these scarce spaces is a way of they will be less distorted if they are applied Improve acceptability infrastructures, defined as the additional cost pricing this cost. where traffic is the least price sensitive. Bear- based on the average cost involved in road The efficient use of this income is vitally to society of an extra traffic unit (vehicle) There has been some progress in the ing in mind the relative insensitivity of road maintenance, not including external effects. important. Currently, the majority of Euro- using the infrastructure. introduction of these pricing systems. Swit- traffic to prices, particularly goods traffic, it Although the Commission has put forward pean countries obtain surpluses from road Extensive research regarding these zerland, Germany, Austria and the Czech would seem that it is a feasible way of rais- proposals to rectify this, and has drafted a use pricing, which they use to subsidise rail- costs has been carried out in recent years, Republic have already applied per kilometre ing investment funds. guide for calculating the external costs, an ways. In principle, there is a good reason for and the general conclusion is that the cur- taxes for heavy goods vehicles and many agreement still has to be reached. In urban doing this, since railways tend to have a lower rent pricing systems are not an appropriate other countries are considering applying Implementation problems environments, only a handful of cities have marginal social cost than roads, but there is reflection of how these costs vary for each them. Cities such as London, Stockholm, and Why is payment for usage not being more implemented urban traffic charges. a fear that the projects are often selected type of vehicle, the location or the time of a whole slew of Norwegian cities charge extensively used at present? In the case of Opposition to charging for use is related based on the resulting prestige, and not on day, and as a consequence, they do not offer additional taxes for driving in city centre heavy goods vehicles, despite there being an to a series of factors. It is obvious that users a thorough cost-benefit analysis. Probably, the correct incentives for using the transport zones. Various countries apply higher rates EU policy that encourages pricing on marginal would prefer not to pay higher charges, but greater attention to the way in which this infrastructure. for the use of the railway, port and airport social costs, it is really because EU legislation if they really believe that this is the way to income is used, in order to guarantee its effi- Specifically, heavy goods vehicle usage systems at peak times. These surcharges still does not prevent it! In 2006, a review of ensure better infrastructures, we think that cacy, whether for roads, railways or projects results in major costs in terms of wear and generate additional income, which is rein- the Eurovignette Directive made it possible they will support this method. There is a real unrelated to the transport sector in general, tear, as well as environmental costs, conges- vested in transport infrastructures. Within to differentiate taxes according to external fear among the peripheral, and less con- is the key to improvement, both in effective tion costs and the cost of accidents. These the scope of public-private partnership (PPP) costs, but it requires an average rate of charge gested, countries that they will have to pay charging for use and for acceptability.6 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 7
  • 5. Operations Management headed by Josep Martínez Vila and General Financial Manage- BUSINESS ment headed by José Aljaro, as well as the duties attached to General Corporate Man- agement. The managing director will report directly to the president of the Group, asAppointments will: the General Secretary’s Office; the Cor-Francisco Reynés, porate Studies and Communication Man- agement, headed by Toni Brunet; and Cor- porate Institutional Relations Management, headed by Sergi Loughney.the new managing director The example of his predecessor Having joined the Group last January as vice-secretary general, Josep Maria Coro-of the abertis group nas will now assume his new functions. Coronas replaces Joan Artur Margenat, who will retire after holding the post since 1981. Josep Maria Coronas intends to follow theThe Board of Directors of Abertis Infraestructuras has also approved the appointment example of his predecessor, saying thatof Josep Maria Coronas as secretary general and vice-secretary of the Board Margenat represented the “feeling” of the company.TEXT abertis | PHOTOS abertis Josep Maria Coronas is a state lawyer, economist and full member of the Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sci- As proposed by Salvador Alemany, ences. He has held various positions includ- the executive president, the Board of ing that of secretary of the Regional Eco- Directors of Abertis Infraestructuras gave nomic-Administrative Tribunal of Catalonia the green light on 8 June to the appoint- and director of the Legal Counsel of the ments of Francisco Reynés as the Group’s Department of Economics and Finance of new managing director, and Josep Maria the Generalitat of Catalonia. Coronas as the general secretary and vice- secretary of the Board. Coronas takes over Changes in Eutelsat and Hispasat these positions from Joan Artur Margenat. The managing director of abertis, Francisco Reynés, has also been appointed to the boards Extensive executive experience of Eutelsat and Hispasat. These appoint- Francisco Reynés joined the Board of ments were approved on 22 June by the Josep Maria Coronas abertis in May 2009, and since has headed Board of Directors of Eutelsat, and on 22 FRANCISCO REYNÉS General secretary of abertis. up the Group’s Corporate General Manage- July by the Board of Directors of Hispasat. HAS ALSO BEEN APPOINTED ment. He holds an industrial engineering abertis, through abertis telecom, its tel- TO THE BOARDS OF degree from the Polytechnic University of ecommunications subsidiary, is a reference Catalonia and an MBA from the IESE Busi- shareholder in Eutelsat, with a holding of EUTELSAT AND HISPASAT ness School. From July 2007 until he joined 31.4%, and in Hispasat, with 33.4%. the Group, he was the CEO of Criteria Eutelsat the leading operator in Europe, CaixaCorp. Previously, Francisco Reynés was with a market share of 30%, and is also the JOSEP MARIA CORONAS CEO of Gas Natural and a member of its third largest operator worldwide. With a SUCCEEDS JOAN ARTUR Steering Committee. Before that, he was fleet of 27 satellites in geostationary orbit, the managing director of Uniland, having its satellites provide coverage to 90% of the MARGENAT AS SECRETARY held management positions in companies planet’s population, and services to more GENERAL OF THE BOARD. such as Johnson Controls UK, the Volkswa- than 3,400 television channels and a thou- MARGENAT IS RETIRING gen Group and Dogi. sand radio broadcasters. AFTER HOLDING THE The following areas now report to the For its part, Hispasat, the seventh- managing director: General Business and largest satellite operator worldwide by POST SINCE 1981 revenue, has a fleet of six communications satellites (two of them operated by His- desat, in which it has a large holding) in orbital positions which cover Europe and the Americas, reaching 100% of the Span- Francisco Reynés ish-speaking world and 90% of the Portu- The Board of Directors of Abertis Infraestructuras gave the green Managing director of abertis. guese-speaking world. light on 8 June to the new appointments.8 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 9
  • 6. NACHO RUBIERA Mauro Guillén are entering a multi-polar, polycentric world. companies understand very well after their “We have businesses that are highly focussed penetration of the Latin American market. With an established position INTERVIEW on the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, According to the professor, they are as one of the gurus of and these countries only represent 10% of economies such as Mexico and Brazil which international business management, Mauro Guillén the global economy”, he points out. have consolidated their positions and are has a doctorate in Sociology much more secure from the regulatory point from Yale University and a Staying alert for countries of view; but there are others which generate degree in Economic Policy with growth prospects a sense of nervousness. “There are 5 or 15 from the University of Oviedo. What this means is you have to look beyond countries in the world making a lot of noise, the triumvirate of Europe-United States- and constant rumours about nationalisation Currently he is professor at the Management and Japan and focus on other parts of the world are a negative point”, he reminds us. International Studies which are gaining greater importance.“There Institute at the Wharton are countries”, he warns, “which are going to Spain’s international image School, University of have a much greater demographic potential However, the biggest challenge is Spain’s Pennsylvania, and director in the next few years, and which are also image abroad. In the current climate, when of the Lauder Institute, experiencing significant economic growth, news about our economy is not always specialising in the language such as Brazil or India. Two-thirds of the positive, businesses have to learn to turn it and management studies world’s economic growth will be in Asia”. around. which prepare students Mauro Guillén also thinks that the initia- “Corporate chairmen are going to have for careers in international tive should be immediate. “I always tell busi- to put less pressure on Spain’s president, and management. nesses to open two or three representative instead they are going to have to travel the He has an extensive offices in Asia, in order to keep an eye on the world more frequently”, he explained. Only knowledge of Spanish market. For Spanish infrastructure companies, by doing this, he says, will Spain be able to multinationals, and in 2009 having 15 employees in Beijing, Hong Kong, compensate for the poor quality image their was one of the most quoted Singapore or Mumbai, etc, is not expensive. So, products have beyond their borders.“The foun- social science academics. why not do it now? You really can’t wait!”. dations need to be laid for changing this image. He has written several books You can’t do this with ads, it needs a much on this subject, including El auge de la empresa The risk of political volatility broader strategy, including investment in sec- multinacional española At the same time, he also highlights one of tors such as education, innovation and devel- or Santander, el banco. the problems of internationalisation: politi- opment, etc”.And he warns,“It is a long-term cal volatility. This is something that Spanish challenge, not for 3, 5 or even 10 years”.Interview with the director of the Lauder Institute INTERVIEW | MAURO GUILLÉNMauro Guillén “abertis has an excellent reputation in the USA” The Spanish academic analyses the international progress of Spanish companies for link abertis. the business. They also need patience. You can’t start out believing you are going to conquer the world in three years! What role does legal security play? It is very important, because in the«Businesses need to continue How would you evaluate the experience of companies who What do companies need to change internally to be successful? infrastructure business, regulations and legal security are fundamental. In addition, there are other groups in Spain, besidesto pursue external growth» have ventured abroad? Spanish businesses have been very dynamic over the last 10 years. One They need to manage generational changes through training and with human resource policies that allow employees, abertis, who play prominent roles on the international stage, some of them are among the 10 largest in the world.TEXT abertis | PHOTOS Nacho Rubiera example of this has been abertis, which particularly at management level, to started as an infrastructure company in acquire international experience. In Do you think that international Spain, and then expanded internationally addition, in the future, businesses ought to institutions are needed for this sector? This is the theory behind the talk given companies abroad. “One of the greatest IN THE NEXT FEW and now covers four continents. hire more managers from other countries. It is very noticeable that in some sectors, by Mauro Guillén, director of the Lauder changes that has arisen in recent years is not YEARS, TWO-THIRDS such as telecoms, finance or energy, thereInstitute, professor at the University of Penn- Spain’s entry into the Euro, but the fact that, What do businesses need to succeed How is abertis seen in the United States? are multilateral bodies, but there isn’t onesylvania and one of the leading world experts for the first time ever, you can travel the world OF THE WORLD’S in globalisation? Spanish companies, including abertis, for managing infrastructures. I wouldin international business management. and find Spanish companies with a stable ECONOMIC GROWTH They need a mixture of an adventurous have a very good reputation among think it would be very positive to have During the Asociación de Periodistas de presence where ever you are”, he com- WILL BE IN ASIA” attitude when they start out, but they also people who understand the some sort of body that could help financeInformación Económica (Spanish Financial mented. need a calculating mentality, because infrastructure sector and who are offering the sector, identify new opportunities,Journalists’ Association) conference held in However, the professor also assured us they should never act on anything contracts. They know how to get there, coordinate matters on an internationalSantander, and in a later interview, Mauro that there is still a lot of work ahead. Firstly, without analysing it first, in order to judge they understand how to manage, and scale, and set safety standards, which areGuillén highlighted the situation of Spanish Spanish businesses should be aware that we whether it is the best course of action for therefore they get more contracts. essential in this sector.10 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 11
  • 7. Figures from the political, business Blanco, and top representatives of the country’s About ApIe and academic worlds, as well as jour- leading businesses. Attending were the presi- The Spanish Financial report nalism, came together in the Cantabrian dent and CEO of abertis, Salvador Alemany; Journalists’ Association capital for the annual conference organised and the chairmen of the FCC and Sacyr Valle- (APIE) is a professional, by the Asociación de Periodistas de Informa- hermoso, Baldomero Falcones and Luis del non-profit association.Summer school ción Económica (APIE) –Spanish Financial Journalists’ Association– as part of the Uni- Rivero, respectively. Both the latter recognised that the current financial situation could make It was created in 1973 toabertis takes part in versity Menéndez Pelayo’s summer school. things difficult for some small businesses and defend the interests of the members, and to The theme of this year’s conference was, cause bigger companies to make greater efforts bring together dedicated Three decades of Spanish economy. From in diversification and internationalisation. journalists workingthe APIE conference consolidating democracy to the current crisis. One idea floated in all these talks was mainly in the financial and Its aim was to review the evolution of the promoting public-private partnerships.Along communications sectors. Spanish economy over the last 30 years. these lines, José Blanco gave tacit support to the business sector when he opened the doorin Santander Debates on the current situation to choosing new models where cost-benefit The current situation in the markets and the criteria are applied, and by which not every- imminent approval of the Decree on Labour thing that could be built is built. He therefore Reform meant that most of the speakers felt suggested the possibility of co-payment by they had to talk more about current issues the user, cancelling work on those motorwaysThe capital of the Cantabria region was, for a week in June, the centre rather than about the past. Most of the where there are alternative toll routes whichof attention for economic and financial current affairs in Spain politicians and businesspeople explained the do not suffer from congestion, or even clos- reasons why the current crisis had occurred ing those infrastructures or services that areTExT Gemma Gazulla | PhoToS Nacho Rubiera and the challenges it posed for driving the inefficient. A speech was, according to the economy forward. words of Salvador Alemany, “the greatest The financial sector was widely repre- show of realism I have heard” in the sector sented.The majority of the country’s leading for many years. From left to right: Baldomero Falcones, president of institutions took part: the president and CEO the FCC; José Blanco, minister of BBVA, Francisco González; vice-chairman Wide coverage and for Public Works and Transport; of Banco Santander Matías Rodríguez high level of attendance Salvador Alemany, president and CEo of abertis; and Inciarte; and the president of the Spanish The conference also included a stellar meet- l luis del Rivero, president Banking Association (AEB), Miguel Ángel ing between three former socialist finance of Sacyr Vallehermoso. Martín. Many speakers recognised the increas- ministers, Miguel Boyer, Carlos Solchaga and ing difficulties in securing financing, given Pedro Solbes. The event what was eagerly that, as Francisco González stated, “the mar- awaited, and attended by a large crowd. Fern- kets are practically closed.” ando Restoy Lozano, vice president of the CNMV, Spain’s securities commission, and Various different sectors attended Javier Ariztegui, deputy governor of the Bank In the savings bank sector, we saw the first of Spain, closed the conference sessions which Link joint press conference from Caja Madrid and were covered by the main financial and gen- APIE Bancaja since they announced their merger. eral communications media. n Rodrigo Rato and José Luis Olivas gave us some of the details of the largest operation to con- solidate the sector in recent years. Juan María Salvador Alemany, president Nin, president and CEO of “la Caixa”, used the and CEo of the abertis group, with Ángel Boixadós, opportunity of attending this conference to president of APIE. offer a less catastrophic vision of the economic situation as a whole and to insist on the need for Spain to improve its marketing and explain its history, before other people did it. Attending from the energy sector was the managing director of Gas Natural Fenosa, who warned about the growing tariff deficit caused by the advantageous conditions and subsidies for the renewable energy sector. Promoting public-private partnerships The importance of the infrastructure sector was emphasised by the participation of the minister for Public Works and Transport, José12 n lInk abertis n august 2010 a august 2010 n lInk abertis n 13
  • 8. Telecommunications REPORT Life in 3D: inside and outside the home Eutelsat’s long years of experience in three-dimensional television give it the qualities needed for a format that has raised huge consumer expectations TEXT AND PHOTOS Eutelsat From multi-channel satellite broad- Since 2008, Eutelsat, a company in The Football casts in the 1980s, to the transition which abertis is a reference shareholder, World Cup in 3D to digital format in the 1990s, and high- has been working intensively with its definition in the present decade, Eutelsat’s partners in the field of 3D to create a new Eutelsat’s technology specialist resources and knowledge have consumer experience in television view- allowed 20 of the 60 matches played played a role in the numerous key develop- ing, as well as for screening shows outside in South Africa to be ments that have transformed the audio- the home. rebroadcast in 3D. visual market. The next huge leap, recently In March 2009, a permanent channel propelled into the forefront of the audio- was launched on the EUROBIRD™ 9A The matches were watched visual revolution, is 3D. satellite as a testing ground to analyse the on 15 metre screens in Only 18 months ago, 3D was being behaviour of screens, coders and decoders cinemas in 19 countries. discussed in sector circles as an emerging and collect data on people’s experiences Over 250 3D programmes niche solely for use with a select group of with 3D content, both at home and in the were broadcast with films. By the second half of 2009, prospects outside world. a speed of 40 Mbps. had changed dramatically with announce- ments from Sony about the mass production of 3D flat-screens, the premieres of iconic 3D films, among the most outstanding of which is Avatar, the development of 3D computer games from producers such as Nintendo, and plans to launch 3D television channels from audiovisual sector operators and subscription television platforms such as BSkyB, ESPN and Canal Plus. Public response Given that major companies, which repre- sent the whole of the audiovisual industry’s value chain, have made their intentions clear, there is no doubt that the 3D market is maturing much faster than expected and it is getting ready to really take off. The final decision will be made by the public them- selves.Will cinema audiences appreciate 3D and the opportunity to see special events like opera and concerts in 3D in public ven- ues? Will they be prepared to start changing the first generation of LCDs and plasma Eutelsat’s specialist screens for the new 3D screens? The response resources and so far to the experience of total immersion knowledge have played a role in numerous key in the world of 3D has been unequivocally developments in the favourable, especially for premium special audiovisual market. events.14 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 15
