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Putting patients at the heart of commissioning

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Commissioners need to work with each other and with providers to secure participation of patients and the public in commissioning and to ensure that services involve people fully in their own care. A brief slideshow from PCC sets out the policy context and benefits of basing commissioning plans on the experience and aspirations of NHS service users.
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  • 1. Participation and engagement
  • 2. Policy context • Statutory duty to consult and involve patients and the public in decisions about – Services – Their own care • ‘Citizen participation and empowerment’ a top priority of NHS England’s five year plan – Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2014/15 to 2018/19, December 2013 • Commitment to personalised and responsive care • Transforming Participation in Health and Care (NHS England guidance), September 2013
  • 3. Drivers for commissioning • Participation leads to better decisions based on better evidence and built on public support • Commissioning/decommissioning decisions taken without patients will be open to challenge • Patient experience and involvement are key to – Best clinical outcomes – Value, best use of resources – Quality and safety • ‘No engagement, no CCG’ – Brian Fisher, GP and former engagement lead for NHS Alliance
  • 4. Awareness and training workshop • Making engagement part of everyone’s job • End to end engagement for commissioning success • Statutory duty and formal guidance • Tools and sources of support • The business case: planning and evaluation • Examples of great engagement • Organisational implications – resources and skills • For boards, engagement leads and commissioners • Workshop tailored to your needs, run at your premises or a local venue of your choice
  • 5. Whole system planning Single agency approaches waste resources, duplicate effort, reinforce silo working. Integrated services demand an integrated approach. This programme enables you to: • Bring together stakeholders to agree a plan (commissioners, providers, local authority, patient groups) • Identify resources that could be shared: funding, existing data and tools, skills and expertise, existing networks and interest groups • Form a working group to deliver the plan and a network to share information
  • 6. Design and delivery PCC can help you run public meetings and consultations to support your evolving commissioning strategy, including • Planning and event design • Promotion and invitations – to get the right people there • On-the-day event management and facilitation • Summarising and reporting Our expert facilitators: • Understand the topics • Ensure language and approach work for participants • Keep things on track, manage difficult situations
  • 7. Find out more Scheduled events Bespoke workshops Access to experts Practical support Contact Carla Custons-Cole [email protected] 07966 068311
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