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Patch october final version

by agence-tesla





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This month on social media, quite a few new things to notice:

Mobile apps usage increase again...

Even though fewer apps are actually downloaded... In this "winner takes all" competition, early starters and branded apps can hope to make it. It remains difficult to market an app with traditional marketing.

Facebook events for Pages will be promoted right into the Newsfeed...

...and not only on the right hand column. It's a very useful way to get people (your fans, or any other target on Facebook, even your own e-mail database) to get to know you hold an event. Once people are your shop, it's your turn to convert them ; )

Twitter tries to get into e-commerce

After having shown the power of the Cards format, Twitter is now pairing with Amazon to allow Twitter users to save on their wishlist anything they will hashtag with #AmazonWishList

Instagram launches new Business Tools

Ads in self-service are not yet available, but until then, you can still practice your analytics skill with the new set of tools provided by Instagram. You will be able to see insights from the account (such as new followers or impressions) as well as for ads if you have some.
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  • 1. THE PATCH Social media new features/updates for marketers. October 2014. Mobile App Usage Ups 21%. Youtube wins the Conversion Game… While FB takes a cue from both Youtube and Snapchat. Twitter’s New iOS look. LinkedIn Security Upgrade. Presents from Pinterest to come. Read on as Agence Tesla gives you the scoop on the past month’s social media buzz
  • 2. Mobile App Usage +21% Data from Localytics shows people are spending 21% more time on apps since 2013 Music apps e.g Spotify see highest usage rise There’s more to the mobile world than social networking! Other industries can benefit greatly too! Fewer apps downloaded each month BUT people spend more time per app
  • 3. Youtube: The Conversion Champ Video platform best at introducing and marketing new products YouTube most successful at the beginning and end of the buying cycle, in giving consumers first AND last contact to products. It helps you seal the deal! Don’t underestimate the benefits of a YouTube presence! Why? On YouTube consumers can… - Be introduced to new products - Find official product videos - Watch product reviews - Watch shopping hauls (with your products!) Vs. other platforms: - Twitter is 9x worse, although it is strongest in reminding audiences of your product before they purchase
  • 4. Facebook: Takes cue from YouTube New video features mimic YouTube Facebook launches new video features: 1) Play count 2) Related Videos New features added after site saw 1 billion video views PER DAY not least without the help of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge A video content strategy is more important than ever before. Not just on Youtube, but also now on Facebook, Instagram and Vine. Don’t lag behind!
  • 5. Facebook: Snapchat-like Posts FB brings self-destructing posts onto its feed After launching Slingshot, a Snapchat competitor, Facebook adds expiration dates to posts Messages will disappear from feeds as indicated But will NOT be removed completely from servers until up to 90 days Another move by FB to adopt popular content formats Take some ideas from Snapchat/Slingshot content strategy and apply them to FB soon. Play with self-expiring discount offers or flash deals! Get some inspiration here.
  • 6. Facebook: Tracking with an Atlas New cross-devices ad server Facebook upgrades and relaunches ad server Atlas (bought over from Microsoft last year) For advertisers on FB itself, existing people-based marketing tools like Custom Audiences will be more powerful than before. Amid concerns with privacy, FB maintains actual identities will stay anonymous. Atlas tracks FB users with cookies across apps, devices and sites that use FB login Ads can be bought via Atlas and users do not need to run an FB campaign to use Atlas. Atlas simply combines FB data with that of its own servers
  • 7. Facebook: New Event Ad & Tools More ways to set your events apart! Facebook releases event ads for Pages on the news feed Your ad doesn’t have to stay forgotten at the sidebar any longer! Event insights now also available on right-hand column of event page Online businesses listen up, don’t just have a strong social media presence! Make opportunities for your customers to engage with you in real life, perhaps with events!
  • 8. Twitter: All-new on iOS8 Revamped for iOS 7 and up Twitter introduces new mobile profiles+ features The amped up app now has: - Interactive push notifications: reply/fave/RT/ follow without opening the app - Cover and Profile Photo but positioned eerily like Facebook - A while underlay for your bio so no more swiping! - Tabs for tweets, photos and favourites that roll like a timeline Interactive push notifications are a big deal with even greater potential. Now that iOS8 is here expect to see apps pick it up, possibly add “buy” buttons.
