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Us war on Iraq

by clankrobot





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  1. 1. By- Etash and James
  2. 2. • On March 20, 2003 US declared war on Iraq• Because of the events that happened on 9-11 and becausethey wanted to change the old regime• The war is still currently going on today• Millions of Iraqi and US soldiers have died• Thousands of Iraqi civilians have died in this battle Do you think the war was justified?
  3. 3. • The US made more enemies around theworld• Lots of deaths of US and Iraqi soldiers• Deaths of Many innocent civilians• Waste of 100-200 Billion Dollars• Gives a bad impression of US to other countries
  4. 4.  The US made more enemies around the world Lots of deaths of US and Iraqi soldiers Deaths of Many innocent civilians Waste of 100-200 Billion Dollars Gives a bad impression of US to other countries
  5. 5. • It made it so that the US will be more careful with securityand letting terrorists into the country.• Iraq has stopped having a no fly zone over the middle eastwhich is why Osama bin laden was so hard to find.• It lets other Middle Eastern countries to manage a propergovernment.
  6. 6. You can watch the fullvideo
  7. 7.  America lost 5000 troops and $1.9 Trillion. Britain lost $9 Billion. Damage to US from loss of strength alliance in some part of themiddle east. Disruption of Iraqi oil production Saddam Husseins Death Osama Bin Ladens Death
  8. 8. By- Etash and James 9B
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