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5 ways to find your motivation in procurement (and other sectors)

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PowerPoint Presentation 5 ways to find your motivation in procurement (and other sectors…) Motivation Building a stellar career in procurement is like any other when it comes to needing it Whether you're an experienced buyer, team head or working your way through the ranks, it is fundamental to how well you do Challenges Procurement professionals may know they're central to the success of their organisation and that they're in a position to make a big difference to numerous people's working lives… …but the challenges of the role can inevitably undermine things at times Challenges Suppliers who don't meet performance requirements Colleagues that make competing demands Events and people can sometimes shake the outlook of the most optimistic individual So, how we do find, re-gain or hang on to our motivation? Here follow five tips for finding and keeping this all-important quality 1. One goal Try to establish one crucial end-goal that will be your steer through everything Think about you and your employer's needs. Have you got a personal work-related ambition that ties in with your employer's aims? 1. One goal … Once you set down this one goal, it will focus your mind on: What to spend your time on Any training you may need Where to concentrate your energies Put a plan in place to achieve it 2. Inspiration Inject this into your routine and workspace Spend five minutes a day reading words of wisdom from other business leaders Find out what procurement leaders around the world are doing Can you benchmark your performance against others? 2. Inspiration…. A vibrant and welcoming workspace can drive inspiration Greenery, colourful desk accessories and comfortable lounge seating are just a few elements that can make a workplace look and feel more creative 3. Make it public Share your goal with appropriate colleagues, friends and family While not everyone is the right audience for your innermost thoughts and ideas, those who will help you reach your success should be brought on side 4. Work with others Try the goal-setting process out with colleagues A team away day, brainstorming session or informal meal out Ask everyone to put their thoughts forward and ask for their ideas to improve or solve matters 5. Celebrate successes Every contract signed, every saving made and every quality issue resolved should be cause for celebration This increases loyalty and commitment Congratulate people personally, in public & in meetings Use a whiteboard to highlight all successes Go out for lunch! For more procurement insights You can follow Banner on LinkedIn Or join us on Twitter
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