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Change management in Indian postal service
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INDIAN POSTAL SERVICE Managing the change by:Vrinda Bharti Vishwesh Ravi Sultan Saleem INDIAN POSTAL SERVICEE ± History of 150 years; based on the British Postal service Royal Mail ± Mission: To provide high quality mail, parcel and related services in India and throughout the world ; to be recognized as an efficient and excellent organisation exceeding the expectations of the customers, employees and the society ± Mail Services: Speed Post, Business Post, e-Payment, e-Post, Media Post, Logistics Post, Direct Post ± Financial Services: Banking, Postal Life Insurance, Money Order, Instant Money Order, International Money Transfer, Mutual Funds ± Other Services: Express Parcel, Public Provident Fund, National Savings Certificate, Kissan Vikas Patra, Monthly Income Scheme, Post Boxes for Mail Recipients Key Issues ‡ Key Issues Characteristics ± Low Customer Satisfaction: Late deliveries of mail, Quality of Service, Lack of facilities to customers ± Competition: Private Courier Services, Banks, Private Mutual Funds, LIC ± Management Structure: Government Organisation ± Inefficient Employee Force ± Large Number of Services: Majority Unproductive ± Vast reach in the interiors of the country: Potential not realized Characteristics ± Many Services to cater the rural India: Public Benefit ± Proactive Organisation ± Political Resistance towards change in the organisation ± Image of the Organisation ± Running in Losses: Heavy Investment from the Government to revive the Postal service ± Natural Advantage in various services Recommendations ± Move from Functional Structure to Divisional Structure: Government retaining control on top management ± Offering services according to the geographic locations: Villages, Small Cities, Large Cities, Metros ± Dropping out/Adding services specific to these locations: ± Giving up unprofitable services ± Building a database of addresses: To improve quality of service & offer innovative products like Royal Mail ± Technological Changes: Equipping the Post Office with IT infrastructure & providing communication services using Internet Environmental Change ± Internally: Training the Employees, Improving Processes ± Externally: Coping up with competitors, Tying up Private players to improve inefficient services ( Ex: Tie-Up with Western Union to offer Money Transfer Services ) running this service in corporation made by Western Union and India Post ... New Services Changing Face in Indian Post ‡ IPS is expanding its services now in the Banking sectors ‡ 60% of people have no access to banking in India ‡ Strength of Indian post lies in the rural areas ‡ RBI governor said Indian Post Office can play a vital role in banking to the unreached ‡ 156 thousand post office across the country ‡ IMO- Web based instant money transmission service started in 4 locations in the North East ‡ People who need to remit money to their children who are studying outside the state ‡ Traders can use it for payments ‡ For people who don t have facility to internet banking ‡ Meghdoot counter- It is known as multi purpose counter ‡ Were in you need to book a register letter speed post money order ‡ It is like a single window transaction ‡ People visit the post office to buy passport applications rather than going to the passport office ‡ E-POST- it brings the digital divide for instance in villages there is no access to pc there might be no browsing centre ‡ It is very cheap and the message is going very early ‡ E post users are 5000 as per 2004 ‡ Postal Life Insurance- PLI application which is using computer interface i.e basically for postal life insurance on the premium everything is computerized this is a major computerization which has happened and has a great impact on the people. Few Stamps LETTERS THANK YOU
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