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U9L2: The clinton presidency

by jessmith817





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  • 1. The Clinton PresidencyChapter Nine Lesson Two
  • 2. Objectives • Explain why Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992 and assess the success of Clinton’s domestic policies. • Describe the Contract With America and its impact. • Analyze the Clinton impeachment.
  • 3. Terms and People• Family Medical Leave Act – a law that guaranteed most full-time employees unpaid leave each year to care for a newborn or sick family member or to recover from a serious illness• Brady Bill − a gun-control act named for presidential aide James Brady, who was wounded in an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan• Newt Gingrich – the Georgia congressman who led the opposition to Clinton and created the Contract With America plan• Contract With America − a plan offered by Republicans that attacked big government and emphasized patriotism and traditional values• impeachment − proceedings to remove a President from office
  • 4. What were the successes and failuresof the Clinton presidency?The conservative resurgence in the 1980s keptRepublicans in control of the White House for12 years.The 1992 election of moderate DemocratWilliam Jefferson Clinton signaled thatAmericans were ready for a change.
  • 5. Becoming President “Thomas Jefferson believed that to preserve the very foundation of our nation, we would need dramatic change from time to time. Well, myIn 1963, a high fellow citizens, this is ourschool student time… And so today, we pledgenamed Bill Clinton an end to the era of deadlock and drift – a new season offrom Hope, American renewal has begun.”Arkansas, went tothe White House asapart of a youth Bill Clinton,leadershipconference. He was First Inaugural Address, 1993first in line toshake PresidentKennedy’s hand.Thirty years later,Clinton was swornin as President ofthe United States.
  • 6. President George H.W. Bush could not sustain his popularity after the Gulf War.• The U.S. economy had gone into recession During the 1992 election, voters• The federal deficit rose responded by• Bush broke his promise to not nominating a increase taxes centrist candidate, Democrat William• Saddam Hussein was still in power Jefferson Clinton. and threatening the Middle East
  • 7. • From humble roots, Clinton worked his way up to become Governor of Arkansas.• He labeled himself a “New Democrat,” and his campaign focused policies to satisfy both liberals and conservatives.• He ran against independent In 1992, Bill Clinton candidate H. Ross Perot, a was elected President, self-funded businessman who defeating the promised to run the Republican incumbent government like a business. George H.W. Bush.
  • 8. When Clinton took office, the Democrats also controlled of both houses of Congress. One of his first acts was to sign the Family Medical Leave Act, guaranteeing employees unpaid leave in the event of a health crisis. He also increased the minimum wage, made college loans easier to obtain, and expanded tax credits for higher education.
  • 9. Clinton addressed the issue of gun violenceby signing the Brady Bill in 1993.But violence still shookthe nation, with theOklahoma City bombingin 1995 and theColumbine High School shootingsin 1999.In response, stiff laws were passed to deter terrorism andschools adopted “zero tolerance” measures against violence.
  • 10. Clinton also attempted to reform healthcare.A task force, led But Clinton The healthcareby First Lady overestimated reform bill wasHillary Clinton, popular support widely criticizedwas formed to for the initiative; and it wasdevelop a most Americans dropped after aprogram that thought it was year of debate.would guarantee too for allAmericans.This setback, two years into office, signaled a turningpoint in Clinton’s popularity. The Republicans responded.
  • 11. Led by Congressman Newt Gingrich, the Republicansset forth a plan called the Contract With America. The contract’s message created strong voter turnout among Republicans in 1994. For the first time in 40 years, the Republicans won control of the House and the Senate.
  • 12. In 1995, Congress refused to pass Clinton’s budget. As a result, the government shut down for a time.Congress passedmost provisions ofthe Contract WithAmerica but some ofGingrich’s ideas wereunpopular, such ascutting Medicare.
  • 13. Clinton used some conservative ideas, such asbalancing the federal budget and reducing thedeficit, during his 1996 bid for reelection.A sustained period of economic growth in themid-1990s helped Clinton win reelection by a widemargin.
  • 14. But Clinton’s presidency was also marred by scandal.In 1994, Clinton was investigated by a specialfederal prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, regardingan Arkansas real estate investment.In 1998, Clinton was investigated again regardinghis relationship with a White House intern. Underoath, he denied that the two had an affair. Later, headmitted he lied. The House impeached him in1998.After a Senate trial in early 1999, Clinton wasacquitted on both counts.
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