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Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work
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Brought to you by "Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work" Secrets of Hypnotic Speaking! By, Nathan Blaszak Copyright © Life Tricks, All Rights Reserved No Part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, Mechanical or electric, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from author or publisher. Published by: Life Tricks Orders and enrollments: 5250 21st AVE, Sacramento, CA 65820 U.S.A. OBLIGATORY LEGAL NOTICE: while all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for the errors, omissions or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organization(s) is unintentional. The purchaser or reader of this publication assumes responsibility for the use of these materials and information, including adherence to all applicable laws and regulations, federal, state and local. No guarantees of results are made. The site of any action is Sacramento, CA. If you can't accept these terms, kindly return product. The Author and Publisher assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of any purchaser or reader of these materials. Original Title * Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work * This eBook has been brought to you by: You may distribute this eBook freely on your site or by email. 1 Brought to you by Introducing… "Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work" The Miracle "Book Store Accident" Before I reveal to you the seven secrets “primer,” I’d like to share with you a quick story about what qualifies me to tell you I can teach you hypnosis, and why you should take unconscious communication seriously. Then you’ll learn the seven secrets, then you’ll see another FREE unadvertised bonus report that follows. So let’s get started… To keep a long story as short as I can, I spent about 13 years stumbling around in a "no friends or lovers"-wasteland. But then, one night, while looking through a book store out of habit (I always feel compelled to "collect" information I'm interested in), I reached towards the shelf and started to read this "wacky" book. It was about a discipline called NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Later did I come to realize, NLP was being used by Fortune 500 companies, and the military and top professional sports teams among others to dramatically improve performance in all sorts of areas. But this is not what caught my attention in this subject. No. What made my head tilt was when I learned that by using NLP, you could take any human process, like wanting to "buy something" or even falling in love, and using skillful descriptions of these experiences, reinduce those experiences in the person to whom you were speaking, so they experienced them with YOU on the spot. Well, at that time I had no deep desire to be a top professional sports player, and I wasn't going to join the Air Force again. But right then and there, I began to wonder if I could use this stuff... ...To Get Others To Do Anything What I Wanted -- The Way I'd Always Wanted To -instantly! I knew if I perfected the process; (e.g. seducing others, selling, influencing, and speaking to large audiences) would be a plug-in-power -- to use, whenever I wanted, and however I decided to use it, and I’ll show you how you can do the same. • • • • Make people feel compelled to buy your products Make people fall head over heels in love with you Make kids listen, open up, and stop arguing Sweep crowds of people off their feet emotionally and get a standing ovation every time you speak "These formulated and reward producing skills truly are the most riveting, high-tech, and innovative way to virtually get anyone (or groups of people) to comply, love, act, surrender, jump 2 Brought to you by for joy... anything you want! you've gotta try them to believe it!" -- Andy Culligin, AZ Little did I know that this "Eureka" accident would form the basis of a system now being taught and successfully used by others like you in every part of the world. At that time, I only knew it was time to bust loose and become "the mad scientist of persuasion" to see if I could make this work. And the only principle I had to guide me was the one key principle I'll reveal to you right now... The Secret To Success And Power With People Beyond Your Wildest Imagination So read on, because here it is... "Whatever you can get a person to imagine will be perceived as their own idea because they imagined it, and therefore they can't resist it." • I'll be showing you how to use your language to "grab" and lead a person's imagination, and you can lead them to have the wildest, most intense thoughts, feelings and actions with you. I'll be giving you my secrets to use your language to capture and lead your prospects and customers imagination, and you can lead them to have the compelling, most mouth-watering ideas, feelings and get them to fiercely buy what you're selling. I'll be handing you the techniques to create hypnotic speeches and presentations that'll emotionally drive your audience, and you can lead them to have overwhelming, most inspiring emotions, attention and entertainment with you. I'll be letting you in on the most powerful ways to influence your child's imagination, and you can cause them to find enjoyment as they have pleasurable, most cooperative attitudes, behaviors and compliance with you. • • • And All The While, They'll think it’s Their Idea! Now, in order to translate this "secret" into real-world, hard-hitting, practical stuff that worked, I had to do a ton of research. I got my hands on every NLP and hypnosis book I could read. I went to seminars. But more important, I got out in the REAL world, and tried combination after application of different ways of talking to people; "language patterns"; that would evoke the "deeper levels" of their minds; the places where they keep their most exciting memories, ponder fantasies, daydreams, incredible possibilities that they wouldn't even want their best friends to know they dreamed about, and longed for. And I found that once I could use my words to place my voice, my image, my