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  1. 1. HILLARY SJOLUND 18220 29th Dr. SE, Bothell, WA 98012 530-570-5254 WINEMAKER/CONSULTANT Specializing in premium winemaking, wine laboratory management, and consulting to the wine industry. Experienced with small and large wine production facilities, vineyard sourcing, winery operations, personnel management, budgeting accountability, sales and marketing. Personal Characteristics: personable, direct, high integrity, quality driven Overview Fifteen years of professional winemaking experience. Exemplify leadership qualities and professionalism, backed by a consistent record of achievement with wines scoring 90+pts. Areas of Expertise  Chemical wine analyses and interpretation of data.  Fermentation management across 19 varietals.  Creating wine styles for 21 clients in a custom crush operation.  Barrel selection and blending.  Maximizing productivity and efficiency, including personnel management.  Brand representation in the market and public speaking. Professional Experience Sonoris Wines: Richland, WA 2011-Presnt Owner/Winemaker  Boutique winery producing ~500cases/year.  Specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Viognier.  Management of vineyard contracts, grower relations, production, blending, bottling, administration, sales and marketing.  Distributed in WA and Northern ID Enomama, LLC: Richland, WA 2011-Present Owner/Consultant/Analyst  Commercial laboratory, providing analytical data and consultation for a 6oo ton custom crush facility, and other commercial clients in WA.  Vineyard analyst for 12 WA grape growers, providing grape maturity data during harvest.  Work exclusively with 10 vineyards in Washington’s Red Mountain AVA.  Organize educational seminars and public presentations on winemaking topics to industry professionals, and consumers. Vinaceus, LLC: Richland, WA Consulting Winemaker/Fermentation Specialist  Management of fermentation data; preparation of all fermentation workorders for custom crush facility.  Management of tank and barrel fermentations based on variety and client profile.  Maintains chemical inventory during harvest.  Recommendations on barrel selection, blending, and fining trials.  Proficient in VinX2 software.  Safety training and compliance. 2011-Present
  2. 2. VESTA: West Plains, MO Adjunct Professor, Missouri State University  Online Intermediate Enology Instructor for a 2 year Associate Degree program.  Instruct 15-20 students per semester from across the country on wine production from harvest to bottle.  Participate in national meetings, and national instructor retreats. DiStefano Winery: Woodinville, WA Winemaker  Managed grower relations, winery operations, wine production and personnel for a 7000 case facility.  Coordinated picking schedules and transport of grapes to winery.  Directed wine style and m anagement of new bottling programs.  Managem ent of laboratory, including analyses as needed.  Developed new SOP protocols for cellar and laboratory operations.  Supported national distributors with brand recognition and sales efforts.  Participated in winery release and private events.  Awarded Winery of the Year in 2008 by Wine Press Northwest. Pine Ridge Winery: Napa, CA 2009-2015 2006-2010 2003-2006 Assistant Winemaker  Responsible for hands-on production, management support, and cellar supervisor.  Coordinated and reviewed all wine cellar and quality assurance operations.  Performed laboratory, bottling, and crush operations.  Barrel management and cellar maintenance.  Maintained quality of bulk inventory.  Management of actions by all cellar and laboratory employees, and control of staff functions as related to wine quality.  Hiring personnel.  Safety officer.  Budgetary accountability.  Trained in WMDB. INTERNSHIPS/SEASONAL EMPLOYMENT: Vina Maquis: Palmilla, Chile Pine Ridge Winery: Napa, CA Feb 03-May 03 2000-2003 Education & Qualifications University of California, Davis 1998-2002 Graduate: BS Fermentation Science Board Member: Washington Wine Technical Group Member: Washington Wine Commission, Research Committee Member: Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers References & Supporting Documentation Furnished Upon Request
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