  • 9. Twitter: New Poll Cards? Testing fresh way to interact with your customers Twitter tests native polling cards Engaging new call to action In-app user response connects you to your audiences and their opinions Tip: If this feature becomes permanent, have fun asking quirky questions! Find out what’s really on your customers’ minds, and show some personality.
  • 10. Twitter: Amazon Wish List Add something to your Amazon Wishlist with just a hashtag Users connect Amazon and Twitter accounts via a microsite Add items to wishlist with #AmazonWishlist A move to enhance Twitter e-commerce functions But uncertain whether feature will pick up as research shows consumers use shopping carts not wishlists to save items A similar system could work to simply add products into the shopping cart, or even onto an in-app shopping cart. Look out for more e-commerce surprises from Twitter in the next few months!
  • 11. Instagram: Biz Tool Suite Finally some data tools to help you Insta-strategise Instagram announced it will roll out ad tools and analytics to accompany its growing business presence App will offer: 1) Account Insights e.g Reach 2) Ad Insights i.e paid campaign analytics 3) Ad Staging i.e platform to collaboratively edit and save ad materials Established brands have probably already been using other tools to access the same data. But this means SMEs are finally able to catch up a little and capture the same market. Don’t miss out on these new insights!
  • 12. Instagram: Interactive Games Forget video, Adidas takes a new spin on Insta-marketing Adidas launches fun, snazzy interactive game to launch new line of shoes Instructions sound a little complicated at first but you get the hang of it: 1) Adidas will hide passwords across various accounts each day 2) Users must unscramble the password letters 3) They then like the photos with the passwords in the right order 4) First person and next 10 all win prizes! Look out for more of these games, and maybe start thinking of some of your own. Talk to us and we’ll help you get it started!
  • 13. Google: Free Unlimited Cloud Educational purposes only! Google gives students and educators free unlimited cloud storage (5TB file size limit – surely that’s all you’ll ever need) Amid doubts about the security and privacy of cloud infrastructure, Google stands firm For the rest of us, Google has also just offered some early stage start-ups $100 000 in Cloud Platform credits to run and host your apps Google edges even more into the education market. For companies in the education sector, consider using Google for Education.
  • 14. LinkedIn: Security Features Timely security upgrades amid 4chan scares LinkedIn’s security suite now: - Shows users where, when and which devices are logged into their account - Allows you to sign out from these accounts via the interface - Offers more information on account breaches e.g breach location and IP Find all these under Protecting your accounts is important as any breach, a new tab in Settings especially for e-commerce businesses, can delay your operations. It can also compromise customer data. If one account has been breached, consider changing login details for other accounts to be doubly secure.
  • 15. LinkedIn: Data Export LinkedIn wants to make you the owner of your information LinkedIn simultaneously launched a data export function with new security features All your account’s data such as personal data and search history is now downloadable LinkedIn passes the responsibility of managing user data to the user Be smart with the data on your accounts. Check the themselves archives to be sure your security settings are right for you and your business.
  • 16. Pinterest: Ad Base Boost Target users on your brand’s database Pinterest announced a few new features in the pipeline: 1) Conversion Tracking 2) Audience Targeting similar to FB’s Custom Audience 1) Privacy Policy Update Users can in fact turn off the ad-targetingfeat ure Watch out FB and Twitter, Pinterest is about to join the big leagues in advertising soon! Retail and F&B companies on Pinterest can expect to make more use of social media to increase conversion!
  • 17. Pinterest: Promo Pins upgrade More specific improvements to existing ad unit Pinterest reveals even more new features for its current ad unit: 1) Promo pins analytics 2) Promo pin targeting New features go hand in hand with targeting and conversion features in previous slide. Currently only being tested in the US
  • 18. Hootsuite: Brightkit Buy Hootsuite Campaign Platform Hootsuite’s acquisition of Brightkit means marketers and brands can connect with audiences through: 1) Galleries of user generated content 2) Run and monitor social media contests 3) Manage and moderate campaigns 4) Export campaign data 5) Analytics Hootsuite joins a club of “content aggregator” management systems If you’ve been using Hootsuite this is an early Christmas present. It will become the all-in-one platform you’ve always wanted, with ease of use and low cost!
  • 19. Thanks! Agence Tesla, a social media agency in Singapore and Paris Follow us on Twitter @agencetesla or Why “The Patch”? In computing, a “patch” is a software update to correct bugs, improve performance or update a program. We want to “patch” marketers with the latest curated social media new features. The Patch - Social media updates for marketers from Agence Tesla Asia 19#
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