presence in that place in their minds...... By now, I'm wondering if you're starting to picture how you can use this to your advantage with virtually everyone you talk to, and make your wildest dreams when you think about the kind of success with others you crave -- look like a joke. Aren't you? 3 Brought to you by You’ve already heard me say and I’ll probably keep saying it: Hypnotic persuasion is the most powerful skill you could ever develop. Hypnotic Persuasion gives you the ability to take control of social situations, land a job at an interview, seduce someone, change someone's mind over the phone or sell that $1 million dollar home and protect yourself from these secrets being used against you! Simply put, if you know how to talk, you can get anything you want from all who listens, and you DON'T have to put up with anyone messing with your mind. All these techniques I’ll be showing you truly are undetectable. You're Shooting Yourself in the Foot If You Don’t Take Unconscious Communication Seriously Most people will blindly talk to others without really knowing what they are saying, and wonder why the heck they aren’t creating the kind of powerful influence they want to have with others. You won't feel like you have this same problem. Because... When you use hypnosis the way I’ll be showing you -- when you apply hypnotic forces that are "undetectable" to the general public, when you understand what separates you from the typical boring person, well....naturally, you have the unique advantage because you've stepped outside the box, when most people don't, and discover the covert tactics that get people to comply with your every idea, and at the push of a button! And you find out, just by using your rewarding hypnotic skills in your dealings with others that are ingenious, easy-to-follow, and advantage gaining -- persuasion and influence doesn’t get easier.. For example: Earlier I mentioned to you on my site (as you might be curious about them) the "special" phrases which make what you're saying seem like an innocent, normal, and imaginative conversation that gives you the convenient power to command their unconscious brain when you say a few "trance" words. So as you think about the sneak phrases, think about this... When you understand how they work, and say them, you can get anyone to "act" as you please -without them even knowing -- your using hypnosis. The unconscious mind can’t resist it! You've successfully armed yourself with one of the most powerful, electrifying, "unheard" forces of communication that exists! And let me tell you, - sneak phrases are only the tip of the ice burg! Honest-to-goodness, sneak phrases are just the beginning of your persuasion mastery and development of rewarding communication skills, and the other skills I’ll be showing you are just as easy to apply. Let me give you an example: 4 Brought to you by "Fly Beneath The Radar" Communication Covert hypnosis and other stealth psychological devices of social influence are carved into the very stone of our society. They have become so common, particularly in the world of seduction, entertainment and advertising, that we often don't take notice of their influence... For instance... Perhaps you've noticed while watching television, a newscast announcer comes on for a brief moment and says "Is your House Quietly Being Infected With Termites? News at eleven." Or, maybe you're a die hard soap opera fan. The series is overly dramatized, and you'll notice how the plot drags on for weeks, and there's never and ending to the story -- only an ending to the scene, and it keeps you coming back each day, and you even enjoy it... This is a psychological device that's been used for years. It creates mental tension and unbalance. Which means when you start watching, listening, and reading something -- unconsciously -- you feel driven to complete the task, and so you do. Advertisers in the entertainment industry have known this for years, and it has become a common device used to keep you "sucked in," curious, and unconsciously stuck and motivated to "stay tuned" so they can interrupt you with hypnotic advertisements and commercials -- and you'll gladly wait for them to finish because you want to complete what you've started. What most people don't realize is, this two-step process allows the commercials -which are infected with hypnotic devices -- to penetrate past the viewers conscious mind and strait into the unconscious (e.g. 3 days have gone by, and you're eating the same chocolate you saw on the commercial), and you aren't even aware consciously - the commercial is what caused you to do this. When you use psychological "triggers" and stealth devices like that above example, you penetrate into the subconscious brain and past people's natural inhibitions and predispositions that it's practically effortless for you to generate action to those who listen. The method's I’ll be showing you however, are cautioned to be used ethically and judiciously -not the kind of hypnosis to be used involving behavior modification techniques. The "dark" concepts of "mind control" are based on intrusive devices, which coerce and manipulate people to do things against their will, or even trigger electrical impulses that affect the cerebral cortex and produce mechanical "Robot-like" behavior in human beings. Covert hypnosis, as used ethically in sales and seduction, is simply the process of introducing natural human predispositions to melt away resistance that are obstacles in the persuasion process. In this manner, your prospect is a voluntary and willing participant, and becomes happily involved in an action you have designed to be painless and even enjoyable. Here's the fantastic part: You can spell out your prospects "voluntary" action sequence at the touch of a button when you know the secret communication devices called "sneak phrases." These triggers activate a human predisposition that causes the prospect to act without questioning. 