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Motivation and Engagement

by management-30



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  • Motivating and Engaging Workers
  • How do we motivate people? How can we improve engagement?
  • When did you last enjoy your work? And why?
  • Business leaders and human resource managers consider the “lack of employee engagement” one of their top priorities. But why do many workers not feel engaged?
  • Without motivation, nothing would be produced. Firms exist to coordinate and motivate people’s economic activity. - John Roberts, “The Modern Firm”
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  • A motivated worker is not necessarily an engaged worker.
  • Technically, we cannot make people feel motivated or engaged. But we can certainly set up the right conditions that maximize the probability that it will happen (even though success is never certain).
  • Managers are responsible for making engagement a built-in property of the organization.
  • Is employee engagement about intrinsic or extrinsic motivation? Does an author write books because she loves the writing process? Or because she loves the support and encouragement from readers? Maybe a bit of both?
  • The CHAMPFROGS model deals specifically with motivation in the context of work-life. It consists of ten motivators that are either intrinsic, extrinsic, or a bit of both.
  • The CHAMPFROGS model is influenced by several other models of human motivation. • Two-Factor Theory, Frederick Herzberg • The Hierarchy of Needs, Abraham Maslow • Theory of Self-Determination, Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan • 16 Basic Desires Theory, Steven Reiss
  • Curiosity The workers have plenty of things to investigate and to think about.
  • Honor Workers feel proud that their values are reflected in how they work.
  • Acceptance Colleagues approve of what people do and who they are.
  • Mastery The work challenges people’s competence but it is within their abilities.
  • Power There’s enough room for workers to influence what happens around them.
  • Freedom People are independent of others with their work and responsibilities.
  • Relatedness People have good social contacts with the others in their work.
  • Order Workers have enough rules and policies for a stable environment.
  • Goal The people’s purpose in life is reflected in the work that they do.
  • Status People have a good position and are recognized by their colleagues.
  • Managers must seek ways for the CHAMPFROGS motivators to become systemic properties of the firm. For example, laboratories and research centers typically satisfy people’s need for curiosity.
  • Which companies have which motivators built into their system? What about your organization?
  • Don’t waste your time trying to motivate individual workers with an employee engagement program. Most so-called employee engagement programs are misbegotten, unwieldy, ineffective rolling caravans of impractical or never-going-to-be-implemented PowerPoint presentations. - Les McKeown, “A Very Simple Reason Employee Engagement Programs Don’t Work” engagement-and-address-the-real-problem-.html
  • The goal of an organization is to engage people for productivity. Use your time to understand how to make the organization a system that engages people.
  • Manage the system, not the people.
  • Exercise: Play Moving Motivators!
  • Who Am I? – Steven Reiss Self-Determination Research – Ryan Deci Drive – Daniel H. Pink Motivation and Personality – Abraham Maslow The Motivation to Work – Frederick Herzberg Reading List
  • Want to work with your peers to solve problems facing today's change management? Learn to increase employee engagement at a Management 3.0 workshop!
  • Text: Jurgen Appelo  Illustrations: Chad Geran Design: Muuks
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