2013 Tax Facts: General Information about Fairfax County Taxes

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2013 Tax Facts: General Information about Fairfax County Taxes
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  • 1. Tax FactsGeneral information aboutFairfax County TaxesEffective July 1, 2012to June 30, 2013
  • 2. Deadlines Personal Property – Report by May 1. Pay byOct. 5. 5. Real Estate – First installment payment isdue The first installment is due July 28 (extendedto July 30 in 2012, since July 28 is a Saturday); Saturday);second installment payment is due Dec. 5. 5. B.P.O.L. – File and pay by March 1, or within1,75 days for new business. Tax Relief – File by April 1, or Dec. 31 of thefollowing year for hardship or first-time filers. first- Dog Licenses – Renew by Jan. 31. 31.
  • 3. Ways to Pay Online (check or credit card)(A service fee is charged for credit card payments.) Phone (credit card) at 703-222-6740, TTY 711. 703-222-( A service fee is charged for credit card payments.) Pay Personal Property Tax (only) withcash at Shoppers Food locations in NorthernVirginia – pay (exact amount due) at customerservice desk; a $1.25 processing fee will becharged by Global Express for each bill paid.For additional participating vendors go towww.globalexpress.net,www.globalexpress.net, click on store locator. More ways to pay on next slide…
  • 4. More Ways to Pay Real estate and personal property(car) taxes can be paid at any of thefollowing banks in Fairfax Countyonly:– Bank of America: check or cash– SunTrust: check or cash– Wells Fargo: checks; cash from WellsFargo customers only.
  • 5. Personal Property Tax A tax on cars, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles,trailers, campers, boats, outboard motors, planesand business personal property. Tax applies if a vehicle is normally garaged/parkedin the county, even if registered in another state. A Motor Vehicle License Plate Tax of $100 isimposed annually on owners of motor vehicles inFairfax County that do not properly display Virginialicense plates.
  • 6. Personal Property Tax For most vehicles, personal property taxis based on the clean trade-in value intrade-the National Automobile DealersAssociation’s Used Car Guide publishedin January. Download an appeal form. form. The personal property tax rate is $4.57per $100 of assessed value.
  • 7. Personal Property Tax If you have moved in or out of Fairfax County,or sold your car, your personal property bill willbe calculated on a monthly basis.Prorate your bill. bill. New to Fairfax County? Bought or leased a car?You have 60 days to register your vehicle/s.vehicle/s.
  • 8. Vehicle Registration There is a $33 local vehicle registration fee($38 for vehicles over 4,000 pounds). There isno county windshield decal to purchaseor display. Residents within towns of Clifton and Herndonmust purchase and display town decals. InVienna, residents must pay a town vehicleregistration fee. Make sure your address and vehicle jurisdictionis correct with the Virginia department ofMotor Vehicles at www.dmvnow.com
  • 9. Real Estate Tax A tax on the assessed value of real estateproperty and mobile homes based on 100percent of the fair market value as ofJan. 1, 2012. The 2012 (Fiscal Year 2013) base realestate tax rate is $1.075 per $100 ofassessed value.
  • 10. Real Estate Tax Commercially zoned or used properties aresubject to an additional $0.11 tax for thecountywide transportation district. Other tax rates or fees may apply. Informationon other special tax districts. districts.
  • 11. Tax Relief Residents 65 or older or individuals who arepermanently and totally disabled mayqualify for relief from some taxes and feesbased on income and assets. Some active duty military personnel andspouses are exempt from personal propertytax. (see next slide for disabled veterans.) For more information on tax relief, go onlineor call 703-222-8234, TTY 703-222-7594.703-222-703-222-
  • 12. Tax Relief for Disabled Vets Disabled veterans who qualify maybe exempt from Real Estate Tax andeligible for reduced Personal Property(car) Tax relief. For more information,go to www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dta. www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dta.
  • 13. Business, Professional andOccupational License (BPOL)Businesses with gross receipts: Between $10,001 and $50,000 must file aBPOL application and pay a $30 licensefee. Between $50,001 and $100,000 pay a $50license fee. More than $100,000 pay the BPOL tax ratefor the particular categories.
  • 14.  Businesses with gross receipts of $10,000 orless do not need to file for a businesslicense. License applications must be filed and paidby March 1 of each year or within 75 daysof the business start date. Businesses located in the City of Fairfax,City of Falls Church and the towns ofClifton, Herndon and Vienna are not subjectto the Fairfax County BPOL tax. Contactthose localities directly.
  • 15. Other Taxes and FeesEffective July 1, 2012: Consumer Utilities Taxes: • Residential gas and electric: Maximum tax is $4 per month. • Commercial electric: Maximum tax is $1,000 per month. • Commercial gas: Maximum tax is $300 per month. Communication Sales and Use Tax: Statewide 5 percent.Communications Sales and Use Tax is levied on landline, wireless andInternet telephone services, as well as, satellite TV and radio. Alsoincluded in this tax is a charge of $0.75 per line per month for E-911. Sales: State - 4 percent; Fairfax County - 1 percent. Cigarette: 30 cents per pack. Gasoline: State - 2 percent (Metrorail and Metrobus). Hotel/Motel: 4 percent (towns: 2 percent; note: this 2 percent comesto the county. This is in addition to the taxes already levied by thetowns: 6 percent in Herndon and 3 percent in Vienna). Recordation: 8.33 cents per $100 value on deeds. Dog Licenses: $10. Required for all dogs four months of age or older.
  • 16. PenaltiesPenalties include: Late filing penalties for the late registrationof personal property. Late payment penalties for any tax not paidby the prescribed due date. Interest also ischarged in addition to late penalties. Overdue taxes are subject to collectionactions and additional collection fees.
  • 17. FY 2013 Budget General Fund Click Links Below For Budget Charts:Where the Money Comes From…Where the Money Goes…
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