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Jen the Sorority Sister

by jose-marti





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  • 1. Starbucks FEBRUARY, 2015
  • 2. Jen the Sorority Sister BACKGROUND: • She is a University student • Is part of the Alpha Omega Phi sorority • Enjoys going to the gym, yoga, and maintains academics as a priority DEMOGRAPHICS: • Female • 18-30 • Student; but from middle-high economic family, HH income 150,000 • Can be found in both city or college towns IDENTIFIERS: • Sorority • Studious • Enjoys to go out to parties when she can
  • 3. Jen the Sorority Sister GOALS: • To maintain good grades • Have an active social life CHALLENGES: • Has to stay up long hours studying for difficult classes and exams • Having trouble finding time to do social activities with friends HOW WE HELP: • Our coffee can help Jen stay awake and energized when studying. • Taking a coffee break is a way to meet up with friends
  • 4. Jen the Sorority Sister REAL QUOTES: • “In college it is very difficult to maintain a balance between my academic and social life” • “Sometimes I have to stay up until four in the morning studying” • “I enjoy meeting with my sorority sisters for coffee” COMMON OBJECTIONS: • I am worried that I will be too tired to stay up and study • I am scared to loose my friends if I do not hang out with them often
  • 5. Jen the Sorority Sister TOP SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: • Instagram (950 followers) • Facebook (855 friends) • Twitter (497 followers) RECENT POSTS : • Posted on Instagram: Tweeted: “3:30 AM and I am still studying for marketing exam #sotired #CantStayAwake”
  • 6. Jen the Sorority Sister MARKETING MESSAGING: • A way to stay awake while studying. ELEVATOR PITCH: • Our coffee gives you the energy to stay up studying and allows you to enjoy it among your friends.
  • 7. Jen the Sorority Sister
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