Do You Struggle With Employee Recognition?

by elodie-ascenci



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  • THE #1 REASON most Americans leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated.
  • 46% of senior managers view recognition programs as an investment rather than 
 an expense. 1
  • 14% of companies indicated that their organization features recognition programs regularly when recruiting. 2
  • 41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition have 
seen marked positive increases 
in customer satisfaction. 3
  • 23% Companies with strategic recognition reported a mean employee turnover rate 4 lower than retention at companies without any recognition program.
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  • 60% Manager’s recognizing employee performance increases engagement by almost 5
  • 28% Organizations with strategic recognition programs in place exhibit 6 lower frustration levels than companies without recognition programs.
  • 35% Peer-to-peer is 7 more likely to have a positive impact on financial results than manager-only recognition.
  • 85% When companies spend 1% or more of payroll on recognition, see a positive impact 
 on engagement. 8
  • 14% than in organizations in which recognition does not occur. 9 In organizations in which individual employees or teams are recognized, results were approximately higher
  • 12x Organizations with a strong employee recognition approach are more likely to have strong business results. 10
  • 31% Organizations with effective recognition programs had lower voluntary turnover than organizations with ineffective recognition programs. 11
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