5 Brought to you by Obviously, these "devices" help in a painless -- and immediately more effective -- area of persuasion because whatever follows these phrases goes strait to the unconscious brain. Now that you saw one example about how powerful the 16 different kind’s of hypnotic applications I’ll be showing you can be, let’s look at… The 7 Basic “Primer” Applications of Covert Hypnosis – Guaranteed to Work! It is best to forge ahead and read it all the way through – first page to last, so you can get the full benefit of what you’re reading as you realize what you’re learning in this e-book is essential when it comes to being successful with others. You’ll find as you read through the pages on this e-book two things – one, if you apply only one of these secrets, your level, your power, and your ability to communicate with others more “hypnotically” will be greatly increased. And two, it allows you to get a feel for how I teach, and you realize as you begin to picture reading my other material, you aren’t going to find any better way to learn hypnosis because the material written for you is hypnotic in effect – which means, when you begin to read each secret – you can notice each paragraph helps you gain remarkable advantages – even if only on an unconscious level, and that’s a powerful way to learn. But before we get started, I’d like to share a quick little story with you. I showed this e-Book to a friend, and when he got done reading, he tilted his head, cracked a smile and said “Do you realize that you’re missing out on making this e-Book perfect?” Looking at him a little confused I asked him to explain. And he reply was “can you just imagine someone reading these words, and the more they pay attention to the words and read, the more interested they get. So much so, that when they finish reading it causes you to feel like you want to find out more – its’ like you just realize how powerful hypnosis is, and while you think about that, it causes you to want to grab your copy of “How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught” without any resistance. Now you can only imagine how that made me, the author who took all this time to write this for you feel. …Buying this book is the best decision you’ve made – because I planted that in your mind and you have to have it, and you aren’t resisting it either. I’m not going to do that because I don’t think it’s necessary for you to become fascinated with my products, and feel like you must buy them all -- even if you don’t want to. I wrote this to give you knowledge of the “communication foundation’ I personally use when I engage in conversation that works for me every time without fail. But I must say, when you master these seven secrets of hypnosis, you really do realize that if you were to combine these methods with the techniques, psychological devices, sneak phrases and scientific formula’s when you invest in “How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught” – and I invite you to notice how if you were to do that, persuasion and influence gets remarkably easier, and immediately more effective if you were to remember that -- because, it’s a big part of your frame of mind, when it comes to being successful with others. So without further adieu, let’s start, shall we? 6 Brought to you by If you were to want to grab your copy of “How To Hypnotize Others Without Getting Caught” you can by clicking… …You can download it instantly and pint or read it right away after you place your order. ________________________________________________________________________ "Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work" Inside this report you’ll discover the secrets behind this mysterious art of covert hypnosis. So let’s get started... ========================================== "7 Little-Known Secrets to Undetectable Hypnosis" By Nathan Blaszak ========================================== =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Secret #1: Covert Hypnosis is not what you think! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Despite what you may have heard about hypnosis, I’m going to tell you, to start, what it doesn’t have to be, and show you why it’s power at your beck and call. So many people think of hypnosis as "Follow my watch from side to side... you’re getting sleepy" truth be told, this is only one form of hypnosis but that’s not the only way it can be applied. Why haven’t you learned about this sooner? The fact is, there are many powerful people out there who do not want you to know about this, as they - use it on you daily. It’s everywhere! (See chapter one in “HTHAWGC”) to find out more. Anyway, so what should you do to hypnotize others without them knowing? First, start thinking outside the box for a minute and notice that there are more ways than one which hypnosis can be used. If you think that it takes a leather sofa, session, and scripts to memorize – Wrong! You begin to notice when I demystify covert hypnosis for you inside “HTHAWGC”, it’s merely as simple as constructing your language so that you slide one command in, then another. If you want to learn how to persuade others, you can’t ask them to lay down so you can play with their head. Instead, realize that there are ways that you can push the right buttons to “trigger” unconscious response in your listener which gives you the ability to get anyone to do as you please. Here’s what else... 7 Brought to you by It’s an act of using language in a particular way that will break someone’s resistance down. Once they let their guard down, it is simply as though you’re stepping inside their head and leading them to take any action you want them to. … Simply step inside their mind, grab hold of the steering wheel, and turn their thoughts in whatever direction you choose. Clearly, from what I’ve just said, covert hypnosis is pure power, and I’ve found, the more a person reads about it,, the more they want to know how it’s done, and who could blame them? Better still, most people today are lazy. They do not want to have to solve their own problems or think for themselves. Welfare is a perfect example. The number of people going on welfare is rising, and it pisses me off. Ahem… The above paragraph (after I cleared my throat) is only proof of what I’m saying. It makes it easier for you to make a person do as you wish because they are looking for a person like you to come along and tell them what to do -- they are used to following