  • 9. Demonstrations in Europe Andrew Wallace, chief commercialSCREEN DIGEST Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, officer for Eutelsat, commented on the in association with audiovisual operators, experience so far: “3D is an exacting andESTIMATES have carried out demonstrations throughout bandwidth-hungry application, requiringA 56 MILLION Europe to reproduce and monitor, as fully up to 40 Mbps of capacity for out-of-home3D TELEVISION SETS as possible, the conditions in which direct venues, and the highest levels of collabora-THROUGHOUT events are rebroadcast in 3D.This ecosystem tion between all players in the transmission has made it possible to show top-level chain. Consumer expectations aboutTHE WORLD BY 2014 events, in order to test public reaction; 3D format are high. Both the content and among those included are the Six Nations signal quality are key factors in contributing rugby tournament, the Roland Garros ten- to its success”. nis championship, and the St Petersburg3D market is maturing ballet from the Mariinsky Theatre. The con- Cinema projectionsmuch faster than expected tent has been shown and analysed on very The availability of live 3D matches inand the experience has been different types of equipment, from 15 metre cinemas has been one of the biggest high-unequivocally favourableof total immersion cinema screens to first generation Full HD lights, in terms of technology, surroundingin the world of 3D. 3D televisions. the FIFA World Cup, 2010. By offering sports fans the opportunity to see their favourite sports on the big screen, and in a group environment, the 3D projections in cinemas have become a rapidly emerging The tests carried product throughout Europe’s vibrant digital out by Eutelsat services market. concluded that Thanks to the work of key operators in quality 3D television broadcasts required developing 3D, Eutelsat has made optimal a minimum speed use of the FIFA World Cup as a commercial which represents platform for viewing 3D matches in public 40% more than a high definition signal. venues. A total of 20 of the 60 matches held in South Africa were rebroadcast through- out Europe using the Eutelsat satellites, and were projected on 15 metre cinema OpenSky. This equipment consists of a 1.5 to wear passive polarized glasses or active screens in 19 countries, including France, metre receiving dish and an IDC professional SINCE 2008, EUTELSAT sequencing glasses. Germany, Italy, Spain, Russian, Poland and receiver with Sensio decoder and BISS HAS BEEN WORKING The tests carried out by Eutelsat and the Nordic and Baltic countries. As the tour- scrambler. INTENSIVELY WITH ITS their partners concluded that quality 3D nament progressed, cinemas in other coun- Carsten Schuffert, CEO of BEWEGTE television broadcasts required a minimum tries, such as the Netherlands, joined the BILDER Medien AG, one of Eutelsat’s part- PARTNERS IN THE FIELD speed of 12 Mbps, which represents 40% list of those receiving the signal, thus prov- ners in managing the network of digital OF 3D TO CREATE A NEW more than a high definition signal. This high ing the scalability of a network based on cinemas in Germany, Austria and Switzer- CONSUMER EXPERIENCE consumption is motivating operators like satellite broadcasts. land, assured us that, “We have been closely Orange to use satellites to carry 3D content By the 11th of June, when the cham- monitoring consumer response to viewing to homes that do not receive the signal pionship ends, Eutelsat will have broadcast World Cup matches direct from South through the French ADSL network. Also, it over 250 hours of 3D programmes. The Africa in cinemas, and are simply amazed shows the capacity of subscription TV satel- signal is emitted in Europe on the ATLAN- by the enthusiasm. The 3D experience lite broadcast platforms like BSkyB, Canal TIC BIRD™ 3 and W7 satellites, using a on a cinema screen is the closest that tech- Plus and DirecTV to become pioneers in offer- broadcast flow rate 40 Mbps to guarantee nology has brought us so far to actually ing 3D format as a new premium service. the quality and strength of each transmis- being in a stadium. It combines the pleas- Michel de Rosen, CEO of Eutelsat, con- sion. Eutelsat has five feeds: four of them ure of sharing live sport with the thrill of cluded: “Our work on 3D transmissions is in are configured for cinemas, with commen- enjoying every graphic detail of a world- line with Eutelsat’s solid commitment to taries in English, Italian, French and Russian, class sport event”. innovation and opening up satellites to new and the other one is a television signal oper- applications. The 3D format marks a new ated by the French channel TF1, which is 3D in homes challenge on the long trajectory of advances broadcast in France through the FRANSAT The next step in the 3D market will be in the audiovisual market over the last 20 digital platform. to extend this experience beyond public years.We are convinced that satellites, thanks venues and move into people’s homes. to their coverage and their bandwidth, are in Positive response from consumers Thanks to top name brands manufacturing a unique position to carry 3D content to There are over 200 digital cinemas in the 3D televisions, and anticipated sales fore- cinemas, public venues and homes, and this growing network, with over 400 screens casts by Screen Digest of 56 million televi- new dimension will bring together digital which can receive the live 3D signal, using sion sets throughout the world by 2014, television, high definition, digital cinema and equipment provided, installed and managed, this is a clearly emerging market and is other new services to form the exciting land- in real time, by Eutelsat in partnership with not limited by the fact that viewers have scape of digital entertainment”.16 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 17
  • 10. 3.400 munities, except for Castilla-La Mancha, Galicia and the Basque Country, though rEpOrT DTT broadcast only partially in Andalusia and the Canary Islands. All these autonomous communities centres are managed by abertis telecom. telecom. have a regional telecommunications infra-ANALOGUE SWITCH-OFF structure operator. According to information from theA great conclusion to Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, their DTT Transition Plan has created 40,000 jobs and it provides employment for overthe analogue switch-off 10,000 people in equipment manufacture and installation companies. Implementing DTT involves a techno- logical change that opens new opportuni- ties for new services including: paid-for DTT,Since last April, Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) has reached practically every high definition TV, 3D television, and vari-home in Spain. One of the main actors in making the switchover from analogue ous convergence formulas between televi-to digital technology possible has been abertis telecom sion, internet, and mobile DTT. In all these new applications and services, abertisTexT anD phoTos abertis telecom telecom brings to the table, as a neutral operator, all its experience and competence in innovation and development. n The whole of the abertis telecom DTT broadcast Digital coverage organisation has been involved in centres abertis telecom has provided 98% cover-the DTT implementation programme, with age for public television and 96% for private.over 700 people working on it directly, and DTT coverage commitments are very sim-over 2,000 external technicians and profes- ilar to those for other European countries: Implementing DTT involves a technologicalsionals also involved. According to Tobías 2.761 in France it is 95% and in the United King- change that opens newMartínez, managing director of abertis dom 98.5% for public television. opportunities for new services.telecom, “The key to our success is that According to the president and CEOthree years ago we anticipated that DTT 2.939 of abertis telecom and the abertis group,was going to develop in Spain before it did Salvador Alemany,“This has been the projectin the rest of our community partners”. that gave us our positive standing with the The Public Authorities, (European, n ‘SiteS’ MANAGeD Authorities, in motivating a process whichnational and from the autonomous regions), BY ABeRtiS: 52% has advanced throughout the whole Euro- n ‘SiteS’ NOt MANAGeDwho chose abertis telecom found them BY ABeRtiS: 48% pean Union; with radio stations and televi-to be a suitable and qualified technological sion stations, because they took this chance;partner to carry this out. This project is one with the technicians who installed it,of the most complex and ambitious technol- because it has ensured that new technologyogy migration exercises ever carried out for has been disseminated and reached everya universal service as basic as television. single house in an effective manner. Finally, The DTT implementation process has the talents and capability of our teamsbeen technically, logistically and socially –those abertis telecom staff who have,very complex (it affects over 46 million over these last four years, maintained thepeople) and the company has the knowl- interest and continued focus on a projectedge to roll-out progressively a new digital which, by its very nature, is critically impor-broadcast network, based on existing and tant– have earned us great respect”.new centres, in order to replace the ana-logue network rolled out over the last Managed centres50 years. Of the DTT broadcast centres Of abertis telecom’s managed centres,currently in Spain (a total of 5,700), 52% 2,200 are contracts with national public andof these (2,939) are managed by abertis private television companies providing 98%telecom. coverage.The other centres provide extended But DTT technology does not end here. coverage to complement the ordinary cover-In the opinion of abertis telecom’s man- Links age and bring it up to 98.5%. In 1,200 of theaging sirector, “We are still growing as centres, they also broadcast public and privateregards DTT because we still have to imple- DTT autonomous regional channels in additionment mobile television, high definition and to the national television services.modernised satellites”. abertis telecom abertis telecom has rolled-out cover- age extensions in all the autonomous com-18 n lInk abertis n august 2010 a august 2010 n lInk abertis n 19
  • 11. INTERVIEWInfrastructuresTano Santos«Infrastructure policyplays a key role in anyStimulus Plan»The holder of the abertis chair-FEDEA in Transport Economicsanalyses the role of infrastructures within the current economic situationTEXT abertis | PHOTOS FEDEA-Tamara Arranz There is a lot of talk about the role it is politically viable, and is sustainable over that infrastructures can play in time, all of which helps to create expecta- Profilestimulus plans, with some major an- tions of long-term commitment from the He has a doctorate fromnouncements being made about public public sector, which in turn could serve to the University of Chicago,investment. Now that public budgets anchor private activities. and is Franklin Pitcherare being cut, how would you evaluate Investment in infrastructure always ben- Johnson, Jr. professor ofthe implementation of these stimulus efits a local economy in the short term, Finance and Economics at Columbia Business School,plans for infrastructures? although clearly long-term benefits are as well as being theThe crisis which has been affecting us since another matter. Because of their nature, these director of the abertisthe summer of 2007 has a strong demand programmes focus on the short term and are chair-FEDEA chair incomponent, unlike, for example, the crisis at an attempt to revive economic activity. All Transport Economics.the start of the 1980s, which was a supply this is an orthodox response to a crisis, whichshock crisis.This is why governments through- initially, it would be fair to say, was not thought His research focuses on the area of assessingout the world have embarked on traditional to be so deep. It is important to emphasis the activities and appliedexpansive fiscal policies, ranging from Plan E obvious: that the purpose of a fiscal stimula- economic theory, within Spain to the £700,000 million fiscal stim- tion plan is to revive private economic activ- special interest in financialulation plan in the United States, specifically ity. If this does not happen, then it is difficult innovations anddesigned to compensate for the lack of private to hold the position that the stimulus plan in organisational theory.demand. general has been successful. He has published articles In the US, president Obama also However, the problem in Spain is that in prestigious economicslaunched a plan, although somewhat lack- the depth of the crisis caused a dramatic journals such as Americanlustre in my opinion, for a high velocity fall in taxes collected and a very pronounced Economic Review,network as one of his star projects, and he increase in social costs associated with the Quarterly Journal ofcited Spain as an example. It is not surpris- rapid rise in unemployment. It created Economics, Journal ofing then that an infrastructure policy has deficits, which in a very fragile international Political Economy, Journalsuch an important role to play in any stim- environment meant they could not then of Public Economics andulus plan: it requires a huge commitment continue the initial fiscal impulse with the Review of Financial Studies.of public funds, it has a significant multiplier freedom it required. And I am afraid that as He has written manyeffect on the local economy in the short a result, the ambitious infrastructure plans economic opinion pieces.term (although debate is raging between of the current government have sufferedeconomists on this); it is visible, which means major cuts.20 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 21
  • 12. the losses of these balances, and that makesIs it possible to balance the effect of it difficult to refinance our financial system,infrastructures on fiscal deficits and and, therefore, it has resulted in a significantthe country’s competitivity? reduction in credit, particularly to SMEs.Spain has a serious competitivity problem, I think that right now, in this seriouswhich is nothing new, but it has translated situation with the financial credit systeminto enormous deficits in our current account. frozen, businesses, beyond official loans, canIn a climate where refinancing our private do nothing except reduce costs and use theirand public debt is, as is well-known, prob- own resources to the maximum. In a way,lematic, we have to progressively reduce our until the necessary clarification about thedependence on foreign savings to refinance balances in our banks and savings banks isour debts.This obviously can only be achieved given, they are going to have problemsby eliminating these debts, which requires accessing the wholesale market, and theyimproved competitivity and this can only be are going to tend towards withholdingattained in Spain through increased produc- resources. The most pressing priority nowtivity, since poor productivity is a permanent is precisely to continue decisively withstain on our economy. restructuring the financial system. The question that our economic policysupervisors have to respond to is, in my opin- In your opinion, should there be moreion, the following: in an environment where regulation of financial markets andour debt capacity is limited, what are Spain’s the various players involved (busi-priorities for improving its competitivity? nesses involving ratings, hedgeThis country has made a huge investment in funds...)?infrastructure in recent years, and, frankly, Of course, but you must remember thatyou get the impression that it has neglected these problems occur within the mostother aspects of its productive structure, such regulated sector of our financial systemas anything to do with human resources, as (banks, as was the case with Citi and Bankis clearly shown in the PISA Report on scho- of America in the United States, and thelastic performance, the findings of which savings banks in Spain; insurers such as AIG,were simply depressing. etc.). Therefore, it is not just a question of In fact, infrastructures have been our more regulation, but of better regulation,access route into European institutions and and this has a dynamic and discretionalthe focus of public investment, and this has component that gives the regulator thetranslated into a certain level of dependence instruments to intervene in the presence ofon this kind of investment for the economy financial innovations and the excesses theyof this country. see in generating credit. This crisis definitely has multiple causes,What fiscal measures would be the most poor regulation, worse supervision, overlev-prudent in responding to the structural eraging in various sectors and, above all, theproblems of public deficit? level of permissiveness towards an unprec-Clearly, the best step, which would solve edented real estate boom, which, as withmany problems without significantly reduc- all real estate booms, was financed mainlying demand at the same time, is to reform which means a tax burden for those of work- brought about simply through cyclical recov- THE CURRENT CRISIS of high speed kilometres in Europe by on debt.the pensions system. The retirement age for ing age which destroys incentive. Another ery. Spain has a significant structural deficit IS BOTH A PROBLEM OF 2020. The question is whether, in a prob- In this respect, the current crisis callsemployees should be raised to be in line fairly major reform, and one which will have that needs to be reformed in the same way lematic environment as regards public debt, for better regulation, as well as supervisionwith many of our neighbours. At the same a huge impact on our fiscal situation in the as the other two mentioned above. BETTER REGULATION AS this is a credible commitment. This crisis of the interaction between the financialtime, the number of years used to calculate long term, is the reform of the healthcare WELL AS SUPERVISION is not over and I am afraid that it may system and the economy.the replacement rate for public retirement system, where the introduction of co-pay- What role can infrastructures play in OF THE INTERACTION ride roughshod over many areas.pensions should be lengthened. The replace- ments could have a very healthy effect, not helping private investment to recover? BETWEEN THE How can monetary policy affect pres-ment rate is currently around 80%, which just on collecting funds, but also on the use Investment in infrastructures is important FINANCIAL SYSTEM How can private companies over- sure on the euro zone?is one of the highest of the major countries of healthcare services, which will help to because, by its very nature, it needs a AND THE ECONOMY” come financing problems with the The European Central Bank (ECB) is dealingin the OECD after Greece. This would be the control costs. sustained effort from the State over a current volatility in financial and with several challenges at the moment, allideal reform: it is relatively easy to do Lastly, the best prescription for a fiscal long period of time, which eliminates uncer- share markets? of them extraordinarily complex. First, it mustthrough legislation, it has credibility within challenge is always to keep growing. Our tainty and encourages additional private THERE WILL BE Our problem, obviously, is our financial sys- be remembered that the ECB has only onethe markets because the fiscal adjustment problem, obviously, is that the previous investment. Clearly, there is a political HUGE MARKET tem, particularly with reference to savings objective, which is price stability, while foris codified, so to speak, into the law, and it model of extensive margin growth has been willingness to continue investing in trans- VOLATILITY AND banks, because their balances are very example the US Federal Reserve’s goals areresponds to the inescapable economic real- exhausted and now we have to lay the foun- port infrastructures and the Strategic THIS WILL IMPLY exposed, as you well know, to the vagaries price stability and economic activity. Thisity. In effect, the dependency rate, the dations for a new one. This will, naturally, Plan for Infrastructures and Transport 2005- of the housing market. My opinion is that gives the Federal Reserve the legal authority PATCHY CREDIT FLOW”number of people between 16 and 65 for take years and I am also somewhat pessi- 2020 has the ambitious goal of making the market does not have confidence that to do more than the ECB. One of the meas-every person over 65, continues to diminish, mistic about fiscal stabilisation being Spain the country with greatest number sufficient clarification has been made on ures that the Federal Reserve has used to22 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 23
  • 13. support economic activity has been their from all Spanish risk, indiscriminately, and already being planned and the invitationswell-known quantitative easing, i.e. expand- that is why many bodies, companies and will be sent out the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet by others are suffering from the unfair conta- In addition, the RET (Network of Trans-buying government debt and mortgages, all gious effects. But, as I said earlier, at some port Economics Researchers) is being set upthis financed by creating reserves. There is a point there will be clarification about where and organised. They are already working onhuge debate on the medium and long-term this Spanish risk lies, and that will once again the website, which will support the net-consequences of the above policy on price open the credit gates for those companies work’s functions. They also want to encour-stability, and that is why Spain’s central bank that are viable and have investment plans. age working collaborations betweenhas resisted taking this route which is unprec- The stress tests announced for the end of researchers in this area.edented in monetary history. July are a first step, if they are done well, We are also preparing a series of articles So far, the purchase of sovereign debt towards this clarification. on Transport Infrastructures in Spain. It’sis being “sterilised” in order to avoid creat- Having said this, this crisis is here for about putting together a publication thating money that could have an adverse effect the long haul and I am slightly pessimistic looks at the current state of transport infra-on price stability in the future. On the other about the short term: there will be huge structures in this country, as well as the mainhand, this stability in the financial system market volatility and this will imply patchy academic developments on this topic. FEDEAhas survived so far thanks mainly to bidding credit flow. has vast experience in publishing this typeand discount operations that the central of monograph, and given the importancebank can carry out. What are abertis chair-FEDEA objec- of investment in infrastructures to this coun- tives? try and the ambitious plans for these, itHow is Spain’s economic situation seen The main objective is to encourage quality seems to us to be the ideal occasion for afrom a United States perspective, and research into subjects relating to Transport publication of this does it affect international busi- Economics, as well as serving as a link Another long-term and more ambitiousnesses such as abertis? between the business and academic worlds, goal is to establish a database on transportThey look on the Spanish economy with whilst not forgetting that which relates to economics in this country, which we canconcern, but they also seriously misunder- transport policies. To do this, three activities continue to update and that will be usefulstand what is good and what is less good have been prioritised: for young researchers who are just startingabout our economy. In that sense, unfortu- Increase the publication of FEDEA out in this fascinating field.nately, our country is suffering from being working documents on topics relating tocategorised as they say in the jargon of Transport Economics. We must remember What are the benefits and results offinancial psychology specialists. For exam- that these working documents are used to collaborations between the businessple on innumerable occasions they have disseminate ongoing work likely to be pub- and academic worlds?lumped us together with the Greek economy, lished in reputable academic journals. The main benefit is the final scientificwithout taking into account the many things Documents are submitted to a prior assess- outcome, and not being able to count onthat separate Spain from Greece. ment procedure. private financing would have made this There is also the serious belief that Submit tenders to compete for finance very difficult to achieve. Likewise, the busi-Spain is sufficiently large to create a real for research projects relating to this area. ness world, is in continual contact with thesystemic crisis if they do not check the prob- European projects are particularly interesting market, and thus has a clear view of thelems affecting us. This is why so many arti- (7th Framework Programme and others). various trends and problems which onlycles appear in the American press about our Besides this, we want to make the reach the academic world when theyfinancial and even political situation. I am abertis chair-FEDEA a meeting point become self-evident. Communicationafraid that this has caused investors to flee between the academic and business worlds between the two worlds is so valuable not and our transport policy managers, to serve only because it allows the university to be as an informal exchange of ideas and constantly taking the pulse of the situation, increase the possibilities for developing the but because there are advantages for the joint research programmes which form a business world too. link between them. One thing that often surprises business people is precisely how alert the academic What medium-term actions does the world is to business problems. It is precisely chair envisage? because, in the academic world, people think The priority objective now is organising the and work without the pressure of the 1st Transport Economics Conference at business world that, in many cases, they the beginning of 2011. develop more long-term solutions which The idea behind it is to bring together often have a richer content. It is here that Spanish researchers who work in this sector, universities can be useful to businesses as with the dual purpose of presenting their an ideas laboratory, as a place that reflects Tano Santos thinks that, “Universities can be work and promoting possible future joint on problems over years rather than months. useful to businesses as an activities. Initially, these conferences are This is an idea we are always very aware of ideas laboratory, as a place expected to be on a national level, although in the department and we hope to be able that allows them to reflect on problems over years it is intended to invite foreign researchers to reach a satisfactory conclusion to the rather than months”. to subsequent conferences. The agenda is current initiatives.24 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 25
  • 14. abertis in Chile Toll roads abertis is one of the largest team toll road operators in Chile, managing over 400 kilometres of roads, including the toll road and urban toll roads which have the highest levels of traffic. It controls 100% of the concessionaire elqui, who hold the concession for 229 kilometres of route between Los Vilos and La Serena, and 100% of gesa, the company responsible for operating and maintaining the Los Vilos -La Serena section. It also manages, maintains and runs the 218 kilometres of toll road between Santiago and Los Vilos, the 5 kilometres of the Melón Tunnel and the 75 kilometres between Chillán and Concepción. In addition, the group has a majority share in rutas del pacífico (78.9%), a company that holds 1 the concession for the Rutas del Pacífico toll road, some 131 kilometres that connectWorking team Santiago de Chile with Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.abertis Chile: at the end Finally, it has a 50% stake in the 61 kilometre Autopista Central, which consists of the North-South axis and theof an adaptation year General Velásquez axis. —1— Santiago de Chile Airport. —2— Toll plaza on one of the tollChile has become a good example the group’s strategy when exporting road managed by elqui. —3—the abertis model. Altogether, the group has a workforce of 900 employees abertis logisticspark santiago. —4—in Chile and manages infrastructures with a value of over $1,500 million Santa Rosa car park 2 in Santiago de Chile.TexT ANd PhoToS abertis Chile 3 4 At the end of June, 2009, abertis final- ests of the company in Chile. In other words, “The strategy for advancing is to keep improv- ised the purchase of stock in Itínere in to consolidate the company’s new organisa- ing and adapting the services offered by theSpain and Chile, a transaction which allowed tional structure, coordinating the various business units, whilst always being aware ofthe group to consolidate its position in Chile services, with special attention to setting up our mission, vision and values”.as one of the largest infrastructure manage- shared services, an area which is responsible Using a relational and organisationalment companies and to have a presence in for supporting all the businesses controlled model similar to the one used in Spain, theall business areas involving toll roads, airports, by abertis Chile in accordance with quality, group coordinates operations in Chile throughcar parks, logistics parks and, indirectly through efficiency and cost criteria. the Corporation, with Lluís Subirà as generalHispasat, telecommunications. The general One year on, Lluís Subirà is confident manager, and four business units: toll roadmanager of abertis Chile, Lluís Subirà, assured that, by the end of 2010, corporate and shared management, led by Enrique Calcagni;us a year ago that their mission and the chal- services will be 100% provided by abertis car parks (saba), headed by Jean-Françoislenges they had to face were very clear: to Chile.Aware that a process of this magnitude Mousset; and logistics park management,take responsibility for the institutional rep- requires time to develop successfully and to with Manel Martínez as the general manager;resentation of abertis, representing the inter- have a solid working foundation, he says that and indirectly management activities in the26 n LINk abertis n August 2010 August 2010 n LINk abertis n 27
  • 15. Car parksairport sector (the group has a 14.7% share implemented and operating at an acceptable The human team, the crucial element the fact that the majority of the group’s Investing in Chile abertis manages 15 carin the company that manages Santiago Air- level,” Luís Subirà emphasised. abertis operates in the toll road, car parks, employees share the same HQ. “This really There is no room for doubt when the general parks in the cities ofport). Altogether, the abertis group has a airports, and logistics business areas in Chile, contributes to the smooth running of day to manager of abertis Chile is talking about how Santiago, Valparaíso andworkforce of 900 employees in Chile and The earthquake of 27th February and also in telecommunications indirectly day operations, as well as to the exchange of the company has invested in the country.We Concepción, with a totalmanages infrastructures with a value of over On 27th February 2010, an earthquake meas- through Hispasat. For the general manager ideas and communication with the other busi- have covered a lot of ground in Chile and this of 8,942 parking spaces.$1,500 million. uring 8.8 on the Richter scale shook the cen- of abertis autopistas in Chile, Enrique ness units”. About the implementation of work has come to fruition over the last two Logistic parks tre and south of the country.A tragedy of this Calcagni, the human team has been a tre- corporate services, he highlights the first “pal- years.“In 2008 and 2009 we consolidated the The group is developing abertisA strategy of continual improvement nature leaves its mark on the country and its mendously important factor in the consoli- pable” results from setting up the intranet, a toll road side of the business through the logisticspark santiago, the firstThe general manager for abertis Chile, Lluís population. These are difficult times and, as dating process between the Corporation and tool that has helped all the partners in their integration of both ACS and Itínere; we are integrated logistics park to beSubirà, emphasises that a process of this Lluís Subirà admits, the implementation proc- the group’s business units. “We have found work and which, he says,“Allows them to work already present in the airport sector (through created in the Santiago de Chilenature, implementing and consolidating an ess for abertis corporate services was not them to be very dedicated colleagues. For faster and with a smaller margin of error”. dca, the company that manages the terminal metropolitan area. The firstorganisation’s structure, is no easy task. “We exempt from the added difficulties of the instance, in the aftermath of the earthquake, at Santiago’s airport); and we are expanding 20,000 m2 warehouse will behad to redefine our current teams, starting catastrophe. The earthquake did not affect some of the staff went out voluntarily to Working as a team our portfolio of car parks and logistics parks, finished in 2010. The project,with those we inherited from an era when, in the toll roads to check that no-one had Like his colleague Luís Subirà, Manel Martínez, with the abertis logisticspark santiago located in the eNeA industrialChile, we only managed a few saba car parks been injured, and that the infrastructure was the general manager for abertis logística project, the first fully comprehensive logistics park, envisages theand 25% of the toll roads run by Elqui fran- fully operational”. Chile says that the corporate services imple- park, which is underway in Santiago de Chile construction of 350,000 m2chise company,” he said. tHE HuMAN tEAM As regards collaborations set up between mentation process is complicated because and which will create over 5,000 direct jobs of warehouses, plus another HAs BEEN A KEY 15,000 m2 of services for In this respect, he added that, after fol- the different business areas, Enrique Calcagni “it involves everyone pulling together to make and 10,000 indirect ones. companies and people,lowing a strategy that allows them to improve FACtOR FOR BuILDINg recognises that the toll road sector in Chile the distribution of functions mesh,” and he This progress cannot be understood including building offices,and adapt the corporate services offered by ABERtIs CHILE has the largest number of employees in the thinks that “it was absolutely necessary to without understanding the nature of the restaurants, parking, andthe business units, they were expecting the group, “which allows us to support the other establish a Corporation in Chile that could abertis business plan, adds Luís Subirà: “We rest areas for road hauliers.Corporation to be functioning at 100% by units when they need us”. serve the business units and that can also are like long distance runners. Our activities Airportsthe end of the second half of 2010. The the group’s infrastructures in Chile in general, With respect to the medium and long- could boost new business”. as infrastructure managers are capital inten- abertis joined Chile’s airportsprogress can be seen and, by way of an exam- but only tangentially.The toll roads, for exam- term objectives to be achieved by this division, He also thinks that sharing a headquar- sive and require long-term commitment to sector in 2008 throughple, he explained that, “Apart from the toll ple, were kept operational the whole time. the general manager for toll roads states that ters is a very positive step. “We have good the assets we manage in order to produce the purchase of the companymotorway sector, we all work out of the same As far as abertis Chile is concerned, he they will continue developing and adding relationships, both among the general man- results. We follow an industrial approach dca holding company whichHQ”. Among other ideas that have been points out that, fortunately, although there improvements to their existing activities agers from the various business units and with which favours long-term management and has shares in a total ofimplemented and are now fully functioning, were no injuries to staff, there was material (building new lanes, developing electronic toll the other managers, and it is easy to swap vision, and strict standards for choosing 15 airports in Mexico, Jamaica,he highlighted the application they were using damage: some saba employees in Chile lost collection systems). Likewise, he adds,“Obvi- information,” he explained. He added that investments”. Lastly, he emphasises, “Chile Chile and Colombia. In Chile,for local intranet purchasing, and immediately their homes and a significant part of their ously, if we have the opportunity to manage they held monthly meetings, “in which we has very high standards as far as confidence dca holds a 14.77% stake inestablishing a series of standards for travelling, belongings. The Spanish side of the group set assets and to incorporate new activities that formally share the progress made by each of indicators are concerned, particularly for the company SCL Terminaltransport and vehicles, as well as establishing up a volunteer programme this year, and the boost or improve our current processes, then the business units and projects, and this con- investments, legal stability and a way of Aéreo Santiago SA, which hasManagement by Objectives (MBO) for 2010. company took up a collection among employ- we will take it”. tact encourages the exchange of information doing business that is compatible with the been running the concession for the Arturo Merino Benítez“At the end of this year we should have nearly ees, so the saba workers affected could replace For his part, Jean François Mousset, gen- and team work. I think that we should encour- environments chosen by abertis to carry (Santiago) airport terminal100% of the corporate and shared services their assets as far as possible. eral manager for saba Chile, also values highly age it even more of it”. out their activity”. n since 1999. other stakeholders include, Agunsa (47.02%), FCC (14.77%), Sabco (13.43%) and YVRAS (10%). Link abertis Chile —1— From left to right: Rodolfo Tagle, head of human Resources abertis Chile; Gerardo Riquelme, Administration and Systems manager abertis Chile; Carolina Castro, head of Communications abertis Chile; and Andrés Barberis, tax advisor abertis Chile. —2— From left to right: Manel Martínez, general manager abertis logística Chile; enrique Calcagni, general manager abertis autopistas Chile; and Jean Francois Mousset, general 1 2 manager saba abertis Chile.28 n LINk abertis n August 2010 August 2010 n LINk abertis n 29
  • 16. TRAVEL Jamaica Not to be missed Negril A former refuge for artists and hippies, the picturesque west coast has the best beaches on the A country full whole island. Its turquoise- blue waters, delicately protected by a coral reef, have made Negril Jamaica’s of contrasts main tourist destination. Blue Mountains The tallest and most The biggest island in the Caribbean is much more than verdant mountain range in the country. It has 78,210 rum, fine sandy beaches and reggae music. A cheerful, hectares of virgin jungle, colourfully dressed population welcomes you to this volcanic and we recommend you take an evening trip to island of leafy forests, beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear lakes watch the sunset from the roof of the island, Blue TEXT Marta Carrera | PHOTOS Óscar Elías / agencies / abertis Mountain Peak (2,256 m). As an added bonus, this is also the place where Larger and more varied than you might patois. Despite English being the official they grow one of the best think, Jamaica is a tropical island full language, most of the local people speak a coffees in the world. of beauty and rhythms. With a surface area dialect that incorporates English, African, Kingston equivalent to three times the size of Mallorca, Spanish, French and Rastafarian words. The capital exudes this former British colony offers the traveller Almost three million people live on Jamaica, the impression that this an infinite variety of discoveries. most of them descended from African slaves is where the real Jamaican Apart from relaxing on the paradise transported to the island to gather sugar rhythms live - among shores of the turquoise sea, adventure lovers cane; but there are also descendents from its noisy roads full of street hawkers and music as can play sports such as cricket, go hiking, European, Indian, Chinese and Arabic stock. loud as it can be. It is the horse riding or diving in any of the country’s But whatever their origins, they all dance to island’s cultural and three national parks. Families can choose less the rhythm of the styles of music born on artistic centre. 1 strenuous activities, such as going down the the island: reggae, dub, ska or rocksteady. Martha Brae River in Falmouth on a bamboo Nine Mile raft. For those who love their history, go to Bob Marley A centre of pilgrimage for all reggae music lovers, Kingston, the Jamaican capital, where the If anything sums up Jamaica it is Rastafari- or anyone who wants colonial past is still very much in evidence. anism, a religious and social movement, to visit the house where Any time is a good time to visit because whose influence is very much alive within Bob Marley was born, and it has a warm climate throughout the year. the island’s popular culture. Even though also where he is buried. The rainy season lasts from May until 80% of Jamaicans profess to being Christian, November, although short, intense cloud- Rastafarianism is the religion and way of life bursts can occur at any time. most popular among young people. Rasta- farians look very eye-catching because of The new Babylon their unusual hairstyles and their colourful Before it gained its independence in 1962, clothes, usually incorporating the pan-Afri- Jamaica had been a British colony since can colours (red, black, gold and green). 1655, and was once governed by the pirate Undoubtedly many of the people who Henry Morgan, whose name was later used come to this tropical paradise do so to fol- for marketing a brand of rum. However, low in the footsteps of Bob Marley, the “king it was the Spanish who were the first Euro- of reggae”, who, through his music, became peans to occupy the island in 1494. This an ambassador for his country. Every 6th of is noticeable in some of the names of the February, his birthday, followers from all — 1 — Frenchman’s Cove, in Port cities, like Ocho Ríos, Sevilla la Nueva or over the world gather at the birthplace of Antonio. Spanish Town. their idol in Nine Mile and pay homage, with — 2 — Waterfall Cheerful and hospitable, the Jamaican a music festival that lasts all night. at Dunn’s River. — 3 — Bar in Little population is an interesting mix of people, One of the main tourist attractions in Bay, close to Bob 2 3 as reflected the people you meet and their Kingston is, in fact, the Bob Marley Museum, Marley’s house.30 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010
  • 17. ter access to public transport, an extended INTERVIEW | FERNANDO BOSQUE check-in area, an extended taxiing area and VISITORS’ aircraft storage hangars. They have invested $183 million in “Jamaica, no problem!” GUIDE order to create a modern, fully equipped airport, which will play a vital role in devel- Their motto is: Jamaica, no problem! How to get there oping tourism and in the country’s economic And when they want to show their Spanish citizens do not need growth. agreement, or emphasise something a visa for stays of less than 30 days, they say: Jaman! only a passport and a return ticket. Most tourists arrive by plane Nooks and crannies to explore at one of the international airports: Once they have landed, beach lovers should What is your favourite place Sangster, at Montego Bay, head to the west coast, to Negril, with its to visit? or Norman Manley, at Kingston. 12 kilometres of white sandy beach, and The best time to visit Jamaica is There are regular flights from the palm trees of Long Bay which will fulfil during January and February, when Spain, with stopovers in other their every dream. To the south, Treasure it enjoys the best weather. European or American cities. Beach awaits travellers eager to discover Personally, I like to go to the south, You can also get there by sea unexplored nooks and crannies. On this to visit YS Falls, Black River and take in a cruise liner or private yacht. beautiful beach, Jamaicans practice the risky a boat to Pelican Bar, half an hour Where to stay sport of cliff jumping into the warm sea. along the coast, and enjoy a beer Half Moon Hotel Another unmissable location is Ocho and some tasty fish, caught and Rose Hall, Montego Bay Ríos, to the north of the island, a fishing cooked right there. village where the Caribbean cruise ships Set in a quiet beach location, dock. Most of the resorts found in this Can you recommend this elegant, colonial style resort region, combine idyllic beaches with a lush Fernando Bosque, managing any interesting trips? offers rooms, suites and villas, natural landscape where spectacular fresh director of mbj airports, lists the The most popular attractions are all decorated in exquisite taste. waterfalls leap. Along the route of the attractions of this island paradise around the Ocho Ríos area. I would From €330. A3 southwards is one of the most photo- and explains about the easy- recommend Dunn’s River Falls, a Riu Ocho Ríos Resort graphed waterfalls in the world: Dunn’s River going, tradition -loving dispo- waterfall that flows onto a beautiful Mammee Bay, Ocho Ríos Falls. Climb carefully up the natural steps sition of its people. Like the good beach; enjoy the experience of created by the water course as it flows host he is, he will also tell you swimming with dolphins in Dolphin This is one of the most modern down into the natural pools, to enjoy an about the parts of the island that Cove; and, coming inland from the all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, with comfortable rooms with amazing panorama. It is an unforgettable you simply have to visit in order coast, don’t forget to visit Nine Miles, sea views. From €160. experience. to take away an unforgettable the place where Bob Marley is buried, memory of your trip. and also take a trip to the marketlocated in his former music studio. It is the abertis group, acquired in 2007, and which Where to eat Dazzling from any angle in Brown’s Town. Hungry Lionmost visited museum in the city and for is involved in 15 airports in Mexico, Jamaica, The road that snakes along the Oracabessa Can you give us a reason to visit West End Road, Negrilmany Jamaicans it is also a sanctuary. The Chile and Colombia. coast to Port Antonio, where you will find Jamaica? Where or what should we not Phone +1876 957 4486capital also has a very interesting and very dca is the major Perched on the cliffs of the the spring where they filmed The Blue It is a country that is becoming miss visiting when we comestrong cultural and artistic heritage that is shareholder in the MBJ west coast, it offers new Lagoon, is one of the most spectacular on fashionable as a tourist destination to Jamaica?really worth seeing. Airports Ltd consor- Jamaican cooking based the island. This is also where Ian Fleming set as a result of a significant increase Negril. The long beach at Negril, tium, with a 74.5% on fresh fish and several of the James Bond films and built in the hotel capacity and quality. and the atmosphere at Rick’s CaféSangster International Airport stake, including seafood, accompanied his stunning mansion, Goldeneye, (the title as the night draws in, both in theMontego Bay, to the northwest of the island, part ofYVRAS, with by fruit cocktails. of the first film starring Pierce Brosnan as Very briefly, how would you west of the one of the largest tourist areas, and the a 25.5% stake. Norma’s on the Terrace 007 in 1995), and which is now a hotel. The describe the country and itsmain airport for visitors entering the coun- Hope Road, 26, Kingston virgin jungle leads down to hidden coves, people? After the recent disturbancestry. Mo Bay, as the Jamaicans call it, is the Tourist growth Phone +1876 968 5488 and banana and coffee plantations extend It is a verdant country with natural in the country, is Jamaica stillsecond largest city in the country, with mod- The number of pas- One of the best tables to the foot of the Blue Mountains, the tall- attractions such as beaches, rivers a place you would recommendern hotels, beaches, restaurants and shops sengers at Sangster in the capital. Here they est mountain chain in Jamaica. and beautiful landscapes just visiting?sharing space with beautiful colonial build- International has been pro- serve Caribbean specialities In the far east of the island you will find begging you to visit them. It has Without a doubt. You are referringings such as Greenwood Great House or gressively increasing over the last few years, such as roast jerk pork with the best of Jamaican gastronomy, with such a population of 2.7 million. The to the clashes that happened lastRose Hall Great House. thanks to its location on the Negril-Ocho guava salsa or crab soup. tasty dishes as spicy jerk chicken. capital, Kingston, and Spanish town May, and that has all been resolved. Only three kilometres away is Sangster Ríos corridor, one of the biggest growing How to get around The not-to-be-missed culmination of in the south-east, accommodate Besides, they only affected partInternational Airport, Jamaica’s main tour- tourist areas in the Caribbean. Extension It is easy to get around by hire any journey should be a visit to the rum dis- over 50% of the population, of the capital, which is a long wayist airport, with a traffic flow of 3.2 million work was finished mid-2009, so that it could car and shared taxi. There is tillery – rum is the country’s biggest export. and the rest of the inhabitants are from the area of Montego Bay,passengers in 2009, and a total of 54 airlines increase its passenger handling capacity to a regular bus service. You can Setting out from the YS Falls, you quickly geographically spread throughout where most of the tourist complexesconnecting it with 70 American and Euro- 9 million a year, and improve the quality of also get around the island reach the oldest in the English-speaking Car- the island. Montego Bay, in the and areas are. The incidents didn’tpean cities that same year. It also has domes- the service. by plane for a reasonable cost. ibbean, and you can taste several varieties of northwest of the island, is the affect tourism, although it is truetic flights, and facilities for private aircraft. The extension to the airport included To find out more this native liquor. Buy a bottle of their spicy tourism capital. Jamaicans are that they did cause a number ofabertis airports manages the airport the building of a plane docking building with rum to take home as a reminder of your stay relaxed, friendly people and cancellations for hotel bookingsthrough dca, a company belonging to the 10 boarding gates, a new arrivals area, bet- in this generous country. they love chatting to visitors. in the following months.32 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 33
  • 18. “Who pays the piper?”. This question has been the common feature in many COMPANY of the discussions taking place during the meeting of El sector de autopistas de peaje ante la salida de la crisis (The Toll road sector,Summer university emerging from the crisis), organised for 28th June by ASETA (Spanish Association of Turn-The future of pikes, Tunnels, Bridges and Other Toll Road Concessionaire Companies) at the Interna- tional University of Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) in Santander. Experts from various fields met José Luis Feito, president of ASeTA.infrastructures, a debate during this event to analyse the future of infrastructures in Spain at a time when the unfavourable economic situation means thathosted by UIMP budgets will not stretch to maintain the same level of growth as in the previous decade. When it came to answering this under- lying question, several theories and analyses were laid on the discussion table. By way ofExperts from different fields analysed the various financing options an example, take the future of the high speedfocusing on the ‘Eurovignette’ or the future of the high speed rail programme rail programmes in Spain; is it advisable to prioritise them, revive them at a later dateTexT Carlos Morán | PhoToS UIMP or simply slow them down. Another matter discussed was the need to build, standardise and support the pay-per-use system for the road infrastructures. On this latter matter, Joaquim Nadal, Anna Ferrer, director of the national the councillor for Regional Policies and Pub- Road Safety observatory of the Directorate General for Traffic, and Ramón García-Moliner, lic Works from Catalonia’s Generalitat, said, president of Spain’s Royal Automobile Club. “We will have to keep the current toll roads, and probably set up more”.These statements sounded a warning note, and came only a 2005, and France, whose plan consists in ident of the employers’ organisation ASETA, few days before the minister for Public Works applying a similar mechanism from 2012. “are the highest in the European Union”. and Transport, José Blanco, openly stated, The experts set this about-turn in invest- also in Santander, that there was a need to ment policy in the context of the public finance Public-private partnership find new means of financing, based on pay- situation. For Alfredo Pastor, professor of Eco- The conclusion of the experts was that, at times per-use, in order to maintain the current nomics at the IESE business school, “Spain is like this, when the Government has announced infrastructure stock. going through a serious liquidity problem and cuts in public funding between 2010 and a fiscal crisis, which will hinder efforts to reduce 2011 (some €6,400 million less), public-pri- Spain follows the examples the growing public deficit, despite the recov- vate partnerships should be considered. of Germany and France ery in gross domestic product (GDP) growth How would these partnerships be organ- Both these statements converge at the same rates”. In this regard, the former secretary ised? There are several different formulas, and point, the Eurovignette, the EU Directive, of State for the Economy believes that the moreover, several different approaches have which sets out road infrastructure pricing Government should forget about the old been initiated, from the measures announced policy (pay-per-use) for heavy goods vehicles. approaches, which associate infrastructures by the Executive for private capital to invest Designed to improve efficiency and to reduce with the social and economic backbone of the in Aena (Spanish airports), to options they are the environmental impact of transporting country, and go back to theories based on considering from the toll road concessions goods by road, this Directive suggests, in efficiency. “From now on, any investment in sector, and these could have their principle broad terms, establishing a general frame- infrastructures that is not self-financing should justification in pay-for-use and the application work, which allows the Member States to be very limited”, he said. of a standardised model for the building calculate and adapt the tolls based on cost During these debates there was no lack and financing of the road infrastructures. n resulting from pollution and congestion. of analysis of Spain’s decision over the last In Santander, Joaquim Nadal admitted 20 years to opt for high speed rail. On this the “irreversible” nature of this option, which subject, Ginés de Rus, professor for Transport Links the Ministry of Public Works and Transport Economics at the University of Las Palmas,From left to right: Andrés José Ayala, spokesman for the Popular Party parliamentary is working on, with the aim of applying it, as thinks it is necessary to “rate high speed rail University ofgroup at the Public Works and Transport Commission; Rafael Simancas, spokesman for the from 2011, to large cubic capacity vehicles. in competition with other methods of trans- Menéndez PelayoSocialist parliamentary group at the Public Works and Transport Commission; José María Spain will, therefore, be following in the foot- port, mainly, air travel”. They also discussed www.uimp.esMorera, managing director of abertis autopistas españa; and Pere Macias, spokesmanfor the CiU parliamentary group at the Public Works and Transport Commission. steps of Germany, which has been charging the infrastructure maintenance costs in Spain, ASeTA for the use of their high capacity roads since which, according to José Luis Feito, the pres- www.aseta.es34 n Link abertis n August 2010 August 2010 n Link abertis n 35
  • 19. RepORTTOLL ROADSsanef:electronictoll collection,moving forwardInternational experience and technologicaladvances confirm the readiness of the abertisgroup and sanef to position themselves as leadersin developing and implementing electronic tollcollection services in SpainTExT and PHOTOS abertis / sanef Current talk about electronic toll col- sanef’s international experience began lection makes reference to the discus- in 1990 with advisory contracts for toll solu- 1sions on the Eurovignette Directive (ecotax tions in Europe, and then later, since 2003, 130.000in France) and to the work carried out to with supplying and operating contracts for 2 interoperable electronic toll collectionsachieve a convergence of the different tech- toll systems and electronic toll collection system through the eurotoll device. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCESnologies (DSRC, satellite and GSM/GPRA). systems; the Zagreb-Macelj project in Croatia, sanef electronicAny talk about the development of electronic the M-50 in Dublin, and the Golden Ears toll collection Initial European experience ACHIEVED BY SANEF MEANtoll collection must include mention of Bridge in Vancouver (Canada). As a result of devices in the In 2008, the toll road business section of THAT IT CAN POSITIONabertis and companies belonging to the this trajectory, and the need to consolidate transport sector, abertis set up the first initiatives for devel- ITSELF AMONG THE LEADERSsanef group, positioned as one of the main their position in this field, in 2006 sanef 30% of the total. oping interoperable electronic toll collection IN SECURING ELECTRONICinternational players in the design, supplyand development of electronic toll collectionsolutions. set up a subsidiary, eurotoll, specialising in developing electronic toll collection solu- tions. It has a 30% market share in the trans- 70% Of the 25 large in Europe, eurotoll interoperability tour, a 3,500 kilometre route for heavy goods vehi- cles equipped with a single device, the Tribox TOLL COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS The technological advances achieved port sector (130,000 electronic toll collection European transport TM, which works on toll roads in seven coun-by sanef mean that, in this sense, it can posi- devices) and a portfolio of clients that includes and logistics tries (from France to Germany, the Czechtion itself among the leaders in securing 70% of the 25 large European transport and companies are Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and ABERTIS IS AIMING in sanef’s portfolioelectronic toll collection development logistics companies. Spain, with the final destination point of TO POSITION ITSELF AS of clients.projects (both on urban roads and urban link In broad terms, abertis is aiming to posi- Alicante). THE GO-TO PLAYER INroads, and for several categories of vehicles). tion itself as the go-to player in European Developed for eurotoll, the Tribox TM EUROPEAN INTEROPERABLEIt’s leading role also puts it in the position of interoperable electronic toll collection, and is an electronic device already on the market,being an integral and indispensible part of to do this it counts on the positive experi- which brings together all toll-related tech- ELECTRONIC TOLLprojects such as France’s ecotax scheme: the ences of sanef and abertis concessions in —1— nologies (DSRC, Satellite and GSM/GPRA) COLLECTION, AND TO DO Heavy goods vehicleFrench have implemented a new tax for heavy Spain and Chile. used for the eurotoll used for electronic toll collection from heavy THIS IT COUNTS ON THEgoods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, linked to As a result, since October 2007, the interoperability tour. goods vehicles in Europe, and which meets —2— POSITIVE EXPERIENCESelectronic toll collection along 15,000 kilo- Mediterranean toll motorway networks the objectives of the concessionaires of themetres of national and local highways (roads belonging to the abertis group (acesa, Close-up of the abertis group to put into practice an inter- OF SANEF AND ABERTIS Tribox TM developedand toll roads). aumar, aucat and Ciralsa) are linked by an by eurotoll. operable and operational solution. IN SPAIN AND CHILE36 n lInk abertis n AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 n lInk abertis n 37
  • 20. One invoice tional improvements along its network of toll in applying the Eurovignette Directive. This positive experiences with non-stopThis initiative is in keeping with the frame- WITHIN THE ‘PAQUET roads, particularly with regard to the environ- Directive is working toward defining a new electronic toll collection: the Dublin examplework of the European Directive on interoper- mental issues. This investment programme model for the design and criteria for pay-for- VERT’ AGREEMENT, SIGNED In 2007 sanef, through Positive resultsability 2004/53/EC, focusing on improving includes the introduction of non-stop elec- use road networks in Europe. The aim of thismobility of road hauliers through the con- LAST JANUARY BETWEEN tronic toll collection along the group’s high- Directive is to improve efficiency and reduce the bet’eire flow sanef switchs to an consortium, in which it integrated automaticvergence of the European electronic toll col- THE SANEF GROUP ways (replacing the current stop and go system, the environmental impact of goods trans- has an 80% stake, obtained payment system, betterlection systems (DSRC, and satellites). Once AND THE FRENCH giving better traffic flow, saving on fuel and, ported by road. The underlying idea it to the contract to establish, traffic flow and cuttingthe eurotoll interoperability tour has been consequently reducing CO2 emissions, as achieve an internationalisation of direct GOVERNMENT, SANEF operate and maintain an costs to a bare minimum.finalised, and thanks to technical advances well as being more convenient for the user). infrastructure and operating costs. electronic toll collection The system was up andin Tribox TM and the contractual interoper- WILL EXTEND NON-STOP Since 2007, sanef has carried out tests To do this, it proposes establishing a system for the M50 bypass running within a year,ability solutions developed by eurotoll and ELECTRONIC TOLL implementing non-stop electronic toll collec- general framework, which would allow the around dublin. This and since 30th august,sanef, only one invoice is issued per country, COLLECTION TO ALL tion for light vehicles on the A1 (Paris-Lille), Member States to calculate and adapt the contract involved replacing 2008, almost 100,000thus showing that European interoperability A2 (Paris-Brussels), A4 (Paris-Reims), A16 tolls based on cost resulting from pollution toll barriers with an drivers per day have TOLL PLAZAS ALONG ITS electronic toll collection benefitted from the newis already a reality for road hauliers. (Paris-Boulogne) and A26 (Reims-Calais), as and congestion caused by the traffic, in such NETWORK OF TOLL ROADS well as testing the system on heavy goods a way that this initiative is compatible with system, which came into system and improved force in summer 2008, traffic mobility. Once up‘Paquet Vert’: driving non-stop vehicles on the A29 (Aumale). As part of its sustaining an internal market. Taking into and allowed users to travel and running, bet’eire flowelectronic toll collection commitment to PaquetVert, sanef will extend account developments in the legal framework the M50 without having will control the system forIn the short and medium term, and in parallel non-stop electronic toll collection to all toll and the appearance of new technologies, to stop. The project really 7 years during which timewith international projects, sanef is working plazas along its network of toll roads. many European countries have started to came about because of it will provide completeon putting into operation measures included apply these toll schemes (the best known the need of the Irish electronic toll managementwithin the Paquet Vert agreement, signed last ‘Eurovignette’: towards a new examples are Germany and Austria) and at authorities to bring a and payment services:January with the French Government. The payment model for use in Europe the same time other Member States have solution to the problems video tolls, photoabertis group will invest a total of €250 mil- It seems inevitable that the abertis group announced ambitious plans for applying them posed by the M50. identification surveillance,lion over three years in implementing addi- would play an important and essential role (for example, Holland and France). n It is the city’s primary control of offences, distribution route and it managing season ticket has experienced a huge holders, equipment growth in traffic, with maintenance. Currently 85,000 vehicles per day, sanef has 159,500 6% of which are heavy registered electronic goods vehicles. toll devices. accepting the system according to Christian Copin, managing director of bet’eire flow (photo right), the advantages of the “no coins, no queues” system was that it was more popular than the previous system and the public quickly signed up to use it. additionally, we also needed to meet the needs of different kinds of clients (local people, long-distance traffic, tourists, etc.) so we needed a wide variety of facilities combining free-flow electronic toll collection technology with conventional systems. Links Implementing non-stop electronic toll collection sanef along all the group’s routes would improve the flow of traffic, save on fuel and eurotoll reduce CO2 emissions. www.eurotoll.fr38 n lInk abertis n AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 n lInk abertis n 39
  • 21. news toll roads branding acesa finishes work on the AP-7 toll road between Maçanet and Fornells workers and, during 2010, it is offering the Some interesting figures acesa opened up 18.7 kilometres of toll road in July, ACTIVE Stress management course. Both are based abertis autopistas spain, gco is fighting the pollution VOICE on setting objectives, prioritising and plan- with its good practice of caused by used vegetable oil, ning. Their aim, as part of the abertislife savings on lighting, has offering itself to recycle it programme, is to provide the tools to pro- effiCienCY iS cut down by 259,820kW and giving any money it mote workers’ quality of life, both at work linking is distributed both north and southbound, involving the widening compared to 2008 – Ap-4 makes to social programmes. and at home. sevilla-cádiz toll road - In this way it prevents each In addition, abertis telecom has pro- and reduced co2 emissions litre of oil poisoning more moted CO 2 emission and water audits, to more than 12,000 QualitY of life on the Ap-7 Tarragona- than a million gallons of installed special containers in its 12 Techni- valencia-Alicante toll road water - the consumption of of the Maçanet-Fornells section of the AP-7 in Girona cal Operations Department offices, made a by 536.07kg. one person for 14 years. workers of the abertis commitment to compressed air technology sanef is to plant more than In 2008, stockholm skavsta in tests to minimise hazardous waste, and 10,000 trees of native species provided the Nynäs slott supported the protection of storks in Aragón- in various areas beside its farm with 15 tonnes of waste group in 18 countries All business units have undertaken various activities involving different aspects La Rioja. toll roads and will train more and it is expected that, of efficiency, all of them with improving quality of life as a common denominator than 500 workers in its green during 2009, 19 tonnes Waste management driving programme. will have been achieved worldwide. text and Photos abertis autopistas The grupo concesionario del oeste (gco), for biogas. In 2009, abertis telecom has into practice at the Logistics Park at Barce- in Argentina, collects domestic vegetable oil carried out 34 environmental lona Free Port (PLZF), where actions have to be made into biodiesel. With the profits, assessments, 25 sound been taken leading, for example, to a reduc- it helps people in need, through various cha- measurements, 475 tion of 8% in lighting and heating/air con- rities. And Stockholm Skavsta airport sends environmental emergency ditioning costs. Along the same lines, the its organic waste to the Nynäs Slott organic simulations and 25 training PLZF is backing standby for the air condi- farm where it is turned into biogas so that sessions on the environment 1 2 tioning system outside working hours, turn- the farm can supply itself with energy for the for 198 people. ing off the cold air in winter, programming vehicles and machinery used there. n Project status lighting in communal areas and optimising APRIL 2010 hot and cold water. Also at the PLZF headquarters, the You choose programme has been put into effect, No. 01 Last July, acesa opened up the third lane inviting each worker to turn their bin into a 3 4 place for disposing a particular type of waste. To do this, all they have to do is choose a sticker symbolising what can be thrown away of the Maçanet-Fornells section of The construction work for the third and opINIoNs the AP-7 toll road in Girona, right on schedule. fourth lanes of the section Fornells-Vila- in it to make the work of the cleaning serv- In these times of global crisis, we have —1— ice easier. All abertis workers at the PLZF an opportunity to move forward The Nynäs slott farm, are directly or indirectly taking part in apply- in sweden. towards a cleaner world and more efficient —2— ing these measures working. Following this idea, the abertis group has supported and organized many activities to achieve savings and efficiency abertis telecom’s on-line stress management course. —3— green driving course for Electricity consumption In addition, abertis autopistas Spain has Eudald Duran Corporate This is the first 18.7 kilometres that have demuls, circumnavigating Girona and part in all business units. taken action with tollbooth lighting and trans- Alex Hurtado been finished, northbound and southbound, sanef workers. of the AP-7 toll road widening project development A clear example of this commitment is —4— former units of the AP-4 Seville-Cadiz toll operationS compressed air technology in Lola Romero abertiS the conference Sustainability in times of cri- road and in the external lighting of junctions abertiS teleCom, tests used by abertis telecom environment infraeStruCturaS sis. On 20 November, the Central-Southern to minimise hazardous waste. and maintenance areas of the AP-7 Tarra- valenCia Central-Southern «The aristos, campaign, and will provide continuity for the rest of in Girona, is also proceeding according Network Department (iberpistas), of aber- gona-Valencia-Alicante toll road. With the José KobIELA «To start with we were network (iberpiStaS) with initiatives like tis autopistas Spain, in collaboration with renewal of lights and the installation of flow inStituCional reticent about another abertiS autopiStaS You choose, offers us the the IE University, took part in a meeting reducers in transformation units, the aumar relaCionS on-line and about time Spain opportunity to contribute, at the University of Segovia to analyse real AP-7 network is being adapted to new regu- GCo, arGentina management. Now I manage «If we use resources from where we work, the active projects within Girona province. to schedule. The construction work was my time better, which helps cases and strategies with the Castilla y León lations, reducing the electrical power con- autopiStaS SudamériCa responsibly, we optimise to more efficient waste me to achieve my targets Universities Foundation, the government of sumed and the light and CO2 pollution on «At home, my children processes and achieve management and to keeping and control stress.» Castilla y León and companies like Toyota, these stretches. have been storing used oil continuous improvement, abertis’ abertis commitment to Red Eléctrica Española and Ferrovial. In addition, workers can go on a green in a plastic bottle which contributing to making our the environment.» Energy efficiency The aristos project – it means “the best” in driving course to reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 15%. I bring to gco when it’s full. We also recycle batteries.» surroundings a sustainable environment.» ‘ARIsTos’ The construction of the third lane divided between two companies: the first Greek – is a step forward in improving the HELps you between Maçanet-Fornells is part of the wid- section, from Fornells to Sarrià de Ter, was Living better Group’s awareness and social responsibility. Time and stress are also subjects for training. To cARE foR THE Forming part of the aristos campaign for In 2009, abertis telecom opened up the ENvIRoNmENT caring for the environment, it has been put on-line Time management course to its 8 n LINKINg abertis n april 2010 april 2010 n LINKINg abertis n  ening scheme for the AP-7 toll road, which allocated to UTE Dragados-Copisa; and acesa is building along the 125 kilometre the second, from Sarrià de Ter to Vilade- stretch between La Jonquera and Vila-Seca/ muls, went to Comsa. The work was begun Work on the lanesCorporate image Salou (Tarragona), designed to adapt the in April of this year, and it is expected to take will halt during the summer, until‘linking’: route’s capacity to the increased traffic, wid- 21 months. the 1st september, DISTRIBUTED IN ening it from three to four lanes, and enhanc- The Girona bypass will complete the 13 COUNTRIES ing traffic flow, by removing the four main- three new link roads to be added to the cur- from the 10st of July for southbound Your new magazineare we connected? carriageways, and IN ‘linking’ connects us 6 line toll barriers. acesa is part of abertis rent Girona Sur and Girona Norte exits; Sant from the 30th July autopistas, which manages over 1,500 Gregori, Vilademuls and Fornells. As regards LANGUAGES 1 LINKING abertis JUNIO 2009 for the northbound ■ ■ kilometres of toll road throughout Spain. the Sant Gregori and Vilademuls link roads, carriageways.‘linking’: taken from the English ‘link’ –intertwine, relate, clasp, join- the act of making aconnection between two people, things or ideas. It can also be used to connect documentsto each other over the internet. sourCes: Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary / Oxford Language Dictionarytext and Photos abertis linking, the new corporate internal operates, and incorporating the Internal magazine, covering concerns, visions A NEtWORK OF Communications teams from the variousand goals; a flexible link bringing together CORREsPONDENts business units, linking will have an essentialall the cultural diversity within the abertis cross-cultural outlook.These correspondentsgroup. It is a channel that facilitates COVERINg 18 COuNtRIEs will be a vehicle for employees’ concerns,communication despite our geographic MEANs ‘LINKINg’ and these will be reflected in successivedispersion. CAN MAINtAIN A issues. This means that over 12,000 group link abertis was devised to create that CROss-CuLtuRAL employees will be both readers and corre-connection, it is a publication completely spondents for the new magazine.dedicated to the group’s employees, and its OutLOOK In this same vein, linking lends itself tomission is to show and share their opinions. being an interactive channel betweenThe editorial content will be about solidar- employees. The goal is to have even moreity values, supporting colleagues and mul- feedback, with sections where employeesticulturalism. Its priority is to share common can address their concerns directly to oneexperiences and encourage a feeling of being of the group’s experts, to their colleaguespart of the group. and to management. As the last sentence of their first edito-Cross-cultural outlook rial says: “linking was born to bring usWith a network of correspondents covering together in a positive way, overcoming bor-the 18 countries where the abertis group ders and joining together in diversity.” n40 n link abertis n August 2010 August 2010 n link abertis n 41
  • 22. news once the outline projects have been approved, began in January 2010, and is expected special measures for summer adapted to the new system, whilst work is Three link roads the corresponding building projects were to finish in December 2011. In order to keep traffic flowing during the still ongoing on the rest (Martorell, Gelida, underway drawn up, and currently they are being Altogether, the extension work on the summer holiday period, from 10th July until Sant Sadurní, Vilafranca north/centre and The projects for the link reviewed before being passed to the Ministry AP-7 in Girona is being carried out in sequen- 1st September, construction on the Girona south, Tarragona access road, Reus and Vila- roads of sant Gregori and of Public Works and Transport.The Vilademuls tial sections, which means that widening southbound section will be suspended from seca/Salou). Similarly, these sections will not Vilademuls are being link will connect with the Gi-531 road. How- can be progressive and sustained through- the 10th of July until the 1st of September, and have work ongoing in the carriageways reviewed for approval by ever, for the Fornells link, the Ministry of out the entire period, keeping the current on the northbound section from 30th July between 1st July and 1st September, except the Ministry of Public Public Works and Transport has submitted a lanes open, including for the sections being until the 1st September. The lanes will also for Vilafranca Norte, where sporadic work Works and transport. new outline to the public information pro- widened. be opened up to their normal width and will be carried out on the carriageways The Fornells link road cedure. After this procedure, the new con- All the activities included as part of the usual toll road conditions will apply. The during July. is awaiting a new struction project design is drawn up for the AP-7 widening scheme will mean a sub- work will continue in the non-carriageway construction project approval by the Ministry. stantial improvement in the Mediterranean areas, in order to stay on schedule and meet user information system to be supervised by the Construction is expected to finish on strategic corridor. Its increased capacity will the anticipated deadlines, but this will not acesa offers users an Infotráfico information Ministry, which has the three link roads at the same time as the have an impact because it will improve the interfere with the traffic. service based on maps provided by Google submitted a new outline lane widening scheme for the Fornells-Vilade- service to users. As regards the widening of the AP-7 in Maps. Infotráfico offers information on the for the public information procedure. muls section. acesa expects to invest a total of the Tarragona region, acesa has started work traffic situation through its website at www. almost €500 million, which does not include The third lane on all the link roads from Martorell (Barce-, including any incidents that Work is expected to Progressive and sustained extension price increases or allocation times. Of the between Maçanet- lona) to Vila-seca/Salou, which means a occur on the motorways, the site also pro- finish on the three link Fornells is part roads at the same time acesa will complete the extension of the total invested, around €350 million will be of the widening closed toll system can be established, con- vides information about the variable message AP-7 in Girona with the widening from two set aside for AP-7 projects in the Girona scheme for the sequently eliminating the trunk road termi- panels, weather stations and the service lev- as the lane widening 125 kilometres of scheme for the Fornells- to three lanes of the Vilademuls-Figueres region. The company will recover its invest- nals of El Vendrell, Tarragona, Mediterrani els on the various network sections. The sys- the aP-7 between Vilademuls section. Sur section (17.3 km) and Figueres Sur- ment through the increased traffic on the la Jonquera and and L’Hospitalet de l’Infant. Currently, of all tem allows people to view 19 webcams La Jonquera section (22.3 km). This work widened lanes. Vila-seca/salou. the link roads, the one at Altafulla is already showing traffic status in real time. n Link abertis autopistas www.abertisautopistas.com42 n link abertis n August 2010 August 2010 n link abertis n 43
  • 23. news abertis autopistas has toLL roads erected information signs in arabic all along the aP-7. Accidents on the AP-7 toll road have decreased over the last two years According to a study carried out by the Instituto Universitario de Tráfico y Seguridad Vial (Traffic and Road Safety Institute) of the University of Valencia, the AP-7 toll road has reduced its accident rate by 16.7% between 2004 and the present day In order to identify the main causes of accidents, and to improve safety safety conditions along the AP-7 toll road, the company aumar, along the aP-7 toll road are a subsidiary of the abertis group, presented good, according a study carried out by the University of Valen- to the study. cia, which offers a comprehensive analysis of accidents and incidents between 2004 and 2008 along the Tarragona, Valencia and Alicante sections. toLL roads Main conclusion of the study abertis autopistas sets in motion The main conclusion of this overall analysis of accident rates along the AP-7 shows that Operación Paso del Estrecho 2010 safety conditions along the toll road are good, having greatly improved since 1981. The study also detected that there has been a This scheme, implemented between 5th June and 15th September, significant reduction in the seriousness of and in which abertis autopistas has participated for 10 years, is designed the accidents, as well as the mortality rate to ease and improve the circulation of vehicles on the AP-7 toll road in relation to the volume of traffic. From this, it can be gathered that the danger levels for the last five years have been the lowest For the tenth year running, abertis abertis autopistas for the period studied (1981-2008). autopistas has collaborated with the and the red Cross dents with victims by over 20% and age of drivers involved is 39, and 80% have installed state authorities and the Red Cross to ease a play area at Lower accident levels the number of deaths has decreased of accidents only involved one vehicle. traffic circulation during Operación Paso del the sagunto In specific figures, the study reveals that by 40% between 2004 and now. According In 16.7% of cases, the vehicles were regu- Estrecho, between 5th June and 15th Septem- service area. incidents have decreased by 16.7%, acci- to the results of the study, the average larly serviced. n ber. According to information from the Gen- eral Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergencies, part of the Ministry of the Inte- rior, 2.5 million people in 650,000 vehicles Changes in safety between 1981 and 2008 are expected to be travelling, as part of the summer exodus of holiday makers known as handing out of 27,000 maps (in French and 1.000 Operación Estival Paso del Estrecho. Arabic) to tourists which include information on where to find medical facilities, petrol User information and services stations, emergency telephones, and service 800 In order to ease traffic circulation and increase areas, as well as information on how to access the flow of vehicles from all over Europe which their destination ports. 600 are heading towards the south of the peninsula, In some of the service areas between La abertis autopistas has set in motion a sche- Jonquera and Alicante, road users have access me along the AP-7, from La Jonquera (Girona) to medical teams, nurses and French and 400 to Alicante, to augment information systems Arabic translators. and customer care for road users. abertis The service areas at Empordà and 200 autopistas has worked with the Catalan police La Selva (Girona), and El Penedès (Tarra- force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, to set up control gona) have an intercultural mediator who points monitoring overloaded vehicles, in order speaks Arabic at the Red Cross help desk, and to guarantee road users a safe journey. abertis autopistas has installed a play area 1981 1990 2000 2008 Among the measures adopted are the at the Sagunto service area, with children’s erection of information signs in Arabic, the play supervisors. n ACCIDENTS WITH VICTIMS IF1: ACCID. WITH VICT./100 MILL. VEH. X KM IF3: DEATHS/100 MILL. VEH. X KM44 n Link abertis n AuguST 2010 AuguST 2010 n Link abertis n 45
  • 24. news toll roads Finalisation deadlines Improvement and widening work Given that the work to the AP-6 toll road is underway is carried out in several stages, different finalisation periods The work being carried out between Guadarrama (Madrid) have been envisaged; although clients will and Villacastín (Segovia) will improve clients’ traffic circulation see the final results along this road corridor in spring 2012. text abertis autopistas | photos TAFYR, under Creative Commons licence, not for commercial use Guadarrama-san rafael section (km 49 to 52): before easter, 2011. The improvement and widening situations, such as when people return to work to the AP-6 toll road is already Madrid after their holidays. san rafael Viaduct section: september, 2010. underway and has a clear objective: to improve safety and traffic mobility along Various activities e-10 structure section this route connecting the centre of the The overall improvement activities are over the san rafael link country to the northwest of Spain (Galicia divided into two sections. Firstly, the section road: February, 2011. and the other northern regions). The times Guadarrama-San Rafael, (between kilome- Construction of the when clients will really notice the improve- tre markers 49 and 60), where they are third lane between ments are during special traffic operations widening the road bed and bringing the san rafael and Villacastín: (getaways) and at weekends, when the structures up to standard between kilome- spring, 2012. road capacity increases at strategic points, tre markers 49 and 52.1. La Jarosa viaduct The work being such as the connection of the AP-51 toll road and the San Rafael viaduct are affected (km undertaken is to establish the (Ávila-Villacastín) with the AP-6 toll road. 58-59), as is the E-10 structure over the San maximum levels At the moment, because of the way Rafael link (km 60). of infrastructure the lanes are configured, the infrastructure Between kilometre markers 60.5 and safety, improve driver convenience is not capable of fluidly absorbing the amount 80, San Rafael-Villacastín, a third lane is being and provide a better of vehicles during extreme peak traffic incorporated into the direction of the traffic. service to clients. This will involve changes to the Arenales, affected, in accordance with the current safety Lavadero and Sotillo viaducts legislation. In addition, they have reduced measures This work is in addition to the work the hard shoulders ahead of the roadworks adopted carried out by iberpistas in recent years, and adjusted the carriageways to maintain in response to the growing demands of the maximum number of lanes in operation Information signs warning of work on traffic, and in order to establish the maxi- and allow for better flow of traffic. the affected sections. mum levels of infrastructure safety, improve They have also set the speed limit driver convenience and provide a better on some sections to 80 km/hour; a restric- reducing the hard service to clients. tion that is expected to add only a few extra shoulders and adjusting minutes to the normal time it takes to the width of the lanes Investment of €94 million travel this section. for better traffic flow. The activities envisaged involve a finan- They will also provide advanced informa- speed restrictions of 80 cial investment of approximately €94 million tion on LED message boards and matrices, km/hour in some sections. in total, but it is the widening of the third with specific warning indications and recom- advanced warning lane that has absorbed most of this, almost mendations for the area affected, and they on information panels €80 million. have increase monitoring along these sections and matrices. from the Operations Centre, using closed enhanced monitoring Guaranteed safety circuit television and toll road patrols. from the operations Centre. abertis autopistas’s aim is that the road- The planning and implementation work works will have minimum effect on road will have a minimum effect on traffic circula- traffic, and at the same time guarantee the tion. As far as possible, the extension work safety of road users as well as that of those will be done on the external sections, so that Link working on the carriageways. To do this they road traffic is hindered as little as possible. abertis autopistas have used various devices, such as warning The AP-6 toll road will continue to be opera- signs to indicate the work on the lanes tional throughout. n abertisautopistas46 n lInk abertis n August 2010 August 2010 n lInk abertis n 47
  • 25. news toll roads The simulation The C-32 now connects consisted of staging a collision between two cars inside El Maresme with the Costa Brava tunnel 5 at El Garraf, in which a motorcyclist was injured. On 12th July the new section of the C-32 between Palafolls and Tordera came into operation, improving road communications along the southern Costa Brava The work, which began in December The new section is made up of two carriage- 2008, consisted in extending the ways, one in either direction, with two lanes length of the toll road by 4.4 kilometres, each 3.5 metres wide, a central reservation from Palafolls to the link to the Blanes- of 1.5 metres, exterior hard shoulders of Lloret de Mar road (GI-600). The inaugura- 2.5 metres and an average separation of 9 tion of the new section of toll road was metres, which is compatible with any future attended by Joaquim Nadal, the councillor widening of the infrastructure. The work consisted for Regional Policies and Public Works, and of an extension The finished work was done as part of the president and CEO of abertis and the to the motorway a partnership agreement, signed in 2010, acesa concessionaire, Salvador Alemany. of 4.4 kilometres. between the Generalitat Government of Also in attendance were the mayors of Catalonia and the concessionaire, acesa. toll roads Palafolls and Tordera,Valentí Agustí and Joan The agreement also includes building the Carles Garcia, respectively. The new infrastructure, which in the new branch of the C-32 toll road, now extended to Lloret de Mar from the future Around 100 people took part in future will connect the A-2 motorway planned by the Ministry of Public Works and link road to the A-2 motorway, and making improvements to the current motorway. an accident simulation on the C-32 Transport, improves access to the south These activities, carried out by the conces- Costa Brava. Carrying out this work has sionaire, involved a total investment of some aucat achieved its expected outcomes with this exercise, which involved a total investment of €53.5 million. €100 million. n allowed it to verify, on site, that the company’s automatic detection systems were working properly, using one of the Garraf tunnels Last April, a traffic accident simulation PAU process, which provided significant infor- Timeline of a exercise was carried out in one of the mation in itself. Garraf tunnels; the Penya del Llamp tunnel The exercise also served to check that simulated accident (tunnel 5), on the C-32 toll road in Sitges. the various automatic detection systems two cars collide and Over 100 people took part in the simu- were working properly, both in the area lose control in tunnel 5, lation exercise, which was organised by aucat, affected (protocols for starting/stopping/ El Garraf. one of them part of abertis autopistas, and the Gener- reversing the ventilator turbines in the alitat of Catalonia’s Directorate General for affected tunnel) and in the areas that were catches fire after hitting Civil Protection in the Ministry of Home not directly affected. In the opinion of Josep the wall. The other Affairs, Institutional Relations and Participa- Maria Pallarès, manager of the aucat network, is overturned. tion (which coordinated the roles of the “We achieved the objectives set. Our tunnels external emergency services, i.e., the Gener- are equipped with safety systems that are The following vehicles, alitat’s fire brigade, the Mossos d’Esquadra on the same level as those of the trans-Euro- including a motorbike, police force, emergency medical services and pean road network. All those who took part have to brake sharply. the Red Cross, among others). did so quickly and we are grateful for their a lorry swerves across the involvement”. road blocking the route. Positive assessment Using this simulation, aucat was able During the simulation exercise, two emer- to check its Self-protection Plan in accord- all the detection gency drills were activated – aucat’s ance with current legislation, particularly systems are activated self-protection plan (PAU) and the Civil Directive 2004/54/EC from the European and emergency warning Protection Plan for Catalonia (Procicat). The Parliament on minimum safety requirements alarms are triggered, aim was to check that they were operational on the trans-European road network, Royal including automatic and to assess the coordination efforts Decree 635/2006, of the 26th of May, regard- Images from the of the various groups taking part in an ing tunnel safety on road networks, and the detection of temperature inauguration of the new section. emergency of this type. This simulation was Basic Regulations on Self-protection and Co2 increases, a milestone in the implementation of the (RD393/2007). n and CCtV.48 n lInk abertis n August 2010 August 2010 n lInk abertis n 49
  • 26. NEWS AIRPORTS Luton airport welcomes its first Boeing 777-200 operated by EL AL It is the first time that a Boeing 777-200, which will provide a regular service between London and Tel Aviv, has landed at Luton Airport. The use of this plane will increase daily To meet growing demand, the Israel flights for the tour operators Thomson and airline, EL AL, has started running a First Choice. regular Boeing 777-200 service between Luton airport and Tel Aviv. It was a milestone Five years of flights for Luton, as this was the first time they had Last May, Belfast International Airport and welcomed a plane of this type. Continental Airlines celebrated the 5th EL AL Israeli Airlines has been offering anniversary of the first flight to New York flights between London Luton and Tel Aviv (Newark Liberty International Airport). Dur- for a year, and has carried over 75,000 pas- ing this time, the airline has carried 500,000 sengers on this route. Using a 282-seater passengers on this route. Boeing 777 will increase the daily passenger The Belfast-New York route began on capacity by 50%. 27th May 2005, and operates daily, using In addition, six years after setting up a 175-seater Boeing 757, which includes operations out of Luton, the company Wizz 16 first class seats. Continental Airlines Air has added two new routes to the 17 it is the only company flying transatlantic already operates from this airport. The new flights from the United States to Northern destinations are Split and Dubrovnik, both Ireland. According to Ireland’s Tourist Office, in Croatia. Currently, Wizz Air offers flights this transatlantic link has generated at least to Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Latvia, Croatia, £50 million for Northern Ireland’s tourist the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia and the economy. LOGISTICS Ukraine, from Luton Airport. Thomson Airways, the main charter airline operating out of Luton, has also abertis logística rolls out their announced that, from next October, it will increase the number of package holi- Link network of parks at SIL 2010 days to Funchal (Madeira) and Monastir abertis airports A Boeing 777 holds Once again, the company was a sponsor of the International Logistics (Tunisia) by 16%. Thomson Airways runs 282 passengers. and Materials Handling Exhibition (SIL) held at the Fira de Barcelona TEXT AND PHOTOS abertis abertis logística has again seized coslada) and ASM (recently located to abertis logística the opportunity offered by the Inter- the Parc Logístic), to discuss, in depth, the in figures national Logistic and Materials Handling interrelationship between the logistics and The company has a Exhibition (SIL) to be present at this, the industrial courier sectors. built logistics environment main trade fair for this sector in southern The debate was led by Joan Font, general of 930,000 m2, with an Europe. In this latest trade fair, which took manager of abertis logística, with the par- occupancy level of 75%. place between the 25th and the 28th May at ticipation of Enrique Sánchez, managing the Fira de Barcelona, the company empha- director at MRW Logística, and Juan Manuel The gross area for the sised their strategy of promoting a new Quelle, Business Development manager network of parks covers 715 hectares, with almost concept for a network of logistics parks and for ASM. 3 million m2 of buildable PHOTO The Boeing Company their decision to opt for flexibility in the cur- surface. rent economic climate. Company activity in 2009 In order to stimulate debate on the At the close of 2009, the company had present and future of the sector, abertis approximately 930,000 m2 of built logistics logística organised a meeting with two environment, including its stake in CILSA, of their main clients, MRW Logística with an occupancy level of 75%. The gross (installed at the abertis logisticspark area for the network of parks belonging to50 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 51
  • 27. NEWS abertis logística covers 715 hectares, with In Chile, they are continuing to press abertis logística’s INTERVIEW | JOAN FONT a buildable surface of almost 3 million m2. ahead with work on the first integrated logis- recent milestones abertis logística’s activity in recent months has been affected by the closure of several tics park in Santiago, abertis logisticspark santiago. The project, with a surface area 2009 “We chose to listen commercial operations, which has involved the rental over 30,000 m2 of warehouses of 63.3 hectares, includes the building of 350,000 m2 of storage warehouses and SIL 2010 has JUNE: Rompetrol opens the Arasur service area, including facilities and services for both to our clients” and offices. over 15,000 m2 of business services. It is become a meeting estimated that the first stage of the park, point for anyone hauliers and car drivers. An ever-changing network of parks which includes the initial 20,000 m 2 of involved in logistics activities in the SEPTEMBER: Araba Logística Last January, the new warehouse built by warehouses, will finish construction at Mediterranean closes the sale of two plots of land How is the company facing up to Sevisur Logística for Decathlon in Seville’s the beginning of next July. basin. in Arasur, with a total surface the current market situation? industrial zone, was opened. The new ware- area of 10,900 m2, to ATISAE, In this climate, where the sector house occupies an area of 31,500 m2 and for the Miranda de Ebro vehicle is adjusting both at the has 30 loading and unloading bays, built as inspection centre. employment and pricing level, three adjoining warehouses. From this ware- NOVEMBRE: abertis logisticspark abertis logística is following a house, Decathlon supplies its network of santiago is opened in Chile, with consolidation and asset stores across the south of Spain, Portugal the representatives from the management strategy, including and the Canary Islands. authorities and executives adjusting the levels of investment For Arasur, 2009 was a year spent con- from major Chilean businesses and driving the marketing and solidating their Service Zone, installing in attendance. sales area, making management a Rompetrol Service Area and filling station, 2010 more flexible and offering clients and a vehicle inspection centre run by solutions that are better adjusted JANUARY: The Decathlon ATISAE. warehouse is opened in Seville’s to their needs, including taking In Portugal, the final plans for, and industrial zone, with a surface part in the functional analysis of development of, road access to abertis logis- area of 31,500 m2 and 30 loading the warehouse and distribution ticspark lisboa, the first infrastructure of and unloading bays, built as three problems of our clients in order this type in that country, is going ahead. It is adjoining warehouses. From this to find them solutions that best located only 30 kilometres from the capital warehouse, Decathlon supplies suit their needs. We have made and is close to the main road and rail hubs. its network of stores across the a decisive choice to offer our The logistics park has also started ground south of Spain, Portugal and the clients flexible solutions, which excavations in preparation for building work, Canary Islands. benefit cost optimisation. It’s as well as the marketing and sales process. FEBRUARY: MRW leases a 7,750 m2 about listening to our clients warehouse in abertis logisticspark The managing director of abertis and responding to their needs. coslada, from where Mew’s logística explains the company’s As far as this is concerned, all Advanced Logistics Division most recent track record and our parks can offer warehouses will carry out their e-commerce how it is dealing with the on flexible terms and they are services logistics activities for economic crisis though top quality, ranging from modular some of their major clients. flexibility and optimising costs. warehouses, which can be APRIL: Microma group leases adapted to make the space smaller a warehouse in abertis What overall progress has (for clients who don’t require much logisticspark coslada allowing abertis logística made space) to key in hand projects, them to extend their portfolio, in the past year? made to measure for companies as well as to develop a new range abertis logística has been working who require a greater surface area. of complementary services to consolidate its strategy of including repackaging and promoting a new concept of a What do you think of this year’s reverse logistics. network of intermodal logistics SIL exhibition? MAY: ASM and Parc Logístic parks situated in strategic SIL is the reference point for Spain de la Zona Franca have signed an locations and connected via and the south of Europe in terms agreement to lease a space of high volume routes, both for the of exhibitions for this sector. As over 4,000 m2. The contract national and international such, it is a unique opportunity to includes the lease of a warehouse markets, which in recent years meet both businesses and public and offices, where the express courier service will install their has led us to develop projects bodies. We are very happy with new facilities in Barcelona. in Spain, Portugal and Chile. this latest exhibition, because it We are continuing to move ahead was an ideal environment, on the construction work for not just for doing business, but new projects and in commercial also for swapping experiences activities. The growth we have and opinions, and discussion Link achieved has been in step the present and the future of the abertis logística with growing demand and the sector. We hope that the next market itself. exhibitions are as positive.52 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 53
  • 28. NEWS LOGISTICS Microma and Lince Envíos join abertis logisticspark coslada Both companies have signed agreements to move into the second phase of the logistics park Recently, abertis logística signed clients, offering a range of services such as rental agreements with the Microma supply management, warehousing, stock group and Lince Envíos for two warehouses management, distribution and monitor- on abertis logisticspark coslada, of 4,274 ing, and management of merchandise. and 1,300 m2 respectively. Both warehouses These new contracts consolidate the are located in the second phase of abertis marketing process carried out by abertis logisticspark coslada, which has been in logisticspark coslada, after signing an operation since 2009. agreement last February with MRW, to lease Microma is a company that offers a another 7,750 m2. variety of IT services, from providing guar- antees as the Official Technical Service for several manufacturers, to covering multi- Links brand computer suites for insurers and large abertis logística distributors. Among their main clients are, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, PC City, El Corte Inglés, Multiasistencia and AON. Microma Lince Envíos is a logistics operator, spe- cialising in promotional logistics, and it Lince Envíos manages part of the logistics chain for its ASM has chosen Parc Logístic in Barcelona’s Zona Franca as the location for their new facilities. LOGISTICS for urgent transport. The new installations 2 will allow ASM to guarantee their custom- ASM leases over 4,000 m ers a faster and more efficient delivery serv- ice. In addition, they will have special areas in Barcelona’s Zona Franca for warehousing and logistics specifically for e-commerce. Views of some of the warehouses The express courier company will move to an ASM is a leading company within the at abertis logisticspark automated platform system in order to guarantee courier sector, positioning itself as an expert in multisector transport management. The coslada. a speedier and more efficient delivery for its clients company is in the process of expanding within Spain and has over 8,000 client. In May, the Parc Logístic in Barce- warehouse, and a ground floor suite of lona’s Zona Franca (PLZF) reached offices of 288 m2. an agreement with Agencia de Servicios y Mensajería (ASM) for the rental of a Latest technological advances and Links warehouse and offices, with a total surface security for express transportation area of 4,010 m2 in the logistics park, where ASM will be using an automated platform Parc Logístic de la Zona Franca the urgent courier company will be locat- at this location, which has been in operation ing its new facilities in the city. The area since last May, and it will have the latest ASM leased by the courier includes a 3,722 m2 technological advances and security features www.asmred.com54 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 55
  • 29. NEWS INTERVIEW WE NEED TO WORK Jordi Díez is banking on TO STRENGTHEN Jordi Díez optimising operational THIS PROJECT, WHICH management to improve efficiency, income and contracts. IS ESSENTIAL FOR SABA’S OWN «Besides our international CONSOLIDATION” position, we still have to continue WE WANT TO FOLLOW growing in Spain» A VERY SELECTIVE POLICY THAT PRIORITISES The new managing director of saba has QUALITY, PROFITABILITY faith in the company’s potential to consolidate AND SAFETY OVER SIZE” its position and to reach new markets TEXT AND PHOTOS saba saba.We have a project there that is gathering Last May, Jordi Díez, (born in Barcelona speed, into which we have invested a lot of in 1964) was appointed managing money. Other quite sizeable investments for director of saba, the division that runs the the project have been agreed, and these will abertis group’s car park business.The manag- be implemented in the next few years. We ing director explains the challenges facing him need to work to strengthen this project, which in his new role and the projects which the is essential for saba’s own consolidation. company has opted to pursue in order to con- tinue growing. What role is internationalisation going to play in your management focus for How are you facing up to this new stage the company? in your career as managing director We need to capitalise on internationalisation of saba? to diversify risk. Experience has taught us this. Obviously, I am really looking forward to it, saba began international expansion in 1996, and the responsibility. saba is an excellent when it moved into the Portuguese market. company in terms of the activities it carries In any case, we think that besides our out, the people who belong to it and its his- international focus, we should tory, so it is a privilege to take on this also continue pursuing new role. growth objectives and consolidating our What do you believe the com- position in Spain. pany should focus on? Firstly, I would emphasis managing Which markets Profile operations in order to optimise hold the most How important is the role the company Jordi Díez has a BA in them. By that, I mean improving potential for has to play in its relationship with the Economics and Business efficiency, maximising income and saba at the mo- Sciences from the public authorities? improving contracts. ment? Autonomous University It is essential, they are our partners. Conces- It is also very important to Without a doubt, of Barcelona, and has sion requirements are constantly changing. work on renewing concessions the emerging markets been saba’s deputy They cover environmental issues, the needs with the Barcelona city authori- like Brazil and Mexico. managing director of the towns and cities, legal changes, ties, which currently still repre- We also need to be since 2003. improvements to infrastructures, etc., which sents a very important part alert to any interesting Previously he was means the basic concession contract needs of the company’s income, opportunities that saba’s finance director to be adapted. saba has always worked and has a relatively short might arise in other (1997-2003). together with the public authorities in order residual investment markets that have to seek the best solutions for urban traffic Prior to that, he held period. political and economic mobility. several positions Finally, we will stability and a secure of responsibility in A relaxed and fluid relationship, based continue to look at legislation system. These CaixaHolding (1994-1997) on mutual trust and credibility as managers, Italy, because it is a requirements are indispen- and Arthur Andersen puts us in a better position to successfully venture that repre- sible for tackling any devel- (1988-1994). negotiate these concessions when they sents the future for opment project. come up for renewal.56 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 57
  • 30. NEWS CAR PARKS saba Italia opens a car park in the centre of Pisa During the construction work, important archaeological remains were discovered and they have been preserved and are visible within the parking lot saba Italia, a saba subsidiary (100%), ing innovation, the application of new tech- opened a new car park on the 28th of nologies, and car park design as an essential May this year, close to the historic city cen- element for traffic mobility. tre of Pisa. This parking centre has a total of With this inauguration, saba maintains 283 spaces covering three floors and will be its leading position in the sector in Italy, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. where it manages a network of 54 car parks Located on Plaza Vittorio Emmanuele II, it with a total capacity of 28,000 parking is the first underground infrastructure built spaces, located in the country’s main cities: close to the city’s old quarter. Roma, Milan, Verona, Venice-Mestre, Bolo- During the construction work on the gna, Genoa, Perugia, Trieste and Sassari, car park, major archaeological remains were among others. discovered, among the most interesting of which were the traces of the San Gilio Gate and Bridge to the city dating from the 12th century. These have been preserved and will be visible from inside the parking lot. saba Italia has incorporated various systems as part of this car park facility, in The car park in order to guarantee security and control Pisa is the first The car park has access. This facility fulfils saba’s objective underground separate entry infrastructure built and exit ramps. of offering a quality service to their clients, close to the Italian based on the company’s policy of prioritis- city’s old quarter. CAR PARKS saba opens its first car park in Palma de Mallorca The car park is situated in Porta Sant Antoni Square, in the heart of Palma’s old quarter, and it has a capacity for 284 cars Features of the facilities The car park has an saba has opened its first car park on as an essential element of traffic mobility. underground floor, the Balearic Islands. The company has The car park opened in 2006, as a result separate entry and exit recently acquired a car park in Palma de Mal- of PERI (Special Internal Reform Plan) coming ramps, as well as four lorca from S’Estel Nou Palma, SL. It is located into force in the Sa Gerreria neighbourhood. pedestrian access points in Porta Sant Antoni Square, and has a capac- This is right in the heart of Palma, and the with automatic cash ity for 284 cars. This is the first saba car park plan involved the building of over 300 homes payment machines. on the Balearic Islands. and 5,000 m2 of shops, restaurants and It is located in the Sa The car park has an underground floor, offices. Gerreria neighbourhood, separate entry and exit ramps, as well as four Porta Sant Antoni Square is in the old where, in 2006, a Special pedestrian access points with automatic cash quarter of the city, where two major avenues, Interior Reform Plan was payment machines. These facilities fulfil Carrer de Inca and Carrer de Manacor, come implemented, involving saba’s objective of offering a quality service together. It is also a few metres away from the building of over to their clients, based on the company’s the new law courts, the Plaça Major and Pal- 300 homes and 5,000 m2 policy of prioritising innovation, the applica- ma’s town hall, as well as Calle Sindicat, the of shops, restaurants tion of new technologies, and car park design city’s pedestrian and commercial zone. and offices.58 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 59
  • 31. news ECONOMIC ANALYSIS echoed by the president of the Generalitat of scenarios”. The president and CEO of “La 26th Conference of the Catalonia, José Montilla. Caixa” bank, Juan María Nin, laid out the chal- lenges,“unemployment, the most important, Reform of the pensions system and then reform of the financial sector”. Cercle d’Economia at Sitges Pensions was another of the questions that was prominent during the conference’s open Simón Pedro Barceló, president of the IEF (Institute for Family-run Businesses), stressed A positive debate on the topic of ‘Getting the economy back on track’, debates.The Employment Minister, Celestino Salvador Alemany Juan María Nin that the crisis had bottomed out in the major- Corbacho, stated that, “The real economy is President And ity of sectors and that,“recovery would come with the participation of politicians, economists and senior business people beginning to take on a certain tone, the Social President And CeO OF “LA CAixA” from external sources, thanks to emerging CeO OF Abertis TExT Albert Bassols | phOTOS Lluís Cuéllar Security scheme is gaining members and “Unemployment countries”. “Recovery and reform of the unemployment is under control”. He added also depends financial sector are that people had to understand that they would on EU policies”. the most important Optimistic and Eurocentric At the end of May, in an atmosphere cated that the employment reforms and the have to work for more years and companies challenges”. message to close of harsh realism brought into being by restructuring of the financial system had to would have to foster and encourage more The closing event included a speech by the the economic situation, the 16th Conference be pushed through “in order to provide permanence in their workforce. José María president of the Cercle d’Economia, Salvador of the Cercle d’Economia (Economics Circle) resources for exporters to finance their expan- Fidalgo, former general secretary to the work- Alemany, and an upbeat closing speech from was held in Sitges (Barcelona). It took on a sion”. He also announced the Integrated Indus- ers’ union, the CCOO, and president of the Joaquín Almunia, deputy-chairman and Euro- positive tone, with the presentation of budg- trial Policy with a deadline of 2020. Foro Negocia business forum, also took the pean Commissioner for Competition. The etary and financial proposals, as well as propos- stance of being clearly in favour of pension Cercle’s proposal includes regulating public als on pensions and employment reforms, to Exportable services reforms, “because the system can’t be main- spending, and reforming the financial and Joaquín Miguel kick-start the economy.These were the topics In his speech, former Treasury minister, Miguel tained based on its current delivery”. Cándido Almunia Sebastián credit system, the employment market, edu- of the conference. Over three days, the 600 Boyer, indicated that,“structural problems can Méndez, the general secretary of another eUrOPeAn Minister FOr cation and pensions, as well as reviewing the attendees did not conceal their concerns about be corrected, most of them stem from over- workers’ union, the UGT, emphasised that it COMMissiOner indUstrY, tOUrisM fiscal system. Salvador Alemany made refer- FOr COMPetitiOn And trAde an economy that seems to have lost its direc- investment in construction”. In his opinion, would be employment that would drive ence to the EU’s economic policy, since,“recov- tion, and for which the Government has pro- “salaries and employment conditions are too growth, not employment reforms. “There are reasons “Employment ery also depends on EU policies”. to be optimistic, reforms and the posed an almost surgical adjustment plan. rigid”, and he suggested reforms based on The roundtable, chaired by the president there is information restructuring of the For Joaquín Almunia, “there are reasons As they were reminded by the president permanent contracts and professional training. of Banc Sabadell, Josep Oliu, included the showing growth financial system to be optimistic, there are indications of and CEO of abertis and president of the Cer- The Harvard professor, Dani Rodrik, suggested director general of Banking Regulations at both in Spain must be pushed growth both in Spain and Europe, and also and Europe”. through”. cle d’Economia, SalvadorAlemany, in his open- Spain reduce its internal spending, and increase the Banco de España, José María Roldán, who in the United States and Asia”. The Commis- ing speech,“The risk lies not just in the serious- the competitivity of its exportable goods reminded those attending that the warnings sioner admitted that the upturn had been ness of the sacrifices to be made, but also in and services. Artur Mas, president of the CiU The conference about real estate risks were already been complicated by the situation in Greece, but, the feeling of uncertainty for those of us living political party, and Mariano Rajoy, president was attended sounded in 2002. Roldán justified the regula- he added,“the situation is now under control by renowned through this situation”. Miguel Sebastián, the of the Partido Popular, set out alternative solu- experts and tions about provision for unpaid debt, “to thanks to the ECB and the International Mon- minister for Industry,Tourism and Trade, indi- tions to the crisis. Their concerns were also senior politicians. ensure that these entities survive the worst etary Fund”. n60 n LINk abertis n AUgUst 2010 AUgUst 2010 n LINk abertis n 61
  • 32. NEWS ABERTIS FOUNDATION leaflets, each one included a Madrid Card Cultura, giving them free entry to over 40 Acknowledging responsible museums in Madrid and other cultural and tourist attractions. In addition, the lucky ones young drivers were entered into a draw for an English lan- guage course in Ireland. The safety initiative ‘You’ve got one life left, don’t lose it on the road’ Talking their language brings together responsible driving habits, culture and education Given that the You’ve got one life left initia- TEXT Albert Rosell | PHOTOS Servimedia tive targeted the under 30s, it used the same language they use on the internet and other types of new technology to communicate You’ve got one life left, don’t lose it fic (DGT), Madrid Town Council, the Red Cross, with each other. The foundation set up a on the road. This is the phrase that the paraplegic hospital of Toledo, Microsoft microsite, a web- abertis foundation is using to make drivers and abertis autopistas, abertis telecom, site where they can learn more about the under 30 in the Madrid area, aware of the iberpistas, castellana and saba. main causes of traffic accidents among young risks associated with driving. This initiative Five volunteers from the Spanish Red people through using a combination of teach- consists of rewarding those young people Cross accompanied the Guardia Civil and ing and games. It also paid for banners on who tested negative on breathalyzer tests Madrid’s Municipal Police at 20 breathalyser various types of digital media to attract more with a Madrid Card Cultura. This action, car- check points close to busy nightlife areas visitors to the campaign website. ried out during weekend nights in July, was throughout the city of Madrid and the greater The microsite includes the interactive part of the Road Safety Programme, and the metropolitan area. The volunteers handed game, 9 lives in danger, to help make drivers A volunteer hands over a card foundation has the support of the Ministry out leaflets on responsible and safe driving aware of the real dangers of bad practice to a responsible Red Cross of the Interior, the Government Delegation to drivers under 30 who tested negative on volunteers at behind the wheel: drinking alcohol, using a young driver. for Madrid, the General Directorate for Traf- the breathalyser.They handed out some 500 a check point. mobile or programming a satnav whilst driv- ing, none of the passengers fastening their Amparo Valcarce, Government delegate for seatbelts, not respecting safety distances, Madrid; Pedro Luis Calvo Poch, Safety and not wearing a helmet, exhibitionists or com- Traffic Mobility councillor for Madrid town petitive drivers, driving when tired, speed- council; Cristóbal Cremades, regional head ing, not using indicators or not having the of Traffic for the Community of Madrid;Antoni rear-view mirror and wing mirrors adjusted Riu, deputy general director for Road Safety properly, etc. Education, Awareness and Training for the It is important to bear in mind that young DGT; José Antonio López de la Manzara, people, as a group, are the most vulnerable, medical director for the national paraplegic according to data from the DGT traffic depart- hospital in Toledo; Jesús María Mora, president ment. In 2009, 22% of road traffic accident of the Red Cross in Madrid, and Sergi Lough- deaths in Spain were young people between ney, director of Institutional Relations for the ages of 24 and 35. In the greater Madrid abertis and the abertis foundation.All the area alone, 43 young people aged between partners emphasised the innovative nature 15 and 34 died in an accident last year. of the initiative, and the link between driving and enjoying yourself responsibly. Authorities and civic bodies The project You’ve one life left is a The Ministry of the Interior supports the pioneering initiative in Europe and the only campaign by working in conjunction with precedent is the same campaign run by the the General Directorate for Traffic and the abertis foundation last year in Catalonia. Guardia Civil’s traffic group.The Madrid town The initiative was also well received because council is also offering support by making it brought together driving, culture and edu- the services of the Municipal Police available cation. The foundation has always been a and offering advertising panels and hoardings. champion of road safety, being closely linked The Red Cross took part through its volun- to educating people in driver values rather teers. The paraplegic hospital in Toledo pro- than road skills. vided made available the point of view of those who had suffered irreversible trauma Links as a result of a road traffic accident. When the initiative was presented at ‘Te queda una vida’ the offices of the Government Delegation in (You’ve got one life left) campaign Madrid, the support provided by these insti- tutions was emphasised and recognised. abertis foundation Those taking part in the presentation included www.fundacionabertis.org62 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 63
  • 33. news abeRTis foundaTion The new Road Traffic Law gets the green light The amended law highlights the educational as well as punitive nature of fines and reduces the time taken for penalties to be processed, in order to prevent any feelings of impunity The amended Traffic and Road Safety The director of the Catalan Traffic Law came fully into force on the 25th Service, Josep Pérez Moya, said the new law May. For this reason, abertis foundation is, “modern, flexible and responds to the organised two one-day conferences on the needs of our society. It prevents citizens Nueva Ley de Seguridad Vial (New Road feeling that against arbitrary government, Safety Law) which took place in Palau whilst also strengthening road safety Robert (Barcelona) and Casa América policies”. (Madrid), on 16th April and 26th May, respec- tively. These forums were an opportunity Transparency and simplification for representatives from parliamentary Those taking part as representatives from groups within the ad-hoc parliamentary the parliamentary groups included Emilio committee on road safety and the preven- Olabarría, president of the Road Safety tion of traffic accidents to put forward their Committee and spokesperson for the point of view. Basque group (EAJ-PNV); Juan Carlos Cor- Jordi Jané, the 4th vice president of the cuera and Eloísa Álvarez, on behalf of the Congress and spokesman for the CiU group Socialist group; Federico Souvirón, spokes- at the committee says that the new regula- person for the Popular Party’s group; and tion,“stems from reasonable agreement and Jordi Jané, spokesperson for the Catalan workable differences”. group (CiU). They emphasised the transparency and Reinvesting in prevention simplification of the fining process, with the and road safety introduction of e-mail to send notifications, The director general for Traffic, Pere Navarro, as well as the emphasis on educating drivers denied that the new law was a money-mak- in addition to punishing them. ing exercise, and to prove this, he assured the José María Morera and José Antonio Top, right: audience that lists of the monthly proceeds López Casas, managing director and deputy loughney, Jané, would be published soon, so that they could managing director, respectively, of abertis Álvarez and be compared with previous years. autopistas, took part on behalf of abertis; souvirón at the barcelona Pere Navarro added that, “what the as did the director and president of the conference. Government saves, is shared among the peo- abertis foundation, Sergi Loughney and ple”, since a large part of the money collected Miquel Roca, who said that, “road safety bottom, left: navarro, olabarría is reinvested in prevention, in road safety and is one aspect of a more general objective, and Pérez Moya, victims associations. which is a value – public-spiritedness”. n in Madrid.. abeRTis foundaTion abertis and the abertis foundation signed the European Road Safety Charter abertis has renewed its commit- is a platform made up of over 1,450 signa- ment, first agreed in 2006, to the tories (businesses, public authorities, asso- European Road Safety Charter, a commit- ciations, research centres, etc.) who carry ment that now includes the toll road conces- out specific actions and share good practices, sionaire sanef. in order to achieve safer traffic circulation It was the first time the abertis in their environments and reduce the foundation had signed this document, it number of fatalities. n64 n link abertis n August 2010 August 2010 n link abertis n 65
  • 34. NEWS ABERTIS FOUNDATION The quotes Antarctic tourism: “The carbon footprint for Antarctic tourists can be up to 4.4 tonnes of CO2, risks and opportunities half of what someone living in Barcelona Tourism is both a threat to the frozen continent’s generates in a year”. Martí Boada, member of ecosystems and an opportunity to make people aware the Scientific Committee of the need to conserve its rich biodiversity of abertis foundation. TEXT Albert Rossell | PHOTOS Josep Loaso / Juan Kratzmaier “The self-regulation of the Organisation of Antarctica Tour Operators The growth in commercial tourism III International Polar Year, between March is insufficient. We need in Antarctic, which has almost 50,000 2007 and March 2009. Coordinating this to be more ambitious”. visitors every year, is a risk to the frozen research are Javier Benayas, professor at the Javier Benayas, professor at the Autonomous continent’s ecosystems, according to the Autonomous University of Madrid; and Martí University of Madrid. International Association of Antarctic Tour Boada, member of the scientific committee Operators. This was made clear at the con- for the abertis foundation, and professor “We need regulation ference on The effects of tourism on the at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. and better organisation Antarctic, which abertis foundation held of tourism in the most at the head offices of the Fundación Fran- Environmental impact visited places”. Andrés Barbosa, researcher at cisco Godia for World Environment Day. According to the study, the main impact the Natural Science The conference analysed research carried caused by tourism is the environmental cost Museum in Madrid. out on the Antarctic continent in recent of travel to and from the area in terms of months, and it provided information on the CO 2 emissions. Every visitor generates “We should not be study into the environmental impact of com- approximately 4.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide. discussing whether From left to right: mercial tourism on Antarctic ecosystems, Maritime transport generates 56% of these Molina, Boada, there should be tourism Benayas, Barbosa or not. What we have which was sponsored by the Ministry of emissions, whilst air transport is responsible and Kratzmaier, at to do is minimise the Science and Innovation and the abertis for the remaining 44%. Other, increasingly the conference environmental impact foundation, and was carried out during the more relevant impacts include changes to round table. of tourism”. Juan Kratzmaier, Antarctic tourist expedition leader. the ground surface in the area, changes cruise ships in some polar waters, because in the behaviour of flora and fauna, invasive of the risk of accidents and fuel spillages. species and global warming. To this can be This fuel becomes difficult to disperse. The added the risk of maritime accidents, for new regulation will have a huge impact on example the disaster that happened with the tourism industry as of next season, and the MS Explorer cruise ship in 2007. will affect a third of operators, according to the research team. Some of the operators Latest news will choose to change to light fuel, but many Last winter, researchers collected data others will stop navigating around the Ant- in order to monitor the impact of human arctic, which will reduce future offers the activity on the Antarctic. They assessed tourism trade. the effects of groups of people treading Taking part in the round table on The on mosses (the dominant vegetation in effects of tourism on the Antarctic, were these ecosystems) and have reached Andrés Barbosa, researcher for the Natural the conclusion that just 20 footsteps are Science Museum in Madrid; and Juan Kratz- enough to affect the most waterlogged fields maier, leader of tourist expeditions to of bryophytes (a type of moss). They have the Antarctic; as well as Javier Benayas also found rubbish washed ashore on some and Martí Boada. The journalist Tomás of the beaches, indicative of shipping activ- Molina was the moderator. The Spanish ity, particularly fishing boats. ambassador to the Antarctic Treaty, Juan Link A significant change in 2010 has been Antonio Martínez-Cattaneo, gave the open- abertis foundation the banning of the use of heavy fuels by ing speech of the conference. www.fundacioabertis.org66 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 67
  • 35. news in brief TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS MANAGEMENT abertis telecom Salvador Alemany, appointed honorary member Executive Member of the Fòrum of Galileo Services Carlemany The Fòrum Carlemany (an excellence In its first board meeting last month, in business forum) held its 5th annual Galileo Services appointed as Executive conference, which was attended by 120 peo- Member abertis telecom, the telecommu- AIRpORTS ple. This year Salvador Alemany, president nications infrastructure operating division of the abertis group and reference partner in Airport management and CEO of abertis, was made an honorary member and he gave a speech entitled Para the satellite systems companies Eutelsat and efficiency que la economía vuelva a funcionar: deci- (32%) and Hispasat (33.4%). Galileo Service siones, actitudes y compromiso (Getting the brings together over 28 companies in the The managing director of abertis economy back on track: decisions, attitudes European private sector, including telecom- airports, Carlos del Río, together with and commitments). He wanted to convey Salvador Alemany, munications operators, aerospace sector Juan Ignacio Lema, president of Aena (Spanish some of his thoughts and reflections, mainly president and CEO companies, maritime and overland transport, airports), took part in the first Infrastructure focusing on attitudes to the current situation, of abertis, and Marc Sansalvadó, and the security and defence sector. Cycle organised by Gestiona Fórum, on the 7th its huge complexity and the dispirited atti- president of the The Galileo satellite positioning system of July. Under the title Gestión aeroportuaria: tude of businesses. n Fòrum Carlemany. was developed under the aegis of the European la eficacia en la prestación del servicio (Airport Union, as an alternative to the existing GPS management: effective service provision), the and GLONASS systems, developed by the meeting was an opportunity to analyse United States and Russia, respectively. It is the immediate future and new chal- managed as a civil entity and it is expected to lenges in the airport sector. n be operational by 2014. abertis telecom could play a pertinent role in exploiting this technology because of its presence in the telecoms sector, as well as other sectors where Galileo can offer its services. As an Executive Member, it will form part of the working groups set up with this purpose in mind, and will coor- dinate the required tasks for development. n HEALTHCARE Castellet welcomes world experts SOLIDARITY from WHO Blood donation 2.0 in Castellet The castle of Castellet, headquarters of the abertis foundation, welcomed The abertis foundation opened the the second session of a symposium, organis- doors of Castellet castle to the Gen- ed by the Institut Guttmann, which included eralitat of Catalonia’s health department, over 100 international experts from the where it held the opening event of World World Health Organisation (WHO).The aim Blood Donor Day, which is based in the city was to discuss the main behavioural problems of Barcelona in 2010, on the 14th of June.With that cause traumatic head and brain injury the slogan New blood for the world, they (TBI), often the result of traffic accidents, and want to capture young people’s attention. to lay the foundations for their treatment. At Castellet, the website www.barcelonate- The one-day symposium took place as part was presented. This website takes of the conference of experts from WHO, advantage of the opportunities presented ICF Core Sets forTBI, which was held between by social networking sites like Facebook 26th and 28th March, in Barcelona. n and Twitter, to encourage young people to give blood. n68 n LINk abertis n August 2010
  • 36. NEWS IN BRIEF ECONOMY ENVIRONMENT Esade Alumni The ‘Espai Terra’ programme INVESTOR’S conferences presents its awards STOCK MARKET RESULTS 74 Last May, the 4th session of the Esade The director of the TV3 television envi- Shares in abertis closed Alumni conference cycle was held. It ronmental programme Espai Terra, the last financial year analysed the new axes for the economy. Josep Tomàs Molina, was the host of the Countryside Martínez-Vila, director of Business and Opera- and Environment award gala held at the Cas- with a 31% rise tions at abertis was in attendance.The confer- tellet castle.This was the first time these prizes The director of ence was dedicated to industrialisation. Faced were awarded and the winners were Guillem Televisió de Catalunya, Mònica with the challenge of finding a new growth model Maneja, from the La Salle school in Manlleu Terribas; Ernest for the economy, where productivity is a key (Barcelona), for his sixth-form coursework on Maragall, the factor and industry has a vital role,it commenced the springs of Manlleu; and Laura Puyo, Laura Generalitat’s councillor for with reflections on the next steps to be taken by Árias,Tecla Legasa and Helena Cristóbal, from Education; the both industry and the Government. the Santa Teresa de Jesús centre at Tarragona, president of abertis, Also taking part in the conference were for their fifth-form work on containers and Salvador Alemany; the presenter Tomàs several representatives from trade union and special residues.The prizes included an English Molina, and the employers groups: Simón Rosado, secretary of language course in Ireland. winners. Acción Sindical, Política Sectorial y Salud Labo- ral part of the CCOO trade union in Catalonia, Antoni Soy (Business, graduated 04) Industry secretary for the Generalitat of Catalonia, and Antoni Marsal (BA, MBA, graduated 76), presi- dent of the Unión Patronal Metalúrgica. All the speakers analysed the situation in Spain against the backdrop of the current recession, and demanded that a cross-party agreement was quickly reached on matters such as educa- tion, regulation of the employment market and investing in productive infrastructures. ENVIRONMENT London Luton reduces its CO2 emissions London’s Luton Airport, managed by Participation in this forum is open to The British airport tbi, has joined forces with Resource all small and medium sized businesses is working to lessen its environmental Efficiency East to reduce carbon dioxide working in the airport related sector, and impact. emissions in the airport’s environs. They are interested in assessing the current have also set up a forum on reducing use of resources and identify- emissions, consisting of a programme of ing opportunities for im- regular meetings and practical workshops. provement. INTERNET Business award 2009 Results Last June, abertis achieved a Distinc- tion at the 9th Awards for the best Span- ish company in terms of displaying its financial information on the internet.The competition, abertis which highlights transparency and reliability in corporate information, is organised by AECA (the Spanish association for accountancy consolidates their business model and business administration). The managing The managing director of Finance for abertis, José Aljaro, director of Finance, José Aljaro, received receiving the award in the presence of the president the award in a ceremony held in Madrid. of the AECA, Leandro Cañibano (in the centre).70 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 MARZO 2010 LINK abertis 73
  • 37. FINANCIAL The Meeting approved the annual accounts and the INCREASE Approval was given to LOYALTY The meeting approved YEAR 2009 management reports for the 2009 financial year. IN CAPITAL the traditional bonus share SCHEME plans to continue with Shareholders approved the distribution of an issue which consisted of the loyalty scheme and INVESTOR’S additional gross dividend of €0.30, corresponding one new share for 20 old employees’ access to shares LINK to the results of the 2009 financial year, which had already been paid out on the 5th of May. ones, with a nominal value of €3 per share. in the Group, with a plan for the transfer of shares. 1 2 executive director, proposed by Criteria Caix-abertis infrastructures aCorp; Julio Sacristán Hidalgo, as proprietaryGeneral Shareholders’ director, proposed by ACS. Similarly, the Meet- ing approved the Board of Directors’ proposal to re-elect, as directors of the company for a further term of five years, the following members, PabloVallbonaVadell, as proprietaryMeeting 2010 director proposed by ACS; Miguel Angel Gutiérrez Méndez, as an independent director; and Comunidades Gestionadas SA, as propri- etary director proposed by ACS.On 27th April, abertis’ shareholders attended the Annual General Meeting Annual programmeat the Palacio de Congresos de Cataluña, in Barcelona of promissory notes In addition, they agreed and approved the 3 4TEXT AND PHOTOS abertis granting of new authorisation to the Board of Directors for derivative acquisition, either Finally, the abertis Shareholders’ Meet- directly or indirectly, the company’s own ing approved, at the request of the Board’s With 5,342 shareholders represented, on the 5th of May. They also approved the shares, as well as preferential subscription Committee for Appointments and Salaries, —1— equivalent to 67.81% of the company’s THE MEETING APPROVED traditional bonus share issue, consisting of rights on these, up to a maximum of 10% of to continue with the loyalty scheme and Salvador Alemany,capital, the Meeting approved the annual one new share for every 20 old shares, at a share capital in abertis. The Meeting also employee access to the group’s share scheme, presenting his speech to THE APPOINTMENT OF the Shareholders’ Meeting.accounts for the 2009 financial year, and the nominal value of 3 per share, equivalent to approved delegating power to the Board of with a share transfer plan for employeesmanagement reports for the same financial FRANCISCO REYNÉS, AS a total amount of 105.5 million. Directors to issue promissory notes, bonds, of abertis and its subsidiaries.Almost 400 of —2— The Board of Directors.year. The shareholders also approved the dis- EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, The abertis Shareholders’ Meeting and other shares with a maximum total value the company’s middle managers will benefit —3—tribution of an additional dividend correspond- approved the appointments made by the of 6,000 million, of which they can set aside from this scheme.There is also a share option Francisco Reynés, AND JULIO SACRISTÁN, AS during his to the results from the 2009 financial year Board of Directors on the 26th of May 2009. a maximum of 1,000 million for establishing plan for the company’s senior manager team, PROPRIETARY DIRECTOR —4—of 0.30, gross, per share, which was paid out These were Francisco Reynés Massanet as the annual promissory notes for the company. made up of almost 200 executives. Credentials.72 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 73
  • 38. sHAREHOldER The Shareholders’ Office has PRÓXiMO The goal of the PRÓXIMO invEstOR’s Investors’ Day sets out OFFiCE scheduled a programme of three PROGRAMME Programme is for its dAy the company’s strategy, INvestor’s shareholders’ forums to be held in various divisions to offer its financial structure, LINK Valladolid, Madrid and Barcelona, in the second half of 2010. first-hand information about the company. and offers information about applying IFRIC 12. transparency and accuracy invEstOR’s dAy This programme is designed to fulfil one of the abertis Shareholders’ Office commit- ments which is based on transparency and abertis holds its the accuracy of information to be passed on to the investment community.The presenta- second Investors’ Day tions were made by the abertis managing director of Finance, José Aljaro, the company’s With 88 people in attendance, Documents director of Investor Relations, Steven Fern- abertis held its second Investors’ Day A recording of the ández, and the manager of the group’s Share- in Barcelona on the 30th of April. This event, meeting is available holder Office, Anna Morera. targeting analysts and institutional investors, on the abertis website consisted of presentations on the company’s (, Events planned for strategy, its financial structure, the applica- as are all the documents the second half of 2010 tion of IFRIC 12 Service concession arrange- provided in support of For the second half of 2010, the Office has ments, and an analysis of the telecommu- the presentations, which planned a programme of three shareholders’ nications infrastructure business. were announced prior forums in Valladolid, Madrid and Barcelona. to the event through As soon as more details about these are avail- Growth prospects a communication able, they will be posted on the abertis The event started with a speech by the com- to the CnMv. corporate website, in the Shareholders’ cor- pany’s president and CEO, Salvador Alemany. ner/Shareholder Day section. Other contributors included the managing For information about these events, director of abertis telecom,Tobías Martínez, held in various Spanish cities, the company’s and the director of abertis telecom’s Satel- webpage has an alert system, which, apart lite Division, Carlos Espinós, who, during the from sending out invitations to these events, first part of the day, explained the principal José Aljaro, sends subscribers all the company’s com- keys to the Group’s telecoms business and general manager for Finance for abertis. munications which they might find of inter- its prospects for growth. est. Alternatively, the shareholder can also Jordi Lagares, director of Fiscal Planning find out more, or confirm their attendance, and Corporate Governance for abertis, then by telephone, calling the shareholder cus- gave a presentation on the impact on thesHAREHOldER OFFiCE tomer care line on 902 30 10 15. group’s results of applying the IFRIC 12PRÓXIMO Programme 2010 investors’ day We would like to invite you to come and see our new vision for toll roads. Come standards. This was followed by presenta- tions from José Aljaro, the managing director of Finance at abertis, José Luis Viejo, director of Corporate Finance, DavidInvestors’ Days were held in Zaragoza, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca as part and visit one of the two Operations Centres Díaz, director of Corporate Development belonging to the abertis autopistas for abertis, Josep Martínez-Vila, director ofof the Próximo Programme. They were mainly targeted at shareholders, providing network, which are close to Barcelona Business and Operations, and, lastly, Fran-information on the abertis group’s current position and expectations for the future and Madrid. cisco Reynés, corporate managing director During the visit, you will learn about of abertis. n how we manage over 700 kilometres of Once again, the abertis Shareholder interested in learning about the group’s to book a place toll road from a single control point, and we Office, part of the Investor Relations current position, its recent course of action will also explain the attractive dividendsdepartment, has brought the company and and its expectations for the future. if you would like to obtained from abertis shares and our sav- sign up to the abertisshareholders closer together through the The purpose these events is to offer ings/investment plan. investors’ day, callPróximo Programme (Próximo is the Spanish firsthand information about the company This is an initiative through which the abertis shareholders’word for close). This time around, abertis from its various departments (financial, eco- Office on 902 30 10 15. your y abertis offers its shareholders the opportunityhas visited Zaragoza, Valencia and Palma nomic, share participation, among others), interests are our interests. to visit the company’s assets, which, in thisde Mallorca on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of June, allowing those attending to have a better case are the toll road control centres managedrespectively. understand of abertis, as one of the leading by abertis in Barcelona and Madrid. As part of the PRÓXIMO Programme, international groups managing traffic After the visit, there will be a presenta-there were presentations mainly targeted mobility and telecommunications infrastruc- tion, lasting approximately an hour, to explainat shareholders, potential shareholders and tures, and with a presence in 18 countries the company’s evolution and strategy, andfinancial bodies in these cities who were over 3 continents. our savings/investment plan. n74 n link abertis n August 2010 August 2010 n link abertis n 75
  • 39. Contribution by sectors in the 1st half of 2010 (Mn €) TOLL ROADS 74% SPAIN 50% REVENUE EBITDA REVENUE Inthe firsthalf-year,the toll TELECOMMUNICATIONS 15% REVENUE CONTRIBUTION FRANCE 35% Toll roads 1.449 990 BY SECTORS roadsbusinesswasresponsible AIRPORTS 7% GENERATION OTHERS 6% BY SECTORS INVESTOR’S formostofthe revenue,with CAR PARKS 4% UNITED KINGDOM 4% Telecommunications Airports 301 129 120 36 LOGISTICS 1% CHILE 5% LINK the growthof sanefbeing particularlysignificant. Car Parks 76 29 Logistics 10 5 Key points The Group’s businesses would be at 2.4%. abertis’ maintain their strong other international cash generating ability: concessionary companies Cash flow before (in Chile, Argentina and investments and dividends Puerto Rico) also grew, grew by 11.2%, to at a rate of 3.5%, while in 772 million euros. Spain traffic dropped by 4.8%, which was, however, 50% of the revenue much better than the drop and 47% of the Ebitda of 9.8% in the first six was generated outside months of 2009. Spain. 74% of the revenue comes from the toll road abertis telecom’s business business, and the has maintained strong remaining 26% is shared growth in the first half- between the activities year. saba’s car parks and of telecommunications abertis airports’ business infrastructures (15%), have also increased their airports (7%), car parks operating revenues. (4%) and logistics parks (1%) which, as a whole, maintain their percentage contribution to the Group. The traffic data for the abertis toll road network as a whole has stabilised The growth in traffic on the at the same level as in Group’s toll roads, its solid cash the first quarter of the flow generation and the growth of year, at 21,704 vehicles abertis telecom have been the keys (-0.7%). to the first half-year’s results. The level of heavy vehicle traffic in the abertis tollJanuary-June 2010 road network as a whole has grown for the first OPERATING time in the last two yearsResults REVENUES INCREASED (+0.9% in the half-year TO 1.970 BILLION and +2.2% in the quarter). EUROS (+7.7%) 95% of the Group’s debt is long-term (92% in June 2009) and 82% is at fixed IN THE FIRST HALF rates. The average cost isabertis’ net profit increased by 5.1% in the first half 4.5% (4.6% in June 2009).of 2010 to 335 million euros OF 2010, THE GROSS In the toll road business, OPERATING PROFIT the operating revenues (EBITDA) WENT to June were 1.449 abertis’ results for the first half of national network of toll roads, its cash gen- billion euros (+7%). 335 1.970 UP TO 1.177 BILLION 2010, prepared under IFRS criteria, erating ability, the containing of financialand incorporating adjustments arising from costs, control of operating expenses and the EUROS (+6.6%) The traffic on sanef’s toll (*) road network in France Summary of the results presentedthe sector interpretation for concessionary Million euros broadening of its consolidation perimeter, grew at 1.6%. Discounting to the stock market regulator - the abertis operating Comisión Nacional del Mercado debusinesses (IFRIC 12), confirm the upward of net profits are the keys to this first half-year result. the negative impact of revenues (+7.7%), HEAVY VEHICLE TRAFFIC Valores (CNMV). The full versiontrend of the company’s principal figures: in the first half The first six months have been distin- in millions the two-day strike in can be viewed at,Revenue, Ebitda and net profits. The positive of 2010 (+5.1%). guished by the consolidation of the recovery of euros. LEVELS GREW BY 2.2% June – which has now in the Investor Relations section, or may be requested by calling thetrend of traffic levels on the Group’s inter- in traffic levels on the toll roads in Chile and IN THE QUARTER been corrected – growth Shareholders Office on 902 30 10 15.76 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 77
  • 40. —1— also on sanef’s toll roads in France.We should million euros) related to the DTT rollout andOf the total also emphasise that, during the second the building of the Hispasat 1E satellite.revenues, 7%comes from the quarter of the year, the heavy vehicle traffic Operating investments of 11 millionairport sector. on abertis’ network of toll roads has increased euros were made in airports, including—2&3— after two years of continuous decline. The improvements to Belfast International andThe toll roads sectoraccounts for 74% diversified businesses, for their part, con- Cardiff.of the revenues. tinue to maintain their level of contribution In car parks, investments in expansion to the Group, with a slight increase in the (15 million euros) mainly went to the growth telecommunications business, due to the of saba in Spain (a new car park in Palma de deployment of DTT and the positive trends Mallorca) and Italy, while in logistics parks, in the satellite sector. investments were made in constructing parks in Chile and Portugal. Operating revenue In the first half of 2010, abertis’ operating Debt structure revenues climbed to 1.97 billion euros, 7.7% As of 30 June 2010, abertis had net debt of more than for the same period in the previous 14.722 billion euros. Of the total debt, 57% year. sanef contributed 699 million euros is secured on the company’s own projects (35% of total revenue) to this figure. 50% of (i.e. non-recourse). 95% is long-term and the abertis group’s operating revenue came 82% is at fixed rates or fixed through hedg- from outside Spain, principally from France, ing. The average cost of the debt is 4.5% the United Kingdom and Chile. (4.6% in the previous year) and the average Of the total revenue, 74% was gener- maturity is 7 years. ated by the toll road business, while 15% corresponds to telecommunications infra- Performance of the businesses: structures and 7% to airports. The car park toll roads 1 2 sector contributed 4%, and the logistics In the first half year, abertis’ toll road busi- parks 1%. ness contributed revenues of 1.449 billion In this period, the gross operating euros (74% of the Group’s total revenues) income (Ebitda) was 1.177 billion euros and 990 million euros to Ebitda (84%). The (+7%) while the net operating profit (Ebit) total traffic on the abertis toll road network was 704 million euros (+4%). The financial up to 30 June 2010 reflects a stabilisation result for the period was -268 million euros. of the Average Daily Traffic (ADT) at 21,704 In the period January-June 2010, the equity- vehicles (-0.7%). accounted results made a contribution of Significant in this period was the con- 51 million euros, basically from the holding solidation of traffic recovery in France, with in Eutelsat. an ADT recorded in sanef’s network of The abertis group showed a net profit 22,362 vehicles (+1.6%) for January-June of 335 million euros (+5.1%) the first half of 2010. Similarly, traffic levels on the toll roads 2010. In the first half of 2010, abertis gener- in Chile and Argentina also increased: To 30 ated a cash-flow (before investments and June, gco (Argentina) reached an ADT level dividend payments) of 772 million euros of 70,158 vehicles, (+5.8), while for Chilean (+11.2%). concessionaries the ADT was 64,103 vehicles abertis’ average workforce in this period (+2.6%) on the Autopista Central, 23,002 was 12,400, 59% of which was outside vehicles (+2.2%) on the Rutas del Pacífico Spain. and 5186 vehicles (+2.1%) for elqui. Spain has seen a slowing down in traffic Balance sheet and investments reduction, with the ADT of 20,689 vehicles As of 30 June, abertis had total assets of for the January-June period in 2010 (-4.8%, 24.978 billion euros and net equity of 5.145 compared to -9.8% for the same period in billion euros. The Group invested a total of 2009). 253 million euros during the period, of which On abertis’ toll roads in Spain, 36.5% of 195 million (77%) was used for organic the transactions were made using the teletoll expansion and 59 million for operating system. For acesa, teletoll usage accounted investment. for 40.6% of the total transactions, while Expansion investment in toll roads (138 on sanef’s network in France, it was 37.1%. million euros) included the investments made by acesa (widening the AP-7 and C-32 Telecommunications toll roads) and by sanef (Rheims southern infrastructures ring road and extension of the A13); while The telecommunications business increased 3 the investment in telecommunications (33 its contribution to the Group, with operating78 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 79
  • 41. —1— The logistics sector contributes 1% to the revenues. —2&3— saba car parks account for 4% of the Group’s revenues. —4— Telecommunications infrastructures sector generates 15% of the revenues. 1revenue of 301 million euros (+19%) andan Ebitda of 120 million euros (+5%). Thissector represents 15% of abertis’ revenueand 10% of the Ebitda. Factors contributing to this good per-formance included the Digital TerrestrialTelevision (DTT) rollout and the increasedcoverage (to 98% from 95.1% in July 2009),in addition to the new radio-communicationsservice contracts, such as the emergencysystem for Navarre and the service for theGeneral Directorate of the Merchant Marine,which offset the effect of the analogueswitch-off. In the satellite sector, Eutelsat’s equity-accounted contribution was 37 millioneuros, while Hispasat’s contribution was11.9 million euros. The satellite businesscontributed a net positive affect (includingthe financial costs of the acquisitions) de 28million euros to abertis’ results. 2 4Airports 3In January-June 2010, the airports businesshad operating revenue of 129 million euros,7% of abertis’ total revenue, and an Ebitdaof 36 million euros (+6%), 3% of the totalfor the Group. In this period, the airports businessrecorded an increase in revenues of 3%(despite tbi’s drop in business to 9.8 millionpassengers in the first half-year), thanks toa 6.9% increase in revenue per passenger andthe higher overall contribution from dca,principally due to the growth in traffic.Car parksIn the first half of 2010, saba increased itsoperating revenues by 6% to 76 million euros,basically due to a change in the scope of theconsolidation perimeter.The car parks divisioncontributed 4% of the total revenues forabertis, and 2% of the Ebitda, at 29 million80 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010 LINK abertis 81
  • 42. euros. saba manages a total of 130,985 park- PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNTS FORing spaces at sites in Spain, Italy, Chile, Por- AT THE END OF THE THE 1ST HALF OF 2010 (IFRIC 12)tugal, France, Morocco and Andorra. FIRST HALF-YEAR, (Mn €) The number of spaces has increased by JUNE JUNE CHG.11.5% compared with same period in the THE VALUE OF ABERTIS’ 2010 2009 Operating revenue 1.970 1.829 8%previous year.Vehicle rotation grew by 3.9% TOTAL ASSETS WAS Operating costs -793 -725 9%to 28 million, and the number of pass holders 24.978 BILLION EUROS Ebitda 1.177 1.104 7%increased by 1.8%, to 34,862. Depreciation -473 -429 10% Operating Profit 704 675 4%Logistic parks THE GROUP’S NET Financial Result -268 -252 7%2010, abertis logística recorded operating WORTH WAS Equity-accountedrevenues of 10 million euros (-30%). This result 51 40 29%represents 1% of abertis’ total revenues, 5.145 BILLION EUROS Pre-Tax Profit 486 463 5% Company Tax -118 -119and the unit contributed an Ebitda of 5 mil- Financial yr.lion euros. The revenues for this first half- profit/ loss 368 344 7%year are not comparable with those of the THE GROUP’S INVESTMENTS Minority Interests -33 -26first half of 2009, due to changes in the WERE 253 MILLION EUROS Companyconsolidation of Areamed which, since the shareholders’ profit 335 318 5%end of 2009, forms part of the toll roadsunit. Without these changes, the drop inrevenues would be 9%. In logistic parks, there has been anincrease of 6.4% in built area over this period(now 511,869 square metres). The meanoccupancy level for warehouses and officesis 65.2%.82 LINK abertis AUGUST 2010
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