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Sorority Girls Dream Career!

by rodan-fields-dermatologist



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Sorority girls need a flexible career that they can work around their school, social & service commitments. Why work a minimum wage job when you can start your own business! Get PAID to wash your face & talk about it!
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  • 1. ~ Meet Lindsey Griffin ~Carefree at 23
  • 2. In 3 years Lindsey has:• Paid off her collegetuition• Earned a FREE Lexus• Bought a new home• Earns a salaryconsistent with mostCEO’s“This business has changed mylife, and I am so blessed to havebeen given this opportunity. I havebeen able to avoid the whole nineto five world, and I love that Idon’t have to dread going to anoffice every morning. I loveeverything about this business andwhat it has done for me and whatI see it do for other people all thetime.”
  • 3. What if I told you there’s NO secret to hersuccess & YOU can have similar results?
  • 4. ~ Meet Makenzi Coder ~
  • 5. At the age of 19 she launched her biz & in 2 yrs• She’s earning thousandsof dollars per month• Earned a FREE Lexus…AND, guess who’sjoined her? Her SISTER!!Cassidy is 1 yr older &just as successful!“I'm SO excited for thisopportunity and I'm overjoyed tohelp others achieve FREEDOM!!!!That's what I truly believe thiscompany is about! I'm SO thankfulthat my mom introduced me tothis amazing company and theseawesome products!! At 20-yearsold I found complete time andfinancial FREEDOM and it justkeeps getting BETTER!!"
  • 6. Our TOP money earner was a formerKindergarten Teacher!
  • 7. Bill & Tara SchottJoin our team today!!!
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