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Apple's Live Event: In Pictures

by linkedin-pulse



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  • Apple does it again: the launch of the Apple Watch and more… 03.09.15
  • The Hands-On Pavilion at the Apple Live Event
  • The Laptops
  • Introducing the new MacBook Pros
  • The MacBook Pro now in Gold
  • "This is the lightest Mac we have ever made," Phil Shiller says.
  • "This is the lightest Mac we have ever made," Phil Schiller says.
  • The new Trackpad and sensor technology
  • The new Retina display.
  • ResearchKit
  • ResearchKit in action
  • The Apple Watch
  • Receive messages right to your watch
  • All day battery life with a magnetic charger
  • All day battery life
  • The Watches
  • The Sport Watches
  • Request an Uber from your Apple Watch
  • Get Reminder to move from your Apple Watch
  • Something for everyone
  • Read more about this incredible gear at:
  • Check out all things Apple on SlideShare, and share your decks, too!
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