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GovLoop: The Power of People Like You

by govloop



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GovLoop is the premiere online community connecting more than 60,000 people in and around government. Check us out and become a member at
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  • 1. The Powerof People Like You
  • 2. What if…
    you could continue to connect every day with the cool people you meet
    at this event?
    Would you?
  • 3. What if…
    you could get answers
    in real-timeto the pesky questionsthat arise on the job?
    Would you?
  • 4. What if…
    you could gain insights from
    recognized experts andpeople like you
    on a regular basis?
    Would you?
  • 5. If you…
    to any of those questions
    then you need toJoin
  • 6. What is ?
    • Blogs
  • 7. Forums
  • 8. Groups
  • 9. Datasets
  • 10. Video / Photo Sharing
  • 11. ToolsValue:
    • Learn and share with peers
  • 12. Get questions answered quickly
  • 13. Solve problems faster
  • 14. Find and contribute best practicesOnline community of government colleagues that help each other to do their jobs better.
    40,000 Members
    • Federal, state and local employees
  • 15. Contractors, non-profits, academia
  • 16. International (Canada, UK, Australia, etc.)
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