someone else’s way of thinking, and you’ll be surprised when you read the 2,300 year old secret in chapter 1 of “HTHAWGC” – there’s a common "glitch" in the human mind, and how to exploit it. For all these reasons, even if a person can think on their own, they can still be hypnotized. The human mind works the same for everybody, thus, these secrets will work on anyone. And it seems like an innocent conversation. This is absolutely critical! In fact, I cannot stress this enough but let’s continue with secret #2... =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Secret #2: You Don’t Directly Command A Person =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=When you hypnotize someone covertly, you are commanding their subconscious mind to obey what you wish while making it seem it’s a though they are having the thoughts naturally. If you were to come out and say "you think that going out with me is a good idea" you’ll either be; laughed at or slapped, humiliated or embarrassed. So how is it done? For starters, you can distract their mind using simple two-five word phrases that cause a person to go internally to make sense of what you are saying. You’ll notice as you’re reading “HTHAWGC” in Appendix A, a list of 135 hard hitting “sneak phrases” that’ll give you the ability to say one, five, or fifteen sentences which are hypnotic in effect – which means, say one of these phrases, the rest goes into the unconscious mind – make as many hypnotic sentences as you can imagine. For example: The Phrase - "You can"... This phrase conveys a permission based message to someone they can do something - what comes after is exactly what you get them to think, but it actually is accepted into the subconscious mind as a command. "You can read these words as you think buying “HTHAWGC” is a good idea, and you feel you must agree." 8 Brought to you by Now, whether you did or didn’t agree (because you’re now aware of this phrase) I invite you to notice when you use this phrase on someone, how much easier it is to get another to comply with your request. If a reader wasn’t told about the sneak phrase I showed you, they will think "I can think as I read these words buying Nathan’s book is a good idea" and while they continue to think that, I just slipped passed to their subconscious mind that they must agree with me, You see, their unconscious brain will begin to follow with the suggestion (with your help of course) – and won’t realize it consciously, and it’ll drive the reader to act towards following that good idea because they were given permission to feel like they can buy it. It is the concept of misdirection good friend! By the way, there is definitely more to it than just that. This is just a simple way of showing you how to indirectly get someone to think and obey your commands without them really catching on, because these phrases make it seem like an innocent conversation. You already know I have listed 135 of the most powerful phrases inside my e-book "How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught” remember, if you were to feel compelled to learn more, and get really good using hypnosis – you’re only a click away. I’ve even met people who use hypnotic phrases naturally, and aren’t even aware why it works – or that they’re hypnotic in effect, until I explain it to them. Are you one of them? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Discover the breakdown of covert hypnosis to get anyone to do what you want without them knowing. Secrets of speaking directly to the subconscious mind while making what you say seem like an innocent conversation! You’ll be glad after you… CLICK NOW =====> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now just by using these first 2 secrets you’ll be way ahead the game...but wait, there’s still more! Part II of… "Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work" Let's keep going... =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-= Secret #3: Why Sneaky Hypnosis won't Work Without This Key Factor =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-= In order to properly embed commands, you must learn how to use your voice effectively first. This includes how it sounds, as well as the rhythm when you say your sentences. You’ll notice as you’re reading “HTHAWGC” – I give you exercises that’ll easily get you to talk this way naturally, and all the time. Here's a great trick to keep in mind while you’re aiming to gain good rapport with the person you are talking to: 9 Brought to you by If someone speaks fast and loud, then the best way to "speak their language" is to match how they talk and speak fast and loud. If you were to speak softly, and slow....really.....really.... slow, chances are they will get bored with what you are saying, thus not pay any attention to what you want them to hear (this is crucial). The next time you talk with someone, here's your chance to pay attention to how they talk, including the voice volume, pitch and the pace at which they speak. Pretend that you are that person when you communicate back to them, this alone works like "magic" itself. It's simple: Matching how someone talks is important; you're discovering very important aspects of applying hypnosis here. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get in good rapport with someone. Without rapport, it makes it difficult to gain someone's trust let alone hypnotize them. Remember this: "Always Get In Rapport Using “Voice Matching” BEFORE You Even Attempt To Apply Hypnosis" But there's still more - let's continue with secret #4 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-Secret #4: "How To Take Control Of Someone's Thought Process" =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-= Have you ever had the experience of talking with someone and they just wouldn't be quiet long enough for you to get your word in? Better yet, would you like to get them to be quiet and stay quiet? Long enough so that you can keep the person on hold so you can get on with your covert tactics? Because surely you DO WANT to have the advantage and control in a social conversation; am I right? Have you figured out what it is